More Bloody Sunday

Stephen Pollard :

I took part in Radio 4’s Sunday programme this morning. To say I was flabbergasted by the report on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is an understatement.

Nick Cohen :

Alas, whenever you believe that you have nailed British hypocrisy, the BBC comes along and proves that it is worse than you thought. If there were an award for intellectual cowardice, a gold medal for journalistic double standards, this morning’s effort by Radio 4 deserves it.

Damian Thompson :

Nowhere in the BBC’s output is Left-liberal bias more thickly applied than on Radio 4’s Sunday programme. If you didn’t think you could actually hear a lip curl, try listening to any of its “reports” that involve Christian conservatives.

Bloody Sunday

Hooray. Three cheers for Yolanda Knell’s report on the recent bomb attack in Egypt against Copts. A balanced report at last! She rectified the omissions we’ve been pointing out on B-BBC, and more. Listen to her report, then skip till just after halfway, when Kevin Bocquet starts his “analysis” of Islam v the West.

Boo. Kevin Bocquet undid all the promise of Yolanda Knell’s integrity by reverting to obfuscation, moral equivalence and politically correct mumbo jumbo, and by the way, Muslims admire America, and modestly dressed women embrace free speech, particularly the freedom to praise the burka.

In particular Bocquet pitted all of fundamental Islam against Pastor Terry Jones as if they represented opposite examples of extremism. To him, Jones’s Koran-burning threat counterbalanced the whole of radical Islam’s terrorist attacks, treating them as though they were equal combatants in a philosophical, moral conflict.
The mind boggled till Stephen Pollard pointed out how ludicrous this and many other things in Kevin’s report were, only to be shusshhed by Ed “Holy book” Stourton, and again later when Pollard had the audacity to mention the upsurge of Islam-fuelled antisemitism on campus.

Indy/ Church Times columnist Paul Valley mentioned intolerance, and Stourton assumed he was referring to Stephen Pollard. But he denied that. For a fleeting second I thought he was referring to the ROP. Silly me, he was referring to Stephen Pollard after all, albeit indirectly. He was, of course, alluding to our intolerance of Islam.

I think I see what Helen Boaden meant about impartiality.
In the debate between God and the Devil, the BBC proudly sits on the fence. In the struggle between good and evil, they’re impartial. Tolerance is handed out to all indiscriminately.

Just as after some Islam-fuelled violence the Egyptian authorities round up equal numbers of Islamists and Christians for the political expediency of appeasing radical Islam, the BBC rounds up equal numbers of Muslims and non Muslims for balance, struggling over who to blame for Islam-fuelled discontent, forever locked into their impossible quest to resolve irreconcilable differences.


Guess which distinguished BBC correspondent has made these carefully neutral predictions for people to watch in 2011?

Sarah Palin: The momentum is there to nominate her, so how will the world react to the possibility of a Moose-huntin’ right-wing mom as president?

Ed Balls: The Labour Party’s prince across the water (or the corridor) will have a hard time biting his lip if the new party leadership does not improve.

Julian Assange: He ain’t done yet!

The answer is here (clue – he works for Newsnight and he doesn’t vote Tory!).


Back in December 2006,when there was no snow in Red Square, no ice on the Moskva river (for the first time in decades), and some European ski resorts were without snow, the BBC were very keen to report matters. Like a rat up a drainpipe, James Cove was also avid to tell us that many blamed AGW for the so-called problem, and that the OECD (brimming no doubt with climatological expertise) was warning that the ski-ing industry faced a future of sharply diminishing returns.

Over the past few days , it’s been reported almost everywhere on the blogsphere that December 2010 has been the coldest in 120 years, record snowfalls have been falling in everywhere from the Arizona desert to Mongolia, and that Moscow airport has faced a revolt from passengers because it could not cope with the volumes of snow. Not only that, the record cold has cost billions in bills for inadequate infrastructure and repairs to frozen gas-fired boilers that John Prescott ordained were best for dealing with climate change. Ski resorts? They are on a roll, according to latest figures from last winter. On the BBC, there’s so far an eerie silence on all these topics. Nothing. Yadda. Zilch. I wonder why?


The end of year “topical news quizzes” featuring the BBC cabal of rancid venomous left wing “comedians is also a major threat to festive good health. I caught a bit of the News Quiz I think it was, with Jeremy Hardy – that quintessential BBC personification of what is deemed “funny” – raging about the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems. The sheer hatred that spews forth from Hardy and his ilk seems to send the selected audiences into paroxysms of laughter which tells us all we need to know about them. But IF there was a comedian who mercilessly mocked Labour, who relentlessly attacked Obama, who verbally assaulted the EU, who patronised gays and who taunted Islam, I wonder how many invites would be received from the BBC?  BBC humour is from the Henry Ford school of comedy, you can have anyone you want so long as it is left.


The guile of the BBC is a wonder to behold. 
Consider this;

The BBC is facing action by gay viewers and listeners, who have been asked to withhold the licence fee in protest at a succession of broadcasts that have been criticised as homophobic.In an important development, the influential Pink News website has published an editorial calling for viewers to take co-ordinated action against the corporation as a way of making their voices heard on this issue. “No other group of people is subjected to the same level of insult by the BBC as the LGBT community,” it said, suggesting that viewers who only watched on-demand television could avoid paying the licence fee

Who would have guessed that “no other group of people” were subjected to greater insult by the BBC than the poor old LGBT? All the more surprising considering the number of gay people working for the BBC! I could venture to suggest that WCPH’s (White Christian Patriotic Heterosexuals) possibly edge ahead of the cruelly oppressed LGBT’s in the BBC insult stakes but hey, who am I to criticise Pink News? Ahem.

However that is all beside the point.

The complaint about the BBC is based on the fact that it allowed what is called a “fundamentalist” Christian, Stephen Green, to be the sole commentator in a report in its News at Six bulletin on the surrogate birth of a son to the gay couple Sir Elton John and David Furnish. 

“This isn’t just a designer baby for Sir Elton John, this is a designer accessory,” said Green, who represents the group Christian Voice and is an outspoken critic of homosexual relationships.

Now then, the BBC knew exactly what it what was doing here in putting up Green and in generating this whinge from the perpetually outraged Gay fraternity. It helps the State Broadcaster justify a further year of pandering to militant gays and all in the name of equality! 
But if a threat of co-ordinated refusal to pay License Tax until perceived editorial balance is restored has such an impact on BBC bosses then  maybe those of us sickened by the left-wing only perspective of SO MANY of BBC stories might want to think how we can pressurise the State Broadcaster in this New Year? Just sayin’….