Pass That Violin

The BBC are running a series on the rise of the ‘far right’ in Europe, and leveraged their investment with a report on The World Tonight featuring the Danish People’s Party*, and the hopes of human rights (aka open borders) activists that the judiciary may change some of the unsatisfactory immigration legislation resulting from the unrestricted use of democratic elections and the universal franchise. I’ll pass by the writer’s assertion that the unauthorised use by the DPP of an Abba song is ‘a scandal’ and note instead the concern that DPP influence was changing something essentially Danish :

“All this feels very different from Denmark’s reputation as a place of generous Scandinavian welfare and international solidarity … shortly before his death last month one of Denmark’s leading political commentators told me about the change he’d observed from the country he grew up in“.

Words fail me. I would love to listen to a British Broadcasting Corporation programme which asked elderly Brits about the changes they’d observed in the country they grew up in. But somehow they never quite seem to find the time or resource – what with tape recorders being so expensive, old people always being too busy to talk, and scarce resources being devoted to that vital Secret History of Social Networking, The Truth About The Roma, and Greta Scacchi’s Celebrity Activists. Anyone know what’s Danish for ‘chutzpah’?

UPDATE – they could have asked Tim Lott’s mum what she thought.

* from their Wiki entry the DPP are ‘far-right’ in that they wish to restrict immigration, outrageously seeming to want to keep Denmark Danish. Otherwise I see no plans for massive rearmaments, paramilitary wing, minorities to wear special clothing, invasion of Sweden etc. The only places in Denmark where God’s creatures are imprisoned in inhumane escape proof camps before being slaughtered in their millions are pig farms.

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  1. George R says:

    Yes; I listened to Radio 4:

    “Europe: Driving on the Right”. (Part 1 Scandanavia).

    It was an apparent INBBC attempt to understand (but denigrate) the growing popularity of the Danish People’s Party, and the Sweden Democrats in relation to their advocacy of stronger national identity, together with their opposition to mass immigration and Islamisation.

    Despite INBBC’s inherently ‘multiculturalist’ political tone, when the political representativers of those parties spoke (and they spoke very well in their second language of English), they had some interesting things to say.

    If you can get it on i Player, it’s here:

    Next week:

                      Germany and Austria.

    (Note in INBBC synopsis here: if you oppose immigration in either of those countries, we, INBBC, will refer to ‘boots’.)


    • George R says:

      Note, INBBC’s visit to Malmo, Sweden ( see i-player reference above) was cursory. There was no reference to the rapid growth of the Muslim population there (Muslims apparently comprise 25% of Malmo’s population, and is the group with the highest birth-rate.) Nor any reference to the significant problem of anti-semitism in Malmo.


    • dave s says:

      I read the BBC’s blurb. It appears to be “mainstream” to facilitate the destruction of your country’s identity and culture and rightwing deviancy to oppose this. . I suppose from the viewpoint of the BBC elites it is.
      Mainstream is now the BBC codeword for the minority governing class of would be facist thought police.


      • Daniel Smith says:

        The media now occupies what once (not long ago) would be considered an extremist position on many important issues such as immigration, yet still defines itself as the ‘mainstream’ never questioning its own warped ideology. The old mainstream  (still the mainstream) is now defined as extreme, reactionary, ‘far right’, a worrying and dangerous trend.
        Not only would Winston Churchill be now called ‘far right’ but also the Labour party of 40 years ago.


        • MarkE says:

          I wonder if this isn’t a consequence of a polarisation I have seen over the course of my career; when I first started work I would mix with people holding all sorts of political views, but in recent years the growth of the state seems to have given those on the left enough opportunbities for state sinecures and similar that they have almost disappeared from the productive sector.  I had begun to think the country had moved to the right until I accepted a contract (which I later regretted) in a public body and found where all the socialists had gone.

          If you work in a mixed environment you will have your views challenged and stand some chance of understanding where the centre lies; if you are in a self selecting biased group you will merely have your prejudices confirmed and will assume you are in the centre.

          Obviously this applies equally to both left and right.


    • hippiepooter says:

      It will be marvellous if this programming produces a ‘Gene Hunt’ moment that the Miliband’s kindly provided David Cameron with and leads to a surge in people demanding the end to Islamification and incompatible immigration to our country.


  2. RGH says:

    Just a brief mention of a site that the BBC would hate. For information and interest.

    A solid, conservative, highly democratic site. (It has an English section). To give a flavour of the ‘right’ in Germany as the BBC would see it.

    Look at the visitor numbers (Besucher) on the top left. That is the groundswell.

    The site is ,’ Against the Mainstream, ProAmerican, ProIsrael, Against the Islamisation of Europe, Pro the Constitution and Human Rights’

    The Vefassungschutz has rejected leftist charges against the site and its organisers as  being ‘Verfassungsfeindlich’ (enemies of the constitution ie Nazi). Ironic really as the Verfassungschutz has numerous far left and islamic groups under observation according to their annual public report (as well as the hardcore Neo-Nazis of the former DDR who are mainly young thugs with no agenda than a gang identity and are anti-semitic as part of their rebellion against society at large).

    Again, this is a ground swell. Of course, it is political, but then the BBC is political.


  3. Grant says:

    How convenient that the Danish “leading political commentator” is no longer alive to confirm the Beeboid’s version of his comments.


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    Its funny how Europeans who try to preserve their traditions and cultures are “right wing”, yet it does not seem to apply in all cases

    The BBC suffers from a collective guilt complex, they actually hate the country that brought so much to the world.


  5. Tee Printer says:

    The Rise of the Far Right – how Muslims don’t get classed as ‘far right’ is beyond me.  And they REALLY are the fastest growing right wing party out there.


  6. George R says:

    Tell the truth about the Netherlands, INBBC.

    Experimenting With the Children of Amsterdam

    Isn’t the above compulsory Islamised Amsterdam public ‘education’ what INBBC also wants to have imposed on British society through enforce policies of mass immigration and ‘multiculturalism’?