Unhappy Snaps

A little bit more on the BBC promoting an exhibition of photographs by the German propagandist photographer with the chilling rictus grin and the “who, me?” shrug.
I first heard it advertised on Radio 4’s night-time World Service programme on the arts, “The Strand.” I mentioned it in my previous post, and several commenters mentioned it again on yesterday’s Open Thread.
See what Robin Shepherd has written, watch the video, and weep.

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9 Responses to Unhappy Snaps

  1. deegee says:

    It’s an interesting way to show bias. Publicise political artists you agree with and ignore those you don’t.

    Worth a little research.


  2. Demon1001 says:

    Do you get the impression he would have had no compunction gassing Jews in an earlier time?   

    If he had also shown pictures of some of the destruction of Israelis, the only civilians who have actually been targeted in this conflict, or the Palestinians or Iraqis murderd by suicide bombers, or the Copts or Sudanese murdered and bombed just for being Christians then this might hold some credibility.  As he has only chosen to have a go at Jews, and would obviously want to see the destruction of another six million, he comes across as a modern nazi.   


  3. The Omega Man says:

    I’m sure the BBC will stop ignoring it’s charter obligations and at least beign to cover the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel. Perhaps one of thier foreign correspondents will provide some hitherto missing context as well.


    Got to go, my bird table just collapsed after a pig landed on it.


  4. TrueToo says:

    Sue I couldn’t get your video link to work but Robin Shepherd’s works OK.

    I wonder what this photographer found so amusing that he could barely stop himself from breaking into laughter. Can’t be his maimed subjects. It’s probably the ease with which the BBC accepts anything that trashes Israel as absolute truth.


  5. D B says:

    Does the BBC College of Journalim teach delegitmisation as a module? If not, it should do – it’s a technique used often by the BBC.


  6. Biodegradable says:

    There’s a much better photographic exhibition taking place, by a much more important photographer, of a much greater variety of subjects.

    But she’s Jewish…


  7. hippiepooter says:



    Dear M/s McNamee,

    I viewed your BBC online video on Herr Wiedenhofer’s Gaza photo exhibition with great interest.  It is always useful to be reminded of the evil that there is in the world.

    If there could be any doubt about the intent of Herr Wiedenhofer and yourself to incite anti-Semitic hatred it was dispelled when you chose to close your piece with Richard Goldstone’s utterly discredited blood libel against Israel that it deliberately targetted civilians.

    Please be assured M/s McNamee that while you and your colleagues are paving the way to the second Holocaust, others are preparing the case for the next Nuremburg.