The BBC’S DAY OF RAGE at the Government approval for the Newscorp buy out of BSkyB continues. I wonder what it is about the prospect of an alleged all dominant media monopoly that so vexes the BBC? Obviously the BBC does not “do” irony.

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  1. TheGeneral says:

    The BBC is terrified that Sky News goes the way of Fox and has their Presenters argue the opposing sides of the political divide. Better a united left bias front than a balanced debate.  
    Did anyone hear Today just after 7am. Chris Ham, CEO of the Kings Fund, and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley debate the report into the Health service.  
    Evan Davies constanly harried Andrewe Landsley butting in all the time with ” briefly, briefly ” or ” very briefly then” while allowing Chris Ham free rein.  
    Why do Conservatives allow the BBC to treat them this way. Why dont they, in these circumstances just say ” Well if you have not got the time to listen to what I want to say, why have you invited me on” or  
    ” Maybe I will come back when you can allocate enough time to listen to and allow your listeners, to listen to the full answers to your questions.”  
    They have no problem in allocating time to trivial, unimportant matters and weird or political extreme people.


    • Beeboidal says:

      Absolutely agree with this. The same applies to interruptions. I’d give them one free interruption and after that it’s “Stop interrupting me”, “Are you going to continue interrupting me?” etc.  Do not continue on subject until the matter of interruptions has been sorted out.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      “Why do Conservatives allow the BBC to treat them this way?”

      Because they’re ‘detoxifying the brand’ of course!
      If they come across as pathetic weaklings then they’ll seem nice and fluffy and everyone will vote for them at the next election


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      The reason why they don’t complain is simple.  The Beeboid is trying to deflect them from their message.  If they round on the Beboid then the Beeboid has won because then s/he can turn the discussion to that subject, totally away from the reason why the Tory risked the program in the first place.
      The BBC have them by the balls. They know the Tories must appear on the Today program or the only side of the argument will be from the left. When they appear they get seconds to put forward their policies and the reasons for them.  More often than not they fail.
      The only thing they can really do is a polite ‘please let me finish’ or ‘would you mind letting me speak’, but each foray away from their message is time lost to publicise it.
      The BBC needs reforming now.


      • Barry says:

        But do Tory appearances on the BBC do any good? Would it make things worse if they refused to play along?

        The BBC broadcasts hour after hour of bias and bile; I find it hard to believe that the few worthwhile comments that the Tories manage to get through come even close to countering this.

        Mind you, in my opinion the Tories are weak on many fronts, not just this.


  2. Derek Buxton says:

    Two points, there are complaints about Murdoch owning too mich od the media, but what about the BBC who have  almost a monopoly of radio and TV all paid for by extortion.  We do not have to pay him if we want an alternative but we do have to pay the lying BBC.
    The other point is that the BBC is all that Cameron loves, pro EU, pro AGW, extreme greenery, ripping off people, dislike/ hatred of the Military and England, socialist to a man/ woman. What is there for him not to like. 


    • Mailman says:


      The BBC is a monoply, and worse, its a state backed monopoly which means no one can compete with them, not even Murdoch, simply because unlike Sky, the BBC doesnt have to worry about such piffle as being commercially profitable.



  3. wild says:

     am not aware that ANYBODY on these pages has ever said that The Guardian should be prevented from being published, even though as the in house journal of the Leftist establishment it is despised by anybody with any sense. The fact that the BBC tries to oppose Murdoch at every opportunity (except when The Sun supported the Labour Party) tells you all you need to know about its essentially totalitarian instincts.

    For the BBC it is not enough to generate an endless supply of “this is how you should think” Left think, it is even more important to them that you should not encounter any alternative view. That there are other ways of looking at the world than the ones which serves the interests of middle class Leftists is addressed by refusing to acknowledge their existence, other than some vague sense that we are supposed to jeer at them.

    The tax funded dominance of the Leftist BBC is the biggest single threat to freedom of speech in the UK today. The day the BBC allow its subjects to question THEIR dominance is the day the game is up for them. It is a question that has not been, and will never be, discussed on the BBC. Who made them our teachers? Bring on the plurality revolution.


  4. Beeboidal says:

    In a very large blog entry about Murdoch, Beeboid Adam Curtis writes ‘As a balanced member of the BBC – I leave it to you to decide.’

    Mr Curtis cites a quote from an unnamed journalist,

    “The trouble is – Rupert was regarded as the Supreme Satan”

    which gives gives Mr Curtis the excuse to title his piece


    Balance, BBC style.


    • Guest Who says:

      The trouble with big mirrors is you may not like what you see staring back. Especially in HD.

      Meanwhile, it was well sporting of SKY to promo, with no cynical thought for salacious or sad celeb ratings, R5’s porn season feat. Jacquie Smiff.

      That Jabba Boulton kept a straight face when our ex Home Sec tried to claim she was ‘just doing it to expose what nobody talks about’ (Porn????? Not talked about????? What virgin planet do these tw@s pretend to inhabit when it suits?) was… typically cynical.

      A more self-serving piece about a self serving political embarrassment using a self-serving broadcaster for her own sorry ends… would be hard to imagine.

      Good use of the fee, Aunty. Not.

      And SKY… I hope the extra ratings were worth the loss of those, like me, who switched off once the comedy value had worn off.


  5. Scrappydoo says:

    Sounds like the BBC is worried – good!.


  6. Phil says:

    As the EU gave the go ahead for this deal weeks ago I can’t understand why the Guardian/BBC brigade of ‘liberals’ aren’t all for it too, and demanding that it happen sooner rather than later.

    Apart from rousing speeches in support of the takeover by Fidel Castro, Al Gore, Shami Chakrabati and a prominent Islamic scholar what greater assurance of something being a ‘good thing’ could we have than EU approval?


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I thought the condition was that nasty Uncle Rupert had to sell Sky News?


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Robert Peston on the News Channel right now spouting doom and gloom about how dangerous nasty Uncle Rupert will be with eight….billion….pouuuuuunds of revenue.  He says it’s more than double its nearest competitor, which happens to be the BBC, which has only £3.6 billion in revenue.  Hey, Robert:  that’s only revenue like income tax is revenue for the government.  It’s not voluntary payment.  The BBC doesn’t have to worry about being competitive or competition for money, so Peston’s whole point is basically a lie.

    The BBC will still have far more power over the public because anyone who can’t afford to pay additional subscription fees for whatever amazing “bundle” Sky puts out on top of the license fee will have no choice but to be restricted to getting their news and entertainment only from the BBC.  Peston isn’t going to say that, of course, and does everything possible to pretend that the BBC is a little lamb, and only Sky is powerful.


  9. tuck says:

    We need a fox news equivalent in the uk, can anyone tell me why we don’t have this?


    • George R says:

      I agree; there can be no real impediment to ‘FOX NEWS’ extending its broadcasting remit in Britain, apart from that coming from the BBC-NUJ.

      After all, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime, with its ‘Press TV’ is allowed to broadcast from London on the Sky satellite, 24/7.

       ‘FOX NEWS’ could provide a broadcasting service which could include more of a British content than the U.S. version.

      Certainly ‘FOX NEWS’ in more politically ‘impartial’ than the BBC-NUJ, and Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck provide more insight into a wider range of politics and comment than does BBC-NUJ.

      BBC-NUJ tries to conceal its own vested interest in all this, but it has Murdoch it as its number one story, as a political enemy to be defeated. Is the BBC-NUJ running scared?


      • J J says:

        To be honest I don’t asgree with you. Fox is biased, they certainly have opposing opinion(which the BBC is more loath to do.) but the bias comes through(as a very traditional conservative I also often find Fox News very uninspiring but that is another issue.).

        The BBC is certainly biased but it is a different kind of bias to Fox. Fox’s bias is obvious but the BBC’s is subtle like many more ‘liberal’ news agencies. BBC can easily fly under the radar, particularly when much mainstream culture today shares certain, often unconscious cultural and socially liberal tendencies. Many, if not most, of those who aren’t particularly informed or interested in politics, values and culture probably wouldn’t even notice the BBC’s bias; though it(along with all the other sources of reinforcement for the mainstream, culturally liberal leaning ‘culture’) helps to influence the worldview of many of them.

        I think this makes the BBC and its like far better propaganda agents then Fox News. It would for instance be hard not to watch Sean Hannity or Glen Beck and realise they have a partisan position but Paxman, Hardtalk or dateline can far more easily get away with their partisan position.


    • Barry says:

      You can stream Fox News from your PC to your TV (the technology is moving in this direction anyway) but I know that doesn’t answer your question.



  10. tuck says:

    Nice one George. Do we have the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck over here, or have the msm weeded out all the journalist with balls. Can you imagine the lawsuits thrown at such a corporation from the left. We need a campaign to get this off the ground, at least it would give a voice to the AWG “deniers” and such.


  11. cjhartnett says:

    An absolute joy to have the BBC get a bat up its nightdress.
    If they hate Rupert so much,then I back him all the way.
    The BBC however do love these internecine pointless powerplays between themselves and nasty NewsCorp. Something to do with having too much share of the national debate-a danger that it might not be balanced or represent the national will…so unlike the bBC naturally.
    Loved it this morning on Today when Peter Woods lad said that the issue of Murcochs dominance would now worry the Telegraph,the Mail and the rest…but the BBC was not mentioned as such a feeble and skittish thing that would be included amongst the worrywarts of the media. The BBC is always above such petty trifles-and their obsessing about it all today shows that they clearly are not worried!
    And finally-when we get such stories,then of course we get ther pals on speed dial like Howlett,Greenslade and Elstein. Helps too that they need not leave the studio for the covering of media bitchslapping that Rupert seems to bring out of the great BBC.
    Hope Rupert gets to eviscerate the BBC-any way he wants to as well! 


    • Guest Who says:

      Can’t say I a much of a fan of Murdoch’s ’empire’ on agenda or competence levels (SKY currently teetering as my breakfast PiP news choice for ratings-driven headlines and slaphead reporting…but what is the alternative? BBC is risible for bias and trivia, and the others are just designed for sea cucumbers), so throwing one’s lot behind him uncritically doesn’t sit well.

      At least one doesn’t have to pay for the output anyway.

      But I do see value in winding up the somewhat irony-bereft chatterati with the notion that News International is the only bastion against the BBC’s malign media dominance.