Classic morning for the UK loathing Conservative-hating Today programme, When they weren’t pushing the anti-Nuclear line, they were doing their best to help undermine Andrew Lansley here,  Then they were suggesting British complicity in torture in Pakistan here. And, if that was not enough, they were pursuing the “lost generation” narrative here. 

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    And of course they were pushing the campaign for punishing people who like to drink alcohol. Strident intolerance on all fronts. What a depressing start to the week.


  2. john says:

    Monday morning blues will shortly become a thing of the past.
    How do I know this you may ask yourselves ?
    Simples !
    Chris Patten, the new Great God of the BBC will see to it .
    No more bias, no more fawning over the wonderful opposition Laborious Party, no more global warning shock horrors, no more any religion other than Christianity to be tolerated, no more anti Fox/Sky news stories, etc etc.

    In Chris we trust.

    Don’t we ?


  3. Johnny Norfolk says:

    I stopped listening to Today about 4 years ago. I just could not stand the bias anymore, and you know I feel better for it. I think Qusetion Time may go the same way. Regretably I do not think Patten will do anything about it as he is dripping wet.


  4. wild says:

    Since the BBC line is absolutely predictable on every topic (not so much A to B as A.1 to A.2) indeed every guest, every opinion, every reference, can be predicted to within a 0.0001 degree of accuracy, they could save an awful lot of money and just have the scripts, interviewers, and guests generated by a computer program. True, an army of middle class Leftist parasites would be out of a job, but as they keep telling us they are in such demand by all the other broadcasters, I am sure they could soon find other six figure sources of employment.


  5. Deborah says:

    I am no supporter of Andrew Lansley but he was not allowed to get a word in edgeways this morning without Sarah Montague interrupting him constantly having already letting Vivian Nathanson have free rein.  Then Montague told Lansley he had to hurry up as time was running out – then returning to Nathanson for the ‘final word’ when speed no longer seemed to be of the essence.


    • Natsman says:

      Christ, HOW do they get away with it?  I heard that, too, and wasn’t in the least surprised.  I live in France, and wake up to “Today” – it thoroughly depresses me even before I get out of bed…


    • stevefb says:

      Lansley got a raw deal, but so what…

      If Pratten is the best they can do, the govt deserve all the abuse and bias the BBC throws at them 


  6. Orson Cart says:

    We had the same Anti-Nuclear scaremongering on our local BBC this morning, so must be following a national brief.
     I reminded them that due to EEC/Green alarmists, 40% of our power stations will be forced to close, and that power cuts were already pencilled in. All of which was compounded by fifteen years of governments in cloud-windmill land.
     Time to stockpile two sticks & a tinderbox.
     Not to worry — Local BBC looks like it will soon be no more. Auntie has decided we are to be force-fed Radio five.


  7. crabtreecottage says:

    Surely your heading should have read ‘Monday Morning Reds’? 


    • Natsman says:

      They’re all the same now – the colours mean nothing.  When you mix blue and yellow, you get green.  How depressing is that?


  8. chelsmee says:

    should have heard dame nicky trying to rile lansley. everything andrew lansley said was treated as a near lie and dame nicky was smirking and goading him., he asked him if he was angry and lansley said no. he just tried to get him to say soemthing injudicious on air . of course his treatment of alcohol ‘charities’; people was different. together they pretty much agreed than lansley was lying and not doing enough.

    btw how many albeeba reporters are there now in japan. surely the message will be nuclear power dangerous and green windpower good. 


  9. Mike ODwyer says:

    I know they’re rabidly biased, you know they’re biased, the politicians know they’re biased. I have often wondered why on earth doesn’t anyone and everyone who is invited onto the now useless Today programme state as much on air before replying to their questions. “Whilst I appreciate your obvious left-wing leanings, I will try to answer the question. Would you please try to refrain from interrupting on behalf of the Labour party until I have made my points. Thank you so much”.

    They’d soon get the message – embarrassment and sarcasm works in instances like this.


    • Mohammed Lovespigs says:

      Great idea but it won’t be adopted by the current front-bench. It may make them look ‘toxic’, ‘nasty’ or even – heaven forbid – conservative!  


  10. Andrew says:

    I always love the BBC running the “Lost Generation” narrative.  As any missing persons expert will tell you. The sooner the alarm is raised the better your chances of finding them.

    How odd that the BBC should only raise the alarm almost a decade after more than 70% of them went missing.

    As they well know over 70% of the increase in overall youth unemployment during the last report happened under Labour and not the Tories which kind of screws things up.  But oddly enough the silence from the BBC on this travesty was deafening.

    That wasn’t an accident – it was complicity