Any attempt by Cameron to tackle the relentless abuse of the UK education system by those claiming to be foreign students coming from outside the EU (From Pakistan, for example) was always going to annoy the BBC. So on Today, at 8.35am on comes the oleaginous Keith Vaz to tell us about the “enormous damage” any attempt to staunch th is unwelcome and dangerous inward flow will have on our Universities. Naturally, there was no one to counter his claims.

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    I only caught the earlier headlines, where claims were made that these students were required here after they had qualified and may be chased away. Was Mr Vaz asked why we are unable to produce students of good enough quality ourselves after 13 glorious years of Labour rule?

    Keith Vaz is one of those politicians, like Dennis McShane, whose name is incomplete without the word “oleaginous”.


  2. John Anderson says:

    Did I miss the BBC giving the context – that there had been a HUGE rise in “student” entries,  manifold instances of students not attending “courses”,  and total failure to ensure the return of over-stayers and all those who “disappear”.  Aggregate numbers running to the size of city populations.

    Maybe I was dozing. 


    • 1327 says:

      Oddly enough John that was never mentioned ! Neither were the types of educational establishment that the vanishing students attend mentioned either (lets just say they don’t tend to go to Oxford).


  3. Mr-Bridger says:

    Keith Vaz condescending wanker


  4. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ-Labour gives preferential treatment to foreign students, and to ‘foreign students’.

    Just as the ‘British’ corporation here does NOT represent the interests of the BRITISH people, as illustrated in its current pro-Arab/Muslim, anti-Israel Radio 4 series by controller Ms Williams, so too Radio 4 ‘Today’ puts out political propaganda of Labour’s Vaz (no Government viewpoint in sight) for preferential treatment for foreign students in British universities.

    The fact that it is increasingly difficult, and much more expensive now for BRITISH students to get into British universities, is irrelevant to those touting for even more foreign students.

    The unsightly spectacle of most British universities following the money route of the Arab and other regimies, and thereby letting them dictate Middle East studies at the LSE, etc, should indicate the need for a pro-British policy at British universities.

    BBC-NUJ-Labour even ignored on ‘Today’ a report carried on its website a day earlier:

    “Up to 181,000 migrants ‘may have overstayed visas'”


    ”What is the Problem?”