Anyone spotted this on the BBC yet? It’s over on Harry’s Place but the State Broadcaster with it’s multi-billion resources seems to have overlooked it;

Press Release: British Muslims for Israel condemns Jerusalem Bomb Plot

British Muslims for Israel condemns the terrorist attack in Jerusalem today.Such acts of indiscriminate violence are never justified, hurt the cause ofPalestinians and harden public opinion in Israel. Hasan Afzal, a spokesperson for British Muslims for Israel says “Today’sattacks seem to be of a piece with the extreme violence perpetrated againstIsraelis in the last few weeks. First we had the Itamar massacre, then abarrage of rocket attacks from Palestine into Israel and now the attack inJerusalem. These attacks hurt all sides, and help no one.”

Afzal added “Recent events have shown that groups such as Hamas and the Al-AqsaMartyrs’ Brigade are determined to kill indiscriminately and use ordinaryPalestinians as hostages to their cause. We urge all British Muslims to condemnthese senseless attacks which block any attempts for peace and ruin the livesof both Israelis and Palestinians”.

For further information, please call (+44) 7590 67 66 91 or email BritishMuslimsForIsrael@gmail.com


There is a web report of the killing of 6 people by Syrian security forcesoutside a mosque….but not on the Radio….but the bomb in Jerusalem bypersons unknown does make it in….the BBC manage to avoid mentioning thesecurity wall that has stopped nearly all such attacks so far….the BBCphrases things so that we are lead to believe the lack of bombs is down toPalestinian goodwill and peaceful intent….’Jerusalem suffered a spate of busbombings between 2000 and 2004 but attacks had stopped in recent years.’

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20 Responses to WHAT THEY DON’T REPORT…

  1. gud says:

    Deadly bombing targets Jerusalem bus stop


    What did the bus stop ever do to offend that deadly bombing??
    And here’s me thinking islamist psychos were to blame.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC reported exclusively in the Arabic service that the bus was headed for one of the settlements in East Jerusalem.  So the attempted mass murder is entirely justified in their minds.


  2. Marky says:

    Even the Daily Mail is now practising BBC Newspeak.

    “First militant bomb blast in Jerusalem for seven years kills bystander”

    “Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza”

    “Islamic Jihad militant group, which has carried out dozens of attacks”

    “Even so, the city has experienced other deadly violence.”

    “eight students at a Jerusalem seminary were killed when Palestinian gunmen entered the school and opened fire”



  3. Guest Who says:

    There are pockets of concern at ‘selective’ reporting standards…


    But, sadly, few and far between.

    Again, it seems that ‘other stuff’ and ‘that’s all they have time for’ in the perverse priority cess-pit that is hourly scheduling prevails, where actual news gets little enough time in favour of celebrity gossip or sport.

    Just terminated SKY news as the anchor and the peroxide sink managed to flip from almost sombre whilst reviewing gore at the bus station before flipping in a millisecond to making jokes on much more fun stuff on yet more football-related gossip.

    The MSM is unfit for purpose.


  4. La Cumparsita says:

    I just sent this complaint to the BBC:

    The BBC Today programme 7 a.m. news said that Israel would respond “aggressively” to the Jerusalem bomb attack. The BBC website states “Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has pledged to act “aggressively and responsibly” to the attack.”

     Netanyahu actually said that  Israel will act “vigorously, responsibly and prudently”.

    Please correct the BBC’s inaccurate & misleading reports.


    • deegee says:

      NEWS FLASH: Family including infant in Essex massacred in their sleep, bomb hits bus #74 outside London convention center injuring dozens and killing at least one; 70 rockets and missiles continue falling in Cardiff over three days.

      Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, said …


  5. NotaSheep says:

    Now that news has broken that the woman killed in Jerusalem was British, do the BBC have a problem as to how to report the story. On the one hand a Briton was killed by terrorists whilst abroad, normally the cue for acres of coverage and interviews with grieving relatives, if not calls for investigations into how this could have happened. On the other hand this woman was murdered in Israel. Maybe the BBC are hoping that the murdered woman’s family come out and say that they don’t blame the Palestinians for their daughter/wife/mother’s death and that she was in Israel campaigning for the rights of the Palestinians against their Israeli oppressors. If this is the case then the story will start to be reported as headline news. If however it emerges that this woman was a Jewish supporter of Israel then you can expect the BBC coverage to slowly disappear. Certainly the death of this British woman will not receive a tenth of the coverage of the death of the American Rachel Corrie.


  6. Daphne Anson says:

    Apologies if you’ve already noted this:


  7. La Cumparsita says:

    Another complaint sent to the Today programme – not that they’ll take any notice:

    “Jeremy Bowen is at fault for his failure to state that the current “flare-up” was initiated by Palestinian terrorists who murdered an Israeli family of 5 in Itamar and fired 50 mortars into Israel on Saturday, followed by long distance rockets which hit Israel’s southern towns Be’er Sheva & Ashkelon. Israel’s actions have been in response to this terrorism. He should not have apportioned blame equally to “both sides” & Sarah Montague should have been better informed and should not  have allowed him to get away with his biased comments.”


    • John Anderson says:

      The whole BBC line this morning on Radio 4 was “Bomb in Jerusalem following Israeli attacks on Gaza”

      ie – it is all the Joos fault,  as usual.  

      What did that poor bus-stop ever do to Gaza ?


  8. George R says:

    INBBC’s propagandist, Mr J DONNISON, makes no reference to the jihad murders of the Fogel family; but he is happy to quote, without demur, the comments of the ISLAMIC JIHAD group that the bus stop jihad murder would be a “natural response” to Israel.

    For Islam Not BBC (INBBC), the ISLAMIC JIHAD group’s “natural reponse”, trumps any condemnation of jihad murder of British citizen.

    “Jerusalem bus stop bomb victim was British”


    For INBBC’s DONNISON, this is the ISLAMIC JIHAD group, whose word he does not criticise:



  9. Daphne Anson says:

    Oh, and this (sorry, I’n particularly dozy this morning):


    • Demon1001 says:

      I slightly disagree with Honest Reporting this time.  As someone commented on the site – A bus stop being targeted is obviously intended to get civilians, same as if an airport had been targeted.  Anybody seeing headlines like that would know what it means. 

      There is a shocking comment that someone has quoted from Reuters where they quote the Israelis saying it is a “Terrorist Attack” but then qualify it by saying that is what the Israelis call “A Palestinian Strike”.  Terrible.


  10. Umbongo says:

    On BBC News at Ten last night the bomb in Jerusalem was reported, then the funeral in Gaza of those killed by Israeli airstrikes was shown but there was no mention of the proximate cause for those air strikes: not even an “Israel claims” report.  The impression given was that Israel launched an unprovoked attack out of the blue on innocents in Gaza and the Jerusalem bomb was a (not unreasonable) response.  Nice!

    As NotaSheep notes, if the murdered victim turns out to be Jewish, that’s more or less the last we’ll hear of it from the BBC.  In any event, as NaS also notes, this news was remarkably underplayed by the BBC.  This isn’t surprising since the perps were probably not Israeli Jews nor part of the Israeli armed forces so there’s no reason to disturb the BBC narrative that all the evil in the Middle East can be laid at the door of Israel.  Anyway, in that narrative – until the contrary is proved – she “asked for it” by (probably) being Jewish and (probably) a supporter of Israel.


  11. George R says:

    INBBC: forever sanitising ISLAMIC JIHAD.

    Of course, INBBC’s sanitising of ISLAMIC JIHAD is not confined to the Middle East.

    In Pakistan, for example, the training of very young Muslim children to be ISLAMIC JIHADISTS (see video clip), has, according to INBBC’s Ms GUERIN, nothing to do with ‘Islam’ nor with ‘Islamic Jihad’ because INBBC censors out those explanatory words here:

    “Pakistan children act out suicide blast”


    A report relating to Ms Guerin (2005):



  12. deegee says:

    Waiting on the report of the Grad rocket landing near Rishon Le Zion. That puts me and about a million other Israelis in the Hashfela region under attack.

    I regret to say I am expecting war. I regret to say I’m not expecting balanced coverage from the BBC.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So much for all those Palestinians whom Donnison was telling us wanted to join the “Arab Spring”.

      Stay safe, deegee.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Twice now the BBC News Channel’s very brief announcement that a British citizen was murdered by that Palestinian bombing at a bus stop has been followed immediately by a mention that Israel has stepped up military strikes on Gaza in response to “rockets”.

    This time, we saw Wyre Davies in Jerusalem talking about how, while tourism is down due to past bombings, most Israelis view it as a doddle, just getting on with their lives, although tensions in Gaza are rising.

    I think we know whom the BBC wants you to blame for this incident.