BBC Greenies love farting cow stories. And when their favourite fart-gas – methane – is the subject of a government report that could lead to new emissions laws, they are clearly in their seventh, miasmic, heaven. It defies belief that a time when we are supposedly making record cuts, DEFRA spends countless and undisclosed oodles of our dosh in working out the relationship of feedstuff to gas (though this story also indicates that DEFRA has at best a very tenuous grasp on sanity). Especially as other research showed as long ago as 2008 that despite the frantic greenie alarmism, methane emissions have stablised. Never let the fug of a marsh gas fog get in the way of a good BBC scare.

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15 Responses to GASSING AWAY…

  1. Span Ows says:

    Not a bais comment here as this sounds interesting although I could have told them about 10 years ago about a couple of methods but some of the ones mentioned, added to them being “considered against other environmental impacts as well as how practical or costly they are for the farming industry to implement”, would also reduce milk production so on a per litre figure wouldn’t help reduce methane much at all. Also it is well and truly proven that high production cows on modern balanced diets are far more efficient methane-wise than all their lesser brethren throughout Africa and Asia. 


    • Charlie says:

      Do they want even more food shortages?


      • Span Ows says:

        Charlie…erm…yes. The EU are currently making it even more difficult for any farmer at the same time saying they should produce more: sort of 100m, then the same but quicker with a ball and chain.


        • Charlie says:

          Why don’t the EU lift the import tariff on wheat that should drop the price. Err, oh, they already have.

          But wheat is still £ 200 per ton.

          So trying to suck wheat from the third world hasn’t worked.

          That should tell us something.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    CO2 methane the troll beneath the bridge and the loch ness monster and the wicked witch of the west, its all aboout scaring the little children(us) into doing what we are told.

    Saving the planet? making some people rich and powerful more like and I am sure that these same boffins are working on a formula of standard prole gruel which they can ladle out for us at communal food kitchens or even tankers passing by the end of the road, they just have to work out how they can sell us on the idea.


  3. Natsman says:

    Are we allowed to live any more? Is that inconvenient for the greenies? Will they spend a fortune trying to eliminate all those nasty ants in the world that produce all this terrible methane? Will the expulsion of ANY gas be banned?

    Dear God, haven’t they ANYTHING else to concern themselves with? Can’t they fucking leave us, and the poor fucking planet alone?

    So many questions, and bugger all answers.


  4. Charlie says:

    Leave these creatures alone


    • Natsman says:

      That’s a moo-t point, did you heifer hear so much rubbish?  We’re in the horns of a dilemma – CO2 or methane – which should we ban? Moo-ve along, nothing to see here…


  5. Barry says:

    Just as well all those N American buffalo were slaughtered in the 19th century. Millions of farts averted.


  6. Demon1001 says:

    That’s the trouble with vegitarian diets, it causes all of this wind.  I think we must cull all greenie-veggies as they are adding to the methane level worse than cows. 

    And along with all the hot air they spout, no wonder that any measurement of planet temperature that’s taken near a Greenie-Veggy appears to make the planet seem like it’s warming.  Whereas, where the rest of us are, the measurements show that the planet isn’t changing that much.


  7. matthew rowe says:

    I have it a recycling  plan the greenish will love it purges the planet as well as the greenies souls and we wont need those evil cows and   we can call it something catchy that the kids will go for say er ‘Soylent Green’ sounds ethical enough! O:-)


  8. Shay says:

    careful or that genius Simon Mayo will cease to take this site seriously “Anti-science tilt of Spectator the reason I stopped buying it”


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      “Anti-science tilt of Spectator the reason I stopped buying it”  

      Beyond his questionable qualifications in knowing a pro or anti ’tilt’ in science beyond what the education editor of Ceebies has shared, the wisdom of retreating to an isolated bubble in any debate, and the classlessness of a responsible state medium getting into hissy fit spats with others, not sure Mr. Mayo has thought through the precedent of being able to stop buying something when it fails to deliver to expectation.

      But I suppose the unique part with his employer is that many are not buying it; they are simply compelled to pay.


  9. George R says:

    Shale Gas in Britain.

    BBC Greenie propagandist, HARRABIN, is forever pushing the unrepresentative Green Party in its opposition to SHALE GAS and ‘fracking’ near Blackpool, Lancashire.

    In a repetitve article on this subject, Harrabin predictably only mentions the one political party he approves of, the Green Party – no other political parties’ view on gas shale are referred to by him.

    Perhaps Harrabin would care to mention, without using the word ‘ZERO’ (a) what % of vote Green Party got in last elections in Blackpool?

    Of course, this item appears on BBC-Greenie ‘Environment’ page, not on ‘Business’ page:

    “UK shale plans target cheap gas”

    IN CONTRAST, here is a report on the same UK development by Channel 4’s Business Correspondent, Siobhan Kennedy:

    “Shale gas: striking ‘gold’ in Blackpool?”