As you know, I am currently on Biased BBC leave owing to the pressures of running an election campaign. One of the features of this is that the local BBC have been very quick to try and cherry-pick comments from my other blog, A Tangled Web, in order to try and damage my prospects. Oddly enough, they NEVER mention any comments made here on Biased BBC. I wonder why they are reluctant to mention any of the tens of thousands of comments and posts highlighting their relentless bias? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Looking forward to discussing this with them…

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  1. Biodegradable says:

    Perhaps you could casually mention B-BBC  ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good luck in the election!


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Fair point, DV.  If the blog is as full of extremist haters as defenders of the indefensible claim, surely it would be held up early and often by your opponents as an example of how dangerous you are.


  3. La Cumparsita says:

    I’m waiting to see/hear on the BBC any reports of this missile attack by Gazan terrorists on an Israeli school bus today:


    • Biodegradable says:

      Actually it has just appeared on the news ticker on the news website.

      It looks like it was an anti-tank missile, probably the same as the type recently confiscated among 50 tons of weapons destined for Gaza on the intercepted ship, from Iran.


      • Biodegradable says:

        BBC says it was a mortar:

        The Jerusalem Post says it was a missile:


        • sue says:

          Israel Shells Gaza City after Palestininan mortar strike
          (I googled ‘boy injured by mortar from gaza’)
          Yahoo; Reuters; NewsDaily; etc etc:
          Two Injured by Gaza Mortar, Israel hits back

          Not much doubt which of these two incidents the BBC prioritises.


          • Lloyd says:

            Would it be unreasonable to expect the BBC to recount events in chronological order? Instead we get this………..

            Last month saw some of the worst violence since Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in December 2008, says the BBC’s Jon Donnison in Gaza.
            In one week in March, at least 10 Palestinians – including several civilians and children – were killed by Israeli attacks.
            In the same period, militants in Gaza fired more than 80 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel.

            ……although it’s not stated, the casual reader would have to deduce from the above paragraphs that the rockets fired from Gaza followed the killing of Palastinians.

            Oh God, and Hamas are pledging to restore a ceasefire, which had been ended by an Israeli airstrike – always ready to go that extra mile for peace Hamas you know, aren’t they the virtuous ones? The whole slant on the story turns my stomach.


  4. George R says:

    The following is about MUSLIM sex gangs operating in:

    Leeds, Manchester, Blackburn, Blackpool, Burnley, Sheffield, Rotherham, Derby, Oldham, Rochdale, Preston, Keighley and Skipton.

    So, of course, INBBC censors it out of existence.

    ‘The Times’ (paywall) has its front page today, and three inside pages on:

    “Police hid sex grooming scandal in seaside town” (Blackpool);

    “Ethnic takeaways used in expoitation of 60 white schoolgirls.”

    The ‘Telegraph’ covers it in part, as commented on here:

    “60 girls groomed for sex at takeaway shops in Blackpool”


  5. Umbongo says:


    Best of luck.  BTW, if the BBC ever tries it on you might ask them why, in the roundup of paper MSM this morning on Today, although mentioning the headlining by the Times of the police cover-up in the grooming of white girls in Blackpool, Today coyly referred to “non-white” perps.  The major elements of the item were covered (in the third and fourth paragraphs) thus:

    The revelations provide further disturbing evidence of offending across the North of England and the Midlands. In January, the Home Office ordered an inquiry after The Times exposed a pattern of street sex crimes involving similar groups of men and vulnerable young girls.

    Most British sex offenders are lone white men, but an examination of court cases involving multiple offenders from 13 towns and cities showed that out of 56 men convicted of offences where girls they met on the street were groomed and sexually exploited, 50 were Muslim, mostly of Pakistani heritage.

    Although the report did refer (in para 2) to “non-white” men it’s clear – and made incontrovertible – which “non-whites” are involved and which religion they espouse.


  6. Lloyd says:

    I reckon there’ll be beeboids trawling through DV’s blogs and comments right the way through this election campaign. And they’ll save what they consider to be the juiciest for the moments when they believe they can cause him maximum embarrassment – be careful out there.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Yes, and it’ll be taken out of context.  Be armed with some comments on BBC blogs which could be taken out of context too.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Given the paucity of juice ‘discovered’ by the volunteer brigade, the few instances of mistake or excess have probably been covered, so in fact a service kindly provided…. whilst neatly highlighted the vast, ongoing amount of ‘juice’ thrown up daily which the BBC, its employees and defenders may like to address if raising matters of detail. Eventually.

      Perhaps caution is advised when carelessly flinging out boomerangs. If the prey sidesteps it’s possible to get clobbered by backfires.

      If course, being ‘media’, especially a uniquely-funded one, it is easy to fire and forget. Or hide behind what ‘some are saying’ even if ‘they’ are saying what they have been provided by the very media claiming to objectively ‘report’.


  7. Dr A says:

    Go, DV!