Suicide by Political Correctness

What a fascinating turn of events. WikiLeaks has revealed that the government was so determined to uphold our reputation as a safe haven for the world’s oppressed that it repeatedly ignored warnings about radical Islamic extremists and refused to admit that harbouring them was not the simple humanitarian gesture they believed it to be.

Now that they’ve managed to turn British cities into Al Qaeda hubs, it’s a bit late in the day to say a shamefaced sorry. The labour party still diverts all recriminations over their open door immigration policy by making a reluctant apology for their small mistake concerning Poles.

At last we’re starting to hear on the BBC what we’ve known all along.

I made a flippant remark about Frank Gardner, but I really meant it.
If, as he says, he too knew all along, and (as he said on Today) Mubarak had actually gripped his hand and warned him, why didn’t he use his influence to persuade the BBC to inform educate and entertain us through one of the many programmes and documentaries that are specifically there to spread the word?

Presumably political correctness was too prevalent at the BBC, even for someone in his position, to penetrate the barrier that separates us from reality.
The real gem was the discussion at 7:31 with Frank Gardner and Kim Howells. Now ‘they’ know, the government knows, and we know they know, what is going to be done about it? If the government won’t act because they’re afraid of losing public support, the BBC must ensure the public knows, and then dealing with the problem firmly will be a massive vote-winner.

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7 Responses to Suicide by Political Correctness

  1. George R says:

    It could be argued that Islam Not BBC (INBBC), the three main political parties, and much of MSM are doing severe damage to the ongoing severe security threat from Islamic jihad, by acting as political enablers in:

    1.) Mass Immigration, especially from Islamic countries over recent decades, and still advocating 80 million Turks enter E.U. as soon as possible;

    2.) distorting the size of the Islamic jihad threat by dogmatically clinging to the phoney mantra of ‘a tiny minority of extremists’.

    3.) euphemising and sanitising Al Qaeda (see INBBC’s F. Gardner).

    4.) giving preferential treatment to Islam (see INBBC’s DG M. Thompson).

    5.) labelling critics of ideology of Islam as ‘racist’, although Islam is not a race, and the multiculturalists do not criticise Islam for its racism.

    6.) censoring much of the violence, persecution and murders of Christians by Muslim globally.

    7.) not significantly reporting the growing encroachment of shariah law, ‘shariah finance’ in Britain.


  2. DP111 says:

    Wikileaks accuses BBC of being part of ‘possible propaganda media network’ for Al Qaeda

    By EEYORE | Published: APRIL 25, 2011

    From the Daily Mail:
    By Daniel Martin

    Last updated at 11:55 PM on 25th April 2011

    The BBC could be part of a ‘propaganda media network’ for al-Qeada, according  to U.S. files published by Wikileaks.

    A phone number of someone at the BBC was found in phone books and programmed  into the mobile phones of a number of militants seized by the Americans.

    The number is believed to be based at Bush House, the headquarters of the BBC World Service.

    I’m astonished.


  3. Umbongo says:

    Funnily enough the unlimited immigration dating from 1998 (when the “primary purpose” rule) was dropped was apparently not mentioned by Howells or Gardner (although IMHO the pre Labour gate opening figure of 50,000 or thereabouts annual immigration was excessive).  However, Howells claimed (unchallenged) that the “blind eye” policy re Moslem extremists dated from – you guessed it – Mrs T’s time in office.


    I assume your expectation (?) that the BBC is actually going to inform fully (let alone educate) the listening/viewing millions about this issue is irony rather than realism.  I’ll believe that’s going to happen when Aaqil Ahmed is shown the door.  Not that I’m alleging that AA is an extremist; only that appointing a Moslem as head of religious broadcasting at the national broadcaster in a (nominally) Christian country is another sign of the BBC’s willing dhimmitude and enthusiastic pandering to Moslem (over)sensibilities.


    • sue says:

      Yes I did notice Howells wedging Mrs T into the picture but I automatically make a special allowance for symptoms of Labour Party Tourettes.

      If I gave the impression that my plea for the BBC to implement its charter was an expectation, it was unintentional.  A great deal of what I say (and think) is *irony* somehow, however much I try to suppress it, but I hope glimmers of reality can be seen lurking between the lines.


  4. George R says:

    And as INBBC must know, as with last Labour government, this is where ‘political correctness’ leads:

    ‘Jihadwatch’ –
    UK: Former Foreign Office minister admits that political correctness led Britain to shelter jihadis


  5. pounce_uk says:

    “Frank Gardener, the BBC’s security correspondent, today condemned the government for not taking Abu Hamza seriously as a threat.

    Rich words from the bBCs security expert , who didn’t carry out a risk assessment on a rundown and very militant part of Saudi Arabia. It cost a man his life and put Gardner in a wheelchair.

    The very same security expert, who went on a jolly to Afghanistan the other month in which to report on some matter. Now don’t get me wrong he is free to travel where he wants. But really! a wheel chair in a warzone. (Well so the bBC keeps telling me) If anything it just shows how the bBCs security expert doesn’t have a Scooby about the job at hand, which is why he has no problem putting other people lives at risk.