A biased BBC reader notes;

“Yep…just checked the BBC web site and there is no mention of the Muslim radical group ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ whom the BBC gave a platform to yesterday enabling them to promote their credibility on news reports throughout the day.
No mention of the fact that they state that the Royal wedding is a legitimate terrorist target….BBC just states that the group says they have no knowledge of any serious threats….despite evidence to the contrary:
“We urge all Muslims to stay away from the royal wedding….because of the likelihood of an attack by the Mujahideen. Many people feel that they have been oppressed and have a score to settle with the Royal Family. We can see why they see them as a legitimate target.”

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  1. john says:

    Would the BBC give any airtime whatsoever to a group called “Crusades against Muslims” if they too were upset about the Royal Wedding ?


  2. NotaSheep says:

    We are all targets for the Mujahideen. None of us are innocentm see my blog passim


  3. hippiepooter says:

    As strong an argument as I can think of for a British Guantanamo.

    At the very least, why aren’t their benefits stopped?  They clearly have no intention of working.


    • pounce_uk says:

      HP wrote:  
      “At the very least, why aren’t their benefits stopped?”  
      I feel that the only way sanity can be regained in the Uk, is to deport these idiots (Along with their entire families) to countries where Sharia law prevails. Only after the entire cast of MAC have been sent packing, will the rest learn to respect the freedom of speech that we take for granted here in the Uk.


  4. George R says:

    For education of INBBC:


    (by Leo McKinstry)

    Read more:


    • Span Ows says:

      Londonistan wasn’t a joke name. It was a name the French military/intelligence/police officials gave us in the 90s. Unfortunately we can’t blame it on Blair as it happened before (1995 Paris bombings)


  5. Barry says:

    Since they’d be outnumbered by patriots by about 100,000:1, I think it’s just a lot of noise anyway.

    If not, expect to see them hanging by their beards from lamp posts on Saturday morning.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Yeah, nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing an EDL member putting one of these idiots ugly faces through the back of his head, live on TV.
      If not one of the MAC then some spotty greasy unemployable freak from the ‘MAC arse-lickers club’, otherwise known as UAF. 


  6. London Calling says:

    The Royal Family a”Legitimate Target” – isn’t that “hate speech”, “incitement to racial violence”? Oh I forgot. The Plod apply it only to the white British population.

    Blair left us all these totally useless laws which the politicised Plod (“Chief Constables”) apply the law one-sidedly as though Blair and Brown were still in charge.  Oh I forgot. The people really in charge – the H-Rights Red Judges –  are Blair appointees to interpret Blair policy which remains in place.

    How can all these MACs continue to claim unemployment pay when they are too busy attacking this country to make themselves available for work? Does no one actually administer any benefits rules, or do they just take the easy life piddlin’ away the taxed income of those who do work to anyone who asks for it.

    Sadly there are not enough lamposts in the Mall.


    • Barry says:

      “Sadly there are not enough lamposts in the Mall.”

      There’s always the river.

      Hang on …….

      Police car outside !


  7. Cassandra King says:

    Crystal clear evidence?

    The BBC promoting terrorist threats, warning people to stay away from a national event using the threat of murder and injury.

    The BBC has gone too far even for them, pimping a direct threat to any muslim who might wish to play a part in British national life, causing and provoking a divide by allowing open threats of violence.


  8. Grant says:

    What would an “illegitimate target ”  be  ?


  9. Dick the Prick says:

    I’m starting to get a bit excited about it frankly. All a bit odd. She is a lovely gal and he seems to have pulled his finger out, finally! I’d be quite interested to hear of any incidents tomorrow in that the crowd seems awesome and for some complete mong to be so blind as to recognize genuine hope would have been incapable of spotting anyway. To be accosted by granny’s protecting grandkids is the end of any fucked up freedom fighting, medieval dream of paradise, how did he get his weapons, where’s his mates & why isn’t he talking with anyone, it’s a jolly nice day, psycho knob jockey who’s still in the box daft git.

     However much we bash these middle class anarchists, the worst they can do is get their heads caved in but tooled up terrorists are frankly, bang out of order. Am absolutely loving the route and the diary timing. Ofcourse all lazy git civil servants are gonna box off Easter and the route is mainly government buildings; Easter fell lovely this year. All in all, good fucking luck terrorists, if they are truly mental then tomorrow would be a good time to get it over and done with – the people aren’t rioting tomorrow and the police & soldiers need to watch their picnic intake as granny’s go tooled up.


  10. Grant says:

    “he seems to have pulled his finger out, finally “.  What on earth are you thinking about /


  11. Lokku Balla says:

    Turning a blind eye to LTTE atrocities?    
    April 28, 2011, 12:00 pm    
    The BBC has, for the most part, shown prejudicial and biased reporting on events in Sri Lanka. Today (26/4/11) was exceptionally misleading and biased. On BBC TV they showed visuals of bombed out vehicles which gave the distinct impression that the Sri Lanka army was responsible. In actual fact, these were part of the large number of vehicles of all types which Tiger leader Prabhakaran grouped together, filled them with explosives and set them off a few days before the war ended, so that they would not fall into the hands of the SLA or were they the many stolen vehicles from around the island which ended up in terrorists hands?    
    In a moving text on BBC News this evening, it stated that most of the civilians were killed by SL soldiers! So, how then did nearly 300,000 plus Tamil civilians, kept forcibly against their will by the Tamil Tigers, as ‘Human Shields’ manage to flee to the safety of the Sri Lankan Army occupied territory? And all were helped by soldiers, given water and food and later shelter in camps at great expense to the state, until large areas were cleared of landmines planted by the LTTE. Many civilians trying to flee to safety from the clutches of the LTTE were executed by the LTTE.    
    As pointed out by Keheliya Rambukwella, Government Spokesman, the report narrates alleged events of the last two weeks of the war. Had they prepared a comprehensive report on all the atrocities committed by the LTTE during the past 30 years, sometime ago (and not two years after the war ended!), Tiger leader Prabhakaran and his evil cohorts could have been tried in an International Court of Law for human rights violations and war crimes.    
    Colombo, in particular, was rocked with bombs for years. My window panes used to rattle. Fearful of explosions, I stopped driving and gave away my cars. I developed a ‘siege mentality’ and avoided going out. When I had to, it was with my heart in my mouth, to be quite honest. We are finally free of terror and the Tamils in the North and East can live without fear.    
    After terrorist bombings, every tenth house lost a loved one. I used to drive past their homes with black or white funeral flags and weep.    
    No one has referred to the hundreds of officers and thousands of soldiers who died during the final days of the battle and the thousands of soldiers who were maimed for life. Don’t their lives matter? All the victims of terrorist atrocities must feel great sorrow that no mention has been made of them in the UNSG Panel Report.    
    Linda Van Schagen,    
    Mt. Lavinia.    


  12. Grant says:


    Thank you for giving us the other side of the story which the BBC don’t tell us.  They are basically left-wing teenagers who support all terrorists anywhere in the world.


  13. cjhartnett says:

    Cheers your Royal Highness!

    Thanks to you selflessly making your nuptuals an “event”, then the Beeb have fallen for the scented trail of toffery and are all decamped by your gaff!

    So it is today that,as I write, there is NO Womans Hour. No doubt Kirsty and Jenni are baking “Barnsley Brack” and tartan shortbreads down at the Beebs marquee on the Abbey lawns; so thank you for getting them off the air for the day.
    Polly put the kettle on,indeed!

    Libby already dishing the dirt on the dresses ,along with Sarah down with the cheery plebs down on the Mall or wherever they lurk these days. Let`s ask Angela Eagle here if these hats are comparable to Gallianos or Emmanuels! We`re all ears-just ask Andrew Marr!

    So, the ladies of Beebworld are finally doing something useful-note that only Eds and Jims are getting the brown nose commentaries-I`d ask Miriam O Reilly about the fainess of this next time you`re all in the powder room girls!

    Oh-and No Toricutz, no lime green limewash ,no lavender sachets, no smelling salts and “won`t somebody think of the children” either from dawn to dusk tonight. The BBC are decommisioned for the day by Royal Command…I would not have sacrificed MY big day to spare the nation the Beebs greasegun of liberal slops as Will and Kate do this day of days! Thank`ee young`uns!

    Wonder if Kates bouquet may yet find its way to poor Martha on the World at One?-surely Angela won`t be needing it and the other daughters of the tribune ,being water retaining stout parties of a certain vintage wouldnt` know what it was ;if that HRT has been doing its job!

    Cheers your Royal Highnesses-only the BBC could have made a Monarchist out of me-which is surely their intention. Rules of the Drinking Games for today please-let`s Ask A Dimbleby seeing that they are going spare for the day! Make a change from the acid drops being lined up for Nigel Farage tonight.

    Hats off to Mr and Mrs Cambridge!


  14. Gerald says:

    Absolutely inane interview conducted by Ms Montague (just when is she going to be replaced by the excellent Lesley Curwen who keeps popping up on the financial spots but is an excellent all rounder on World Service) with the Met Police Commissioner.

    Only she could relate policing today’s event with the rabble the Met et al have had to deal with twice recently!. Strangely she failed to ask him about possible islamist terrorist (sorry militant) action.

    The policeman handled her stupid questioning well.


  15. As I See It says:

    The One Show – we know it’s got form for bringing us a leftist flavoured gobbit or two. So here we are this evening at some inane Royal Wedding street party with Chris Evans, silly games, Suggs form Madness, and kids in fancy dress. Nice. But wait, what’s this? In all the excitment of the knees-up auntie has climbed on her soap box again and we get an unexpected and rather unpleasant flash – she just couldn’t resist showing us the anti-monarchy street party.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      she just couldn’t resist showing us the anti-monarchy street party.’

      Rather undercuts the claims by some (especially a few high profile, high-horse journanalcorrespeditors) on other issues that ‘alternative views’ really do not deserve an airing if deemed subordinate.

      Evidently an exception was made here.



  16. George R says:

    While INBBC reluctantly reports on only some of the many hugely negative consequences of its daily campaign for ‘multiculturalism’, INBBC is not able to criticise that whole ideology:

    “Campus extremism ‘a serious problem’ say MPs and peers” *

    (*INBBC avoids word ‘Islam’ in title, of course.)

    To assist INBBC in its analysis of ‘multiculturalism’:-

    “The Myth Behind Multiculturalism”