Nice to see the BBC giving yet another “Thought for the Day” Slot to Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim chaplain at the University of Cambridge. Abdal gets a lot of platforms which is curious given the tiny % of the UK population Islam constitutes. Then again, remind me who is head of BBC “Religious Programming”? No Bias here for sure.

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  1. Biodegradable says:

    Like Special Agent Gibbs of NCIS I don’t believe in coincidences. Not at all surprising that this comes while the news of OBL’s demise is still the top news story.


  2. John Anderson says:

    and he whined on about the circumstances of Bin Laden’s death.  Not a word about Bin Laden’s mass murders.

    What was really sickening was at the end he claimed that his “prophet” was merciful and fair-dealing.  Not what I heard,  the cave guy had men put to the sword with gusto,  and the women taken as concubines.  Doesn’t that smooth-talker read ?

    It is a sign of how much the BBC has become warped that this person should have been given the God-slot today.


  3. Biodegradable says:

    My Thought For The Day:  
    OBL died on the same day that Israel observed Holocaust Remembrance, according with the Hebrew calendar that marks the Warsaw uprising and not the date of the liberation of Auschwitz used internationally to mark Holocaust Remembrance.  

    OBL’s death was a good excuse for the BBC not to cover that event. In fact a search of the BBC web site for “Yom Shoah” gives the following results, just two from 2009:

    One of the two is this gem:

    Jews ‘are victims and aggressors’

    Hitler also died on the same day as OBL.  


    • Span Ows says:

      Point of order…Hitler died 30th April, two days before; REPORTS of his death were on 2nd May (same as OBL)


      • Biodegradable says:

        Point taken, but another observation is that Israel scattered Eichmann’s ashes in the sea, outside of Israeli waters, after his execution.

        Perhaps that inspired the US to dispose of bin Laden’s carcass at sea too?


    • deegee says:

      The Muslims have three basic views of the Holocaust: 1) didn’t happen; 2) did happen but we had nothing to do with it and 3) it was Allah’s plan to punish the Jews for what they would do to the Palestinians in the future.

      The BBC is happy to show the Jews as victims of Nazism. It’s t5he Jews as victors against modern fascism they find so hard to accept.

      Decisions, decisions! 


  4. Grant says:

    How many Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists appear on
    “Thought for the Day ”  ?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Didn`t hear this,and would not dispute a word of it. All depends whether we get a Mona Saddiqui( Muslim lite) or what we seemed to get today!
    That said, at least this bloke(usually blokes aren`t they?…none of this spokesperson tosh!) is clear. That the BBC get out their pastel shades of Islams happy families in flag/wristband/charity run form will not matter to him one jot. Why should it? Thiers is not to reason why-they just turn it out like sausage filler-halal of course!

    In truth I prefer him to  Longley,  Jones or that lady curate up the street in St James,Piccadilly-for these people simply get on their knees and let any Islamic scholar use them as a footstool or a leg up onto the horse of anybodys choosing as long as they themselves need only contribute-whereas we might yet be sacrificed.

    These saps of the progressive left patronise, deflect,deny and generally are feted for it by the BBC and all who subscribe to the Lennon/Marley/Mercury doctrine of faith as they themselves interpret it! No disrespect to these pop stars-Strummer,Cobain are beatified too! They ARE the BBCs speed dial Spirit Zone monkeys, so they would be lionised wouldn`t they?

    So it is we get this mish mash of a rainbow alliance of good intentions and “can`t we just be friends”-keeps the EU happy and the ruling elite presiding over the peaceful graveyard that is meant for us-not them!
    That we pay for our own dum dum bullets indeed makes us as stupid as the Toady Shows editors and producers thinks us to be! Not for much longer though perhaps?


  6. Backwoodsman says:

    Glad you picked up on this, the bbc operating in its own little world, so divorced from the reality of what the public view is, that it beggars belief.

    Interesting to see how their early po faced reports on bin liner getting slotted, changed slightly when they saw the universal approval in the press that the US action had got. Now its time for the revisionist approach to subtly begin – stand by for lots of condemnation of the US on the moral maze etc !


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes,  as ever,  it is astounding how much out of touch with common folk the BBC is.

      Normal people rejoice in the slotting.  The panty-waists at the BBC get all in a moral tizwoz.

      But I bet they don’t start criticising Obama for sending in the Seals,  rather than sending in some cruise missiles with far more risk of collateral damage.


  7. Umbongo says:

    To be fair, apparently there are 2 million+ Moslems in the UK so having a Moslem cleric on TFTD is as justifiable as having Indarjit Singh or the Chief Rabbi doing their bit for the Almighty.  However, what offends me is the absence of any “muscular” Christians on the TFTD roster.  All we seem to get are soaking wet liberals or John Bell who apparently got lost on his way to Cuba (or was it North Korea) and ended up in Iona propagandising for the Church of Miliband.

    Accordingly, by all means have TFTD – it’s only 5 minutes a day after all and there’s plenty of other rubbish I tend to ignore on Radio 4 – but let’s have a bit of genuine diversity of opinion, particularly among those claiming to speak on behalf of the nation’s established religion.  As it is, the whine of “progressive” axes being ground is deafening.


  8. John Anderson says:


    Yes we are sick of the quasi-Christians the BBC chooses.

    But what I really want to hear is a Muslim speaker who attacks terrorism – using the T-word – as utterly immoral,  the fast road to hell.  With no caveats or moral equivocation,  no sideswipes at the West.

    Or better yet – a Muslim in the God-slot who admits that most of the Islamic world is a bloody mess,  that too much of the culture is based on hatred and aggression,  that terrorism and anti-West/anti-Israel posturing and propaganda is simply a diversion from the internal sickness and backwardness of most Islamic society. 

    Fat chance.   The BBC would be too scared to put any such 5-minute tirade on air.   Even by a Muslim.  Let alone a muscular Sikh/Hindu/Christian.


    • JK says:

      Not only is the BBC too scared, but so would any indivudual. There would by a fatwa issued within minutes.

      Freedom of speech is not exactly encouraged in the wider Muslim world


  9. La Cumparsita says:

    I’m just waiting for the BBC to discover this Methodist minister:


  10. cjhartnett says:

    And I thought they were all on speed dial!
    Having heard Geoffrey Robertson on the Today show , I think that the crafty and cost-efficient BBC simply bought a load of Spitting Image puppets and keep Yarwood,Culshaw in the Green Room until the voices are wanted.
    Today Geoffrey was being,Matthew, Rumpole as done by Roy Jenkins as a charades soiree…brilliant! That we have no proof in picture form of otherwise proves me right eh?
    You`ll not need me to tell you that Geoffrey thought Bin Ladens demise was “an outrage against International Law”…what else would a louche and lugubrious well plumped pinstripe say from his berth at Lincolns Inn after all? By rights, Osama should by now be getting legal aid and be  safe in the cell that was prepared for the Pope before his trial for condoning child abuse opens. This is Geoffreyworld-and is the BBCs too!
    The De Menezes case did show that the full rigour of the law is applied-weren`t the Met convicted by due process of “failing to ensure the health and safety of the plaintiff” after all? Now-couldn`t Bin Laden have been placed where the Met once stood? Hurrah!
    So Geoffreys platitudes and caveats sprayed forth unto the doting gaze of dear Sarah Montague,who shared his pain I`m sure!
     So Geoffrey harrumps as Rumpole would have done, and the poor rickshaw driver that the BBC use now instead of taxis round W1( surely they do -ask Richard Black!) has to shoehorn Geoffrey out of the Green Room sofa and back to chambers to let the claret breathe for lunchies
    Why wasn`t this poltroon invited to “confirmation hearings” for the shoo-in that is the BBC Trust? More plums in the mouth, bigger jowls and a sense of purring entitlement than evenPatten but,presumably ,he widens his pinstripes to a less measurable and targetted degree.
    Get up to Salford before the BBC Geoff-those pies won`t eat themselves you know! Patten won`t be up there much and you can blag the berth!


  11. George R says:

    More INBBC Muslim Mona Siddiqui (this morning), propagandising for the wonders of SHARIA law:

    “Mona Siddiqui
    Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Glasgow”

    “The Origins of Islamic Law”

    M. Bragg

    A truly uncritical account:

    An alternative, non-INBBC account of Sharia law:

    1.)-from ‘Women against Shariah*’, (*not supported by Ms Siddiqui)

    Mission Statement:

    “It is our position that shariah law imposes second class status on women and is incompatible with the standards of liberal Western societies and the basic principles of human rights that include equality under the law and the protection of individual freedoms. The shariah code mandates the complete authority of men over women, including the control of their movement, education, marital options, clothing, bodies, place of residence and all other aspects of their existence. Further, it calls for the beating, punishment, and murder of women who don’t comply with shariah requirements. In our efforts to stem the encroachment of shariah in the West, we are focusing on the following objectives: [continued on homepage of site]”

    Alternative, non-INBBC view of Shariah law:

    See: ‘Jihadwatch’  “Islam 101”, Section 1 d.

    Conclusion of section 1 d:

    “It seems fair then to classify Islam and its Sharia code as a form of totalitarianism.”


  12. Dez says:

    “Nice to see the BBC giving yet another “Thought for the Day” Slot to Abdal Hakim Murad… …Then again, remind me who is head of BBC “Religious Programming”? No Bias here for sure.”


    The BBC list all the contributors to “Thought for the Day” here2003:



    And in the 75 months from 12/02/2003 to 08/05/2009 (before Aaqil Ahmed became head of Religious Programming); Abdal Hakim Murad appeared 45 times.


    In the 23 months since Aaqil Ahmed became head of Religious Programming (15/05/2009 to 04/04/2011); Abdal Hakim Murad has appeared 12 times.


    Or in other words, there has been very little change.


    Such a shame that the facts show up your ignorant bigotry huh David? ;p


    • Grant says:

      Still too many though , Dez  !  We need an analysis of the presenters of Thought for the Day in relation to the incidence of their religion as a whole.
      It may prove us wrong that the BBC is infatuated with and in deference to Islam. But that is just one programme.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      In other words, the BBC has given undue prominence to this person the entire time.  How many other Mohammedans?  According to the list, 6 out of the 83 speakers are Mohammedan, or just over 7 percent.

      Curiously, that’s more than twice the percentage of the UK population who are Mohammedan.  Bias or just accidentally over-represented?


      • Dez says:

        “In other words, the BBC has given undue prominence to this person the entire time.”

        So nothing to do with the current head of “BBC Religious Programming” then?

        Such a shame that Mr Vance doesn’t have the common decency to apologise for making such an unfounded accusation when it’s quite so obviously false.


  13. Grant says:

    Does anyone know if any non-muslims are Head of Religious Affairs of State Broadcasters in muslim countries ?