For a rabidly pro EUSSR BBC, any suggestion that border controls be rigourously reintroduced between member states is deeply disturbing. Give this debate a listen if you haven’t already. I was entertained by Naughtie’s alarm that the de facto assertion of National sovereignty could lead to “a mess” whereas to most sane people, Mark Steyn’s aphorism that “United they fall, Divided they might stand” is the logical stance. Note how the words “right-wing” and “anti-immigrant” are gaily thrown around to ensure the right context is created! I also like the way that it is a Labour MEP that is the BBC’s go to guy for commentary on this topic – the bias is so natural for them that they can never see it.

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5 Responses to SCHENGEN DEAD?

  1. Umbongo says:


    This was basically a debate between two metaphors of parasitism: an Italian politician and a Labour MEP whose career is a prime example of how to gain material success purely at the taxpayers’ expense.  Again, the BBC cleverly avoided the real issue here which is not the weakness of Schengen (which is a symptom not the disease itself) but the European project.  BTW, not only did the BBC go to the Labour parasite to represent its views (which he did exceedingly well), it allowed him to take over the mechanics of the discussion and eliminate the BBC middleman entirely.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    True-and,of course;the Labour MEP was in the studio,whereas Berlusconis boy was on a mobile from Italy…certainly sounded like that!
    Personally I`d make Bush House the new Sangatte, so we could assess the vulnerable,surely some of who might  put Naughtie out of work by being competent and cheap…maybe we could ask Uncle Alex to take him back up north if we agree to shut up about Al Magrahbi in return!


  3. jarwill101 says:

    Ah, Jim Naughtie. Good old Jim ‘let them all come’ – providing they don’t impinge on his lifestyle, & he only has to mix with the ‘nice’ ones. Ah, Jim, lad, a hypocrite of the first order. A bloated state-funded monument to bias, & the triumph of the one-track cultural Marxist mind. As full of ‘nuanced’ opinion as a breeze block. A man who, when reading excerpts from the King James bible, was under the delusion that he was King James himself, & had commissioned the book in a moment of largesse. How long before his worshippers bear him in triumph to the Hay Festival in an industrial strength sedan chair of gilded carbon steel? What more can be said about one of the greatest media onanists of our troubled times?


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So it’s only “right-wing” groups who are concerned about the effects of illegal immigration?  No Mrs. Duffy equivalents in Denmark or anywhere else?  Oh, that’s right:  she’s not bigoted…..