I’m posting this on behalf of “The Aged P”…with thanks to him for nailing this one.

“Probably much consumption of valium at the Beeb this morning as the ONS reported a 36,000 drop in unemployment, the second consecutive quarterly fall. There are now 29.24 million in work against the May 2008 peak of 29.56 million, just before the Blair/Brown regime’s chickens came home to roost (sorry, Mr Balls, before the global banking crisis engineered by those furtive foreigners undermined the Styrofoam foundations of the Brown boom)

Moreover, though earlier today the BBC website told us that youth unemployment was expected to reach one million and had obviously lined up a complete rugby union squad of sorrowful teenagers ready to pin the tail onto the heartless coalition donkey, the latest figures show it flatlining at 935,000.
Imagine the gritting of those BBC molars as they had to include this quote;

“Some observers said the rise in employment was a sign the economic recovery was strengthening. “The strong growth in full-time jobs is especially encouraging, as this is one of the key indicators of a sustainable recovery,” said Ian Brinkley at the Work Foundation.”

That sound? David Dimbleby ripping up predictable Question Time favourite “Tories and their fat cat banking buddies love to grind the unemployed into the dirt” Don’t worry, David, there will be plenty of poverty stricken pizza and beer guzzling students and whingeing public sector workers in the “randomly selected” audience to pour out their sob stories.
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  1. Daniel Clucas says:

    News24 were ladling caveats onto the then expected figures this morning. 1 in 5 youth unemployed, high part time employment etc etc 
    I wonder how much of the 935,000 youth that are out of work were out of work in Labour’s land of milk and honey?


    • Grant says:

      And , of course, the BBC never fail to point out that youth unemployment in socialist Spain is is massively higher than here !


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    Aged P lost his password, has he?


  3. Grant says:

    On the BBC news bulletins I heard today, the newsreaders presented the figures as if there had been a death in the family. Typical socialists, they don’t care how much people suffer in pursuit of their warped “ideology”.


  4. Beeboidal says:

    I wonder how much of the 935,000 youth that are out of work were out of work in Labour’s land of milk and honey?

    Quite a lot of them I would have thought, as youth unemployment reached 952,000 towards the end of psycho’s regime. But I think we’re supposed to forget all about that and concentrate on evil Tories.


  5. London Calling says:

    BBC: “Graduate unemployment is now at its highest level in over a decade”. (No reference to the pointless growth in unneeded graduates with pointless degrees, gap years, and unrealistic job expectations). Meanwhile those graduates trade down and edge other lower qualified kids out of a job.

    Interesting the focus on youth unemployment, when the unemployment at the other end of the age-spectrum was progressively hidden in the Blair and Brown years by shifting them onto disability benefit, despite the number are able-bodied and capable of work

    No doubt “official” unemployment will rise when the undisabled return to their correct benefit status, accompanied by BBC mock-horror headlines blaming de coal-lishion.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    No-the BBC won`t be liking this at all.
    No doubt the creatives upstairs will be able to contrive some kind of narrative to ensure that the Tories stay on the defensive-don`t ask me why they put up with it, but presumably that`s what their role is for now.
    Maybe if they actually had a moral and coherent philosophy to remember,then they`d not fall party to every elephant trap that the innumerate liberal arts placements and gofers in medialand lay for them.
    This ragbag of nicompoops have only one thing going for them-they are not Labour-and that is all they need to be right now. God knows we`re not asking for much any more!


  7. Demon1001 says:

    As they can’t have a go at the “Tories” for increased overall unemployment, last time they had a go at them for increased Youth Unemployment.  As they can’t even do that this time, they had to look for a section of the community, any section of the community, whose unemployment had risen. 

    They found that the number of women unemployed has gone up apparently, so were using that last night as the most significant proof of how bad these figures are.  They should have been playing up the good news – it instills confidence – which would be beneficial. But what’s good for the country is a disaster for the BBC. 


  8. Dez says:

    “Imagine the gritting of those BBC molars as they had to include this quote…”

    “had too” LOL!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yes, “had too”.  They are required to provide balance, no?  We’re told time and time again that they take great pains to be impartial.  So they had to include it to provide balance.


  9. ltwf1964 says:

    what’s up zed?

    on the horrors from last night’s cocaine binge?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      No, Dez is quite right.  They didn’t have to include it at all.  They could have ignored the positive news and concentrated on the bad, and I suspect a severe talking to will be in order for this failure to adhere to usual standards.