Question Time LiveBlog 19th May 2011

Question Time comes tonight, unbelievably, from inside HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs. Built in the 1880s by convict labour (imagine trying that today…can’t do that, it’s me uman rites, innit) – past inmates include escapee Soviet spy George Blake and the only UK Minister to have been confirmed as a Soviet spy John Stonehouse.

On the panel we have Ken Clarke, Jack Straw, token right-winger Melanie Phillips and Universal Shami Chakrabarti. To be fair, Chakrabarti hasn’t been on QT for at least a couple of weeks now so the BBC probably think we’re missing her or something.

It’s fair to assume that the first question will be about rape, so make sure you have the Shrill Feminist Whine setting turned right down on your television set.

The LiveBlog will stay open for the surreal This Week, with Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo.

David Vance, TheEye and David Mosque will be moderating the abuse here from 10:30pm. See you later!

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16 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 19th May 2011

  1. stevefb says:


    That’s quite a line up.

    On balance, I wouldn’t actually mind if the Scrubs decided to keep them 


  2. George R says:

    ‘Daily Express’ article today for ‘QT’ Labour’s recent Home Sec, and mass immigration enabler, Straw to read with guilt:



  3. cjhartnett says:

    Surely there is no finer place for Dimbleby to ask who is a rapist in the audience tonight-as well as what they think about Ken Clarkes views.
    Bound to come up innit?…already written by a researcher-let`s hope that prison education is up to snuff,so the poor and vulnerable student
    can do it justice…sorry to use the word!
    Dimbleby can surely get a show of hands of just how many of the audience would consider themselves to be of the “raping community” once everyone but Mel has spoken their swill


    • Grant says:


      First question :-

      Should someone guilty of a relatively non-violent date
      rape ,where the question of consent is murky, be given the same sentence as a a totally naked Frog who hops out of a bathroom and, allegedly, violently rapes a chambermaid who has never met him before ?

      Panel’s answer ( apart from Mel ) :-

      It depends whether the Frog is Left-wing or Right wing.

      ( Spontaneous audience applause )


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I wonder if Jack Straw will be visiting his coward of a father’s old cell?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    No-but possibly the holding cell where his drug peddling son was confined. Daddy shopped him and made a citizens arrest on him-Pinochet didn`t show up!
    Welcome to our world!


  6. Old Holborn says:

    Could be lively. MUST STAY SOBER


  7. dmaf says:

    It would be more fun to see a proper left wing looney like Galoway on. The others could sit and look statesman like whilst he and  Phillips went at it hammer and tongs.


  8. Future History of Great Britian says:

    Prison works. The longer the stay, the less you get re-offending. Keep them in jail forever, no re-offending.


  9. pounce_uk says:

    I noted something strange tonight when Mel P stated that she would like to see all aid cut the audience went ape shite. Yet not one of my friends (left or right) would have agreed with how the audience reacted. They too want all aid to be cut. So that has me asking is the QT audience hand picked.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      it has to be said that it sounded like a very small element of the audience trying to make a lot of noise and failing miseerably from where I heard it


    • Deborah says:

      The audience is always hand picked.


    • Alan Trinder says:

      The audiences are  indeed hand-picked. To get on question time you must first complete an online application form (see link below)   giving details of your political views from this they compile a short-list who are interviewed over the phone. Only those that pass the interview are selected to be in the  audience . And as everyone knows the BBC is biased so they select an audience that is more like  cross-section of BBC employees than a cross section of the general population.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Who nobbled our Mel?
    Don`t know what they put in her latte,but she was muted. I`d have thought Straw and Shami were made for her to monster, but she seemed out of sorts!
    Not to worry-to hear the howls about “cutting foreign aid” only told me the new corn to step on in liberal land!