Amnesty Again

Remember that meeting hosted by Amnesty? The one entitled Complicity in Oppression, Does the Media Aid Israel?
I mentioned the speakers, ex BBC Tim Llewellyn and the BBC’s resident Israel-bashing buddy, bulgy-eyed Abdul Bari (call me Barry) Atwan, Greg Philo and Victoria Brittain. Here’s Richard Millett’s review of what sounds like quite a night.
They brought up such tired old clichés – as though the audience hadn’t heard them a million times before. “But Hamas was democratically elected” “All political parties are completely and utterly dominated by the you-know-what lobby” etc. etc.
“The BBC waits in fear of phone calls from the Israelis” – I recall that laughable quote from Peter Oborne’s ridiculous television programme about the Jewish lobby.

Poor old ”Barry” Atwan complains that he’s not on the BBC enough. They seem to have dropped him on one occasion in favour of the likes of PM Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. (Jewish Lobby again.) Tim Llewellyn has gone off his rocker. He feels sorry for poor Jeremy Bowen, who’s obviously so constrained by the Zionists at the BBC. He’s not completely mad though. One thing he said sounds rather sane. “………… the BBC didn’t properly address his complaints. He referred to one response from the BBC as a “tendentious piece of garbage”.
The BBC is busy celebrating Amnesty’s 50th anniversary. BBC News 24 just interviewed one of its representatives, Dr. Champa Patel, most ingratiatingly. Apparently Dr. Patel works within the anti-racism and community development sector.
Physician, heal thyself.

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17 Responses to Amnesty Again

  1. pounce_uk says:

    That Patel bloke was interviewed by sky this morning and boy was he put on the spot. One of the questions posed was what did he feel about the backlash against human rights in the UK. His weak answer about islamopobia exposed him as a human rights bigot of the kind who has no problem defending Islamic terrorism.


    • pounce_uk says:

      He was also brought to task for trying to equate Guantanamo with Russian gulags. Again his reply exposed his bigoted pro Islamic terrorist stance.


  2. pounce_uk says:

    Oops Patel is a women, my mistake I presumed the Asian (AI) guy interviewed in convent garden this morning by sky was called Patel.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Patel “works” in the “anti-racism and community development sector”.
    WORKS?…but of course!
    Does anybody in the country work for the “racist” sector then?…except for the anti-white/chav shower of elitists at the Beeb and “broadsheets?
    Community development-so he`s a brickie then?
    Amazing how these pubic lice continue to proliferate whilst waiting for some excuse to “celebrate” their birthdays as if they want us to be grateful.
    We used to care-but since they took Blairs shilling the only people who give a damn anymore are their stakeholder chums on the other side of the Jobs section!
    Dogs licking up each others vomit…and we`ll be cleaning up as ever!


    • Cassandra King says:

      Its a growth industry, there is lots of money to be made and a good living to be had in the racism industry. Race baiters and race hustlers know which side their bread is buttered for sure, if there is no evidence of racism be sure that these crusaders will find some whether it exists or not, these new modern witch finders will dig and dig and dig, their lavish easy existence depends on it and when their jobs and incomes depends on finding racism you can be sure they will find something/anything.

      Thousands and thousands of people are milking the racism cash cow, they have no incentive to declare an end to racism because that would mean an end to their lucrative easy street existence.


  4. George R says:

    This is the Amnesty which INBBC goes along with:

    Amnesty Stands By CagePrisoners


    • hippiepooter says:

      Thanks.  As ever, HP continues to show that Caged Prisoners is Britain’s official Al Qa’eda’s propaganda arm and Amnesty International its willing left-wing accomplice.

      If we had the British Guantanamo we so badly need, it wouldn’t just be everyone involved in Caged Prisoners who would be sent there, but people from Amnesty too.  I think South Georgia would be a good location.


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Amnesty International – what a joke. I used to subscribe. But like Greenpeace, I was suckered into their illusion. One has to  keep tracks on what these organisations are doing and unfortunately, many people see something in the propaganda that touches a chord with them and they are hooked. If one doesn’t pay attention, then these socialist organisations change direction and use the subscriptions for totally other purposes. That’s why I don’t give money by direct debit; it’s too easy to allow the money to flow to these people. Let them work for it; if they’re kosher, then I’ll give. Otherwise, they can whistle.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    The race industry is a very very lucrative industry, it provides tens of thousands of people with jobs, billions of pounds siphoned off and giving an entire class of people a well paid career, people who would be otherwise quite unemployable. There is simply too much money at stake, too many people have found a platform from which they can peddle their own prejudice and get lavishly rewarded for it.

    The new leftist middle class have found to their delight a new modern income source, there is no way on Gods green earth that these people will countenance an end to their industry, they will find racism where none exists, they will find inequality where none exists, they will fight to protect their lucrative industry no matter what.

    If the entire human rights and race industry had its funding stopped tommorow we would not notice its passing, only those legions of parasites would notice, they would have to get real jobs in the real world and that is their real fear.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Excellent post, Cassandra. The Race ‘industry’ defined for what it really is – a monstrous hot air balloon, bulging with the gas of insincerity, laden with cash extorted from the taxpayer, hovering over the socially-engineered chaos below. And in the hangar-like wicker basket, like deranged explorers looking for Xanadu, the pre-programmed  grievance-hunters will begin to see things that don’t exist. Another scam (like the BBC) of breathtaking symmetry. Nu Labour opens the borders, flooding the UK with millions of immigrants, many of them blatantly unsuitable. But that’s a problem for the ‘racist’ indigenous people to deal with. Then, by Race/Equality legislation, cultural Marxist politicians create an atmosphere of grievance, ‘identity politics’ & victimhood – New Harmanland – in which their offspring can find lucrative employment, & give us the benefit of their ‘nuanced’, ‘progressive’ opinions before rushing back to the secure enclaves of entitlement. Really, we should be out in the streets singing & dancing, kissing Trevor Phillips, a Chakrabarti on each arm, laughing like lunatics at the brilliance of this job-creation ponzi scheme our political masters have conjured out of nothing. The trouble is, the scam keeps sticking in the craw.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      It does seem to be getting its message of non-victim-based conciliation and equality out to even the most ignorant and poverty-strapped edges of society, who luckily have discovered a sense of humour…

      Albeit quite quickly, and a tad less than credibly.


  7. jarwill101 says:

    An addendum to my post – check out the week-long campaign by LUSH cosmetics to promote open borders, ‘No one is Illegal’ & ‘world passports’.


  8. jarwill101 says:

    A recipe for genocide, cooked-up in the Student’s Union of Political Correctness, that is 100% fatal. There seems to be no end to it all. One border has already been breached; that between sanity & madness.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Excellent work above, Cassandra and Jarwill

    These children of Benneton imaginings are just empty vessels-hollowed out ,amoral but mere taxis for hire.

    Can fill them with Marxist slops today-but they`re available for Nazi stuff tomorrow as long as its sly and slipped in under “Harmanisation” with the EU ponying up.

    That`s why they`re “useful idiots”-interchangeable tools to create an illusion of “work” as they sleepwalk into a hell they`ll avoid…plenty helicopters for the Saigon simulations for them-and no fears about the carbon footprint either-that was then…and we will be” where and when they say are” when that time comes.

    So as they snooze after too many drugs and casual liaisons last night-they leave us with the likes of B.H to follow for our lead.

    The beautiful people this morning berate Camerons wife for going to Ibiza-but heck, Annie Nightingale knows it well enough so we get to find out! 
    We get a Brighton scientist who plugged his Amnesty meembership-which is why he was on( are Amnesty allowed a helium balloon to take from the BBC…or does Harrabin cry at reception to dissuade them?)…they`re 50 this year…didn`t the BBC tell you?

    He also is open to the idea that Ecstasy may well save marriages-no,don`t ask: but he won a Nobel Prize for something unconnected…still he`s a scientist so bow down you curs!

    We get the Geordie from Big Brother being used to prove that the BBC is an institutionalised Rex Harrison, but will buy their drugs from the likes of the quaint northern chappie anyhoo!

    Some crap on Twitter being legal or not and why the editor of The Lady(BoJos sis-but has a house on Exmoor!) can now enjoy the stars from her patio without the oiks shooting through on their quad bikes.

    Another day in Paradise then…Gods of Science,Sport,Technology, I.T Legalism and Recreational Drug all assuaged…who needs church when the BBC provides its” toke`em poles” every weekend instead!
    Only thing I got from this Brighton Blimp of a show was a clip proving just how low Amnesty has been laid, compared to its noble calling at the start…wondered why the BBC seem so absorbed by this ” birthday”


  10. hippiepooter says:

    All that Amnesty represents today is that the Nazi Left is Britain’s biggest growth industry.  Their dedicated to the extermination of Britain and Jewry with a little help from their Islamist pals – all very similar to Hitler and Islam really.


  11. matthew rowe says:

    I think my dislike of amnesty is their inability to grasp how dangerous their campaigns can be! they endlessly shoot off at the mouth in safe democratic country’s and fool people in other not good countries to “stand up we will back you ”
    but leave out the last bit about
    “well really we will just go on radio 4 and bleat about the terrible thing that happened to you ” !


  12. cjhartnett says:

    I`m thinking of “doing a Craig” here and coming up with a quantitative survey of BBC output-albeit randomly( Iam not prepared to listen to all that`s piped out…sadly, I can predict most positions in adavnece-as we all can!).
    My current bugbears are 
    1. Start the Week had some Shetti bloke on…he is head of…well wouldn`t you know it.. Amnesty International…and they are…now how old I wonder?…remind me again!
    And Andrew did..membership drive unabated,with others round the table card carriers as well in case, we did`t know what worried the elite! 
    Death penalty of course…womens rights to abortion…environmental, anti-Israel perhaps?
    Does the BBC have a system for this mass marketing of their pet causes? How do all the chuggers get to flash mob the airwaves as if it`s mere coincidence?
    2. Last Word is another soft bed for the Guardianistas…some old Commie harpie gets lots of warm words in the recent show. Her agreement to the murder of 28 blokes in a village was controversial of course, but -on balance- was OK because there were indeed some rapist(s) in amongst them. That she was Indian and private school educated makes her another refugee from the bourgeoisie…so another secular saint. Southall need any pavement art then?…it will be getting some soon!
    3. Why does the BBC allow ex Marxists(in fact,still are-badge of honour to them!) to spout on with puppies of interviewers(John Berger/Kirsty Wark..Newsnight 27.5.11) but the likes of David Irving are not seen as grand old men and iconoclasts(by way of balance).

    All three points are the same-sly,partial dishonest,inconsistent massage of the body politic by guilty prep school ciphers of the One World Project via the likes of Gore, E.U/U.N…oh,add FIFA to it too!
    Luckily they`re rats in separate sacks, but still we need to be worried!