The Archbishop Of Canterbury, Polly Toynbee with A Beard

Wow, the Archbishop of Canterbury keeps his beard but discards his sandals for Doc Martens and gives Cameron a good kicking.

Naturally the BBC has an orgasm.

The tone and strength of language used in Dr Williams’ attack on the coalition has taken ministers by surprise.
Accusing the government of being committed to “radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted” is an overtly political statement and one Downing Street has quickly rebuffed.
But they can’t ignore the broad sweep of criticism or questioning of their mandate to govern.

Thus warbled Jo Coburn alleged to be BBC Political Correspondent.

Well, Jo, one effective strategy might well be to ignore it. After all Williams has form on this and his attachment to the Guardian/BBC zeitgeist is as established a fact as Polly Toynbee’s property portfolio in Tuscany. Nobody outside the NW1/Oxbridge media/academic elite gives a fig for what he thinks. He is head of a religious structure that is as empty a husk as the official cult of Rome in the early years of the first millennium. If you want fervour and commitment you go to the evangelicals or other faiths. Williams and his ilk have done more to secularise our culture than any humanist league of bores – so why give him any more oxygen?

The other option, however, is to rip into him tooth and claw, ignoring any screeches from the great and the good. Like Prince Charles Williams believes he has a pass to step up and pontificate from a richly endowed soapbox and hector and lecture us without fear of response except from elements of the tabloid press. Maybe it’s time those soapboxes were kicked away from under their feet.

Tim Montgomerie has already entered the fray with a blistering exposure of the Archbishop’s hypocrisy over social issues. What irritates me is the prelate’s claim that he articulates the concerns of Mr & Mrs Public.

At the very least, there is an understandable anxiety about what democracy means in such a context,” he said.
In a wide-ranging attack, he accused the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition of creating “anxiety and anger” in the country by introducing reforms without sufficient debate.
“Government badly needs to hear just how much plain fear there is around questions such as these at present,” he said.

What he means, of course, is the “anxiety and anger and fear” being expressed by the cartels and special interest groups that feed at the trough currently overflowing with taxpayer’s money, particularly in the field of education, the law, health and social services.

If he really wished to articulate the fears of the silent majority in this country, the people who try to obey the law, pay their own way without incurring massive debt and accept the fact that they have responsibilities as well as rights he would be following a different path by

Asking why it is that so much of our daily life is now decided by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats from Brussels

Voicing the concerns of the poorest elements in our society worried by the apparent inability of successive governments to confront the issue of unrestricted immigration.

Questioning the wisdom of allowing those guilty of violence, murder and intimidation back onto the streets within a few years of their crime.

Demanding how it is that the “rights” of criminals and terrorists are of a higher order than the public’s right to go about its legal business without interference or assault.

Condemning those who use taxpayer’s money without regard to transparency, fiscal rectitude and effective and meaningful outcomes.

But then he wouldn’t get the great and good seal of approval from James Naughtie, Simon Jenkins and Polly Toynbee and that would never do

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28 Responses to The Archbishop Of Canterbury, Polly Toynbee with A Beard

  1. Cassandra King says:

    Brilliant post!

    One of the best I have read for a long time.


    • Grant says:

      Yes, great post, certainly. Williams is just part of the spoilt, wealthy, elite and should be treated with the contempt we reserve for the rest of them.
      David Riddick’s last points are spot on. If the lying hypocrite Williams gave a damn about humanity, he would be addressing these issues. That he doesn’t proves he is an irrelevant fake and a fraud.


  2. ltwf1964 says:

    I second that!


    I always though Polly Tuscaneeee Toynbee had a bit of a beard   😉


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The ArchBeard made an error of judgment here.  The fact that he did this in the New Statesman forces even the BBC to point out it’s Left-wing and put a big qualifier on his remarks.  Secondly, it gave them an opportunity to have a talking head on the News Channel comparing Britain to Iran.  If I understood correctly, the CofE has a privelege to put someone in the House of Lords, meaning that – according to this talking head, whose name I forget now – only Britain and Iran have a situation where religion is involved in state politics.

    Dr. Williams should have made his statement in the Guardian instead.  The Beeboids would never call that paper “Left-wing”, at least not openly in broad daylight.


    • George R says:

      Yes; and the ‘New Statesman’ has a strong pro-Islamic political orientation which suits INBBC and Williams just fine, given their joint predilection for the Islamisation of Britain.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Oh Lord!
    Not content with the secular saints that have gone to the great Guardian archive in the sky-from JFK through to Brian Hanrahan ,via Freddie, Lennon, Bob and Joe-Williams is creating a load of living saints like St Polly of Tuscany and all his fellow  worthies of  daily BBC hagiographies. Jenkins, Hari, Penney,Ashdown-utterly repulsive and Rowan has made a grievous error with this!


  5. TheGeneral says:

    If a weird looking, ‘vagrant’ type , with unkempt grey hair and a wispy grey beard sitting in your local pub, started spouting left wing garbage concerning the governance of the country, people would probably shout at him to ‘shut the f**k up’.
    Put the same weirdo in a purple cassock and it makes headline news.

    Quote Canterbury :- ” Nobody abuses the benefits system.”


  6. Grant says:

    Suddenly, the BBC discovers Christianity !
    Williams claims the electorate didn’t vote for these policies.
    If Cameron had any balls, which he doesn’t, he would point out to Williams that nobody voted for him at all, if he wants to stick his nose into politics he should stand for election, if he doesn’t he should spend his time tending his flock and otherwise  keep his stupid mouth shut.
    The idiot has just alienated many Christians who would disagree with his political views.
    Moron !


    • cjhartnett says:

      Having had my fill of the chattering classes, I made the right decision in going over to Jeff Randall this evening.
      He demolished one of Rowans little helpers-the one over at St Pauls, and the schmuck had no reply whatsoever to Jeffs scriptural quotes. 
      That he knew absolutely nothing about economics was just a given.
      With friends like this, Rowan won`t be around for too much longer.
      Be good to get a Christian for the post this time-will Theresa May allow for that?


  7. dave s says:

    The man is a disaster for the Anglican Church not just here but world wide. The sooner we have an African head of the Anglican Church the better.
    Nothing would become him so well as his resignation.


    • Grant says:

      dave s,
      Although not religious myself, I can’t have any respect for a Church which has this wretched man at its head.
      You are right about Africans. They take their Christian religion seriously and in the traditional way. Causes all sorts of problems for Beeboids and fellow Lefties !!!!!


      • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

        John Sentamu. He’s the shit. Current Archbishop of York. We’d give him up to be Archbishop of Canterbury, and be rid of this neckbearded twat.


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Believe there`s a nice Souther Cross home that might take the old fool.
    Really is time to get rid of him. Medhi Hasan has a couple of days free publicity, but that rag won`t stand long, despite Rowans editing.
    In his case I hope Harriet Harman does him for wearing a cross to work-he`s not fit to wear one! Pillock.


  9. robert kenyon says:

    I should imagine Mr Cameron is taking great cheer from Mr Williams’ comments, after all, everone of good sense knows that if he raises a voice of anger agains you, you must be doing something right.


  10. jarwill101 says:

    A superb post. If the deranged immigration policy of the UK continues, our children will very soon be on their knees. No doubt this is where the Archappeaser of the Crescent Moon wants them.


  11. jarwill101 says:

    Rowan Williams should have married Prince Charles, another one of Allah’s visually-challenged little helpers – a marriage made in Lambeth’s heaven.


  12. Deborah says:

    I think Williams will have alienated far more people than will have been brought into the fold by his ill-considered musings.  Nobody has voted for him and of course much of the population is non-Anglican (where is the Religion of Peace when you want it?  Has nobody told Williams that Religion and Politics don’t mix?

    And to keep it on topic – you could trust the BBC to put any criticism of the  Government high on the running order (although I was surprised that they showed Vince at 6pm reminding people that more people had voted Conservative and SDP than had voted Labour).


    • Grant says:

      It surprised me too, but it does present St. Vince as a spokesman and leader. In the BBC’s eyes the Prime Minister- in-waiting ?


  13. Frederick Bloggs says:

    You said ..
    “He is head of a religious structure that is as empty a husk as the official cult of Rome in the early years of the first millennium”
    I am not sure what this means. It sounds like a swipe at catholicism but I could be mistaken.


    • Frederick Bloggs says:

      Actually on re-reading it sounds like a comparison of the C of E with the pagan multideistic gods of Rome before christianity came on the scene. However their real religion was the panem et circences. Now we have the dole and the x-factor. Not much has changed really.


  14. Paddy says:


    Point of order!

    Firsty the catholic church is still growing (maybe not here in the land of catholic light) but describing it a husk is unjust/wishful thinking.

    Secondly if you bothered to check, our boy came out in favour of Call Me Dave.

    Not all Christians are bearded/Druid/tramps. Some are normal, have a sense of humour, eat/drink/masterbate/fart/curse and throw things at the telly.

    Williams is a freak. His type make agnostics/humanists/diabolists (delete where appropriate)like yourself think all Christians are deluded hippies, Well we’re not. So there

    (to quote life of Brian ‘don’t you oppress me’)


  15. Paddy says:

    Have just re-read the above. If I have been an oversensitive pape I apologise however if there was a sly dig at us RCs then bollocks to ye.

    ( nothing like well honed intellectual argument but it’s late and i’m tired and Rowan Williams boils my piss)


    • Grant says:

      I don’t actually remember David Riddick ever responding to posts on this blog, but maybe he will explain exactly what he meant. I am not sure either.


      • Frederick Bloggs says:

        As I said above, I think what DR said was actually inoffensive (unless you are pantheistic pagan fan of Nero and Caligula) but it does not help to use phrases like “official cult of Rome” without being more specific. I can only assume that he has been reading his Gibbon and got carried away.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      By “official cult of Rome in the early years of the first millennium” I took David to be referring to the early Christians who were (eventually) tolerated by the Romans because they thought they could use them.  I don’t think it was a dig at the current Roman Catholic church.


  16. George R says:

    “Labour coup: secret letters reveal how Ed Balls plotted to overthrow Tony Blair”

    This ‘news’ will make BBC-NUJ-Labour even more anti-Tory, pro-Labour.

    Marr will be trying to plot a political rescue for his Labour Party at this moment.

    How will Ms Flanders report on her ‘friend’ Balls’ economics now?

    There are lots more links on this Labour backbiting, at ‘Telegraph’, e.g. here: