Since Britain joined the EU, a deluge of laws have been enacted that have curtailed our freedoms and have ceded power to the faceless, unelected and unaccountable European Commission. The BBC website charts on a daily basis their encroachment into our lives, but there is never a questioning of our slow, agonised, descent into rule by tryranny. Here, there’s a story about a nasty little exercise – triggered by EU recycling laws – by money-to-burn researchers at Newcastle University encouraging students to snitch on their fellows who don’t contemplate every tin can before ditching it. Here, there’s coverage of a disaster entirely triggered by EU greenie laws which have encouraged a switch to biofuels. Surprise, surprise, hedge funds – as often as not advised now by greenie fanatics like KPMG – have dived in and are pushing poor African farmers off their land. The reality is that they have simply pursued – like rats up a drainpipe – the “opportunities” that EU biofuels policies have created. And here, Richard Black is in full gloating flow about how our masters in Brussels are opening their greedy maws to fine us millions of pounds for not reducing trace elements of “pollutants” enough, in line with their ludicrous green targets. As usual, Mr Black accepts hook, line and sinker all the propaganda about the alleged hazard, exactly conforming to EU groupthink.

None of these laws have been passed with the approval of the British people, and all of them are inspired by lunatic idealism on behalf of the socialist-Marxists who dominate EU decision-making. The BBC supinely reports their actions, but never, ever joins up the dots to show how we are becoming vassals of a vast superstate subjected to pointless, costly, unwanted laws.

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  1. Natsman says:

    The Fourth Reich phalanx marches on. They couldn’t achieve it by force, but they will by stealth and deceit. And as usual, the UK won’t be ready. there’ll be more waving of flimsy bits of paper at airports by unsuspecting, and thoroughy duped PMs…

    …the only significant difference being the declaration that there will be “Fleece in our time”.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Brilliant and comprehensive in the true sense of the word!
    You`ve got the ENVIRONMENTAL correspondents job any time you want it…bloody disgrace that you`re not strangling these econazis ideas at source.


  3. Grant says:

    “From our own correspondent” this week had a piece from a Beeboidess living in South Korea where, it appears, they have neighbourhood “recycling police” to ensure everyone toes the line.
    Beeboidess reported this without any demur.
    Apparently, supermarket shoppers remove the containers of cereal packets which they have just bought and recycle them at the supermarket before taking their shopping home.
    You heard it here first, coming to a neighbourhood near you and soon !!!!


  4. Backwoodsman says:

    If we are stuck in the eu and unable to go down the same trade agreement route as Norway, then its the number and attitude of the civil servants that cause the problem.
    Untill they follow the French example and do what is right for the French, rather than blindly obey what comes out of Brussels, the UK will inevitably be worse affected by eu lunacy than other countries.


  5. Kendall Massey says:

    Diane Dodds (member of the so called ‘European parliament’) put up a stern defence for Britain when we were under attack from the German the other day.


  6. Scrappydoo says:

    Its all for our own good the EU and the bbc know best.


  7. jarwill101 says:

    On the occasions that I’ve met an asylum seeker, I always tell them politely that they have come to the right place. The UK is an asylum – a lunatic asylum. Few nations’ politicians can have, with such alacrity, & consistency, implemented so many policies guaranteed to obliterate the country they purport to govern, & serve. What contempt, hatred even, they must have for the electorate, particularly those who will not go gently into that goodnight that they have arranged for us.
    In Britain, you can guarantee that any serious issue will be surrounded by a densely-spun cloud of deceit & massaged statistics; or a thunderous silence. Be it the monstrous expansion of the EU, the true costs of multiculturalism which actually undermine law-abiding immigrants (staggering crime levels, huge benefit dependency, Islamic extremism), the appalling education system, or the annihilation of our history & culture, which leaves many of us feeling like strangers in a strange land, who, as in a dream, recognise fleeting wisps of familiarity before they blow away for ever.
    Such a massive transformation, such a cultural Marxist farrago, requires a relentless propagandist to defend the indefensible. To paint it in rainbow colours. And who better than the BBC? Up it pops, with all the impartiality of an air bag, to obliterate any serious discussion of the crucial issues, to push a ‘narrative’ it should never have, to denigrate any opposition to what, I’m sorry to say, is very nearly a done deal – the disappearance of the UK, by the sleight of many treasonous, corrupt hands. The BBC doesn’t reflect society; it is far too busy shaping it.
    I’m sure a future historian, should he/she be at liberty to think independently, will give the the BBC the credit it so richly deserves for its role in Britain’s demise, & admire the symmetry of the scam that saw a destructive leech feed so greedily from its poisoned, virtually comatose host.


  8. jazznick says:

    Well said Jarwill101.

    We see now that Hillary Clinton is going for Head of the World Bank where she can decide the fate of nations without any of the tedious ‘democracy thing’ getting in the way. The UN’s aim is for global governance and it looks like, through the WB, this aim is panning out.

    Clearly a plan modelled on the EU where the experiment in mass population manipulation and extortion by an unelected elite is going rather well aided by the leftie/greenie propaganda spouted by the BBC. The true agony is that we all have to pay for the right to be browbeaten by this politically biased regime.


    • jarwill101 says:

      I wonder if we’ll ever have a ‘European Spring’, Jazznick? I can’t imagine who’ll be flying the Apache helicopters over the Westminster compound! Maybe the Aussies?


      • jazznick says:


        The Aussies ? Doubt it, they won’t be able to afford the fuel either !


  9. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC is expert at recycling. They use and reuse, cobble together and deconstruct old reports and stories to make new reports and stories. This is the ultimate in sustainable recycling.

    As the BBC builds its narrative about CAGW it shows us certain ‘evidence’ in the form of higher commodity prices while not explaining that the biofuel madness has in fact been a driving force in rising commodities prices. While studiously forgetting to mention biofuels, the also take great pains to forget the role of trade protectionism by the USA and Euroslimeland.

    Food prodution we are informed is suffering from under supply and over demand and here again we are not given the actual facts and figures of production and predicted end yields of staple crops, one can only wonder why NO actual figures are included, perhaps the BBC want to make their reports understandable by cretins and coma patients?

    Now perfectly aligned and synchronised with the almost complete lack of actual data comes the obvious BBC substitute, oh yeah comrades here it comes…can you feel it coming? After the surgical removal of any piece of actual verifiable facts and figures the BBC inserts the the industrial quantities of CAGW cult lies. The BBCs entire report is structured to give the false impression that weather disasters in the form of floods and droughts and tornadoes and huricanes are responsible for the supposed shortfalls in agricultural production levels.

    This is where the BBC does its best to recycle old stories into new ones ten year old reports predicting falling food production turned out to be utterly wrong but rather than throw out these old stories the BBC just chops em up a bit and re issues them. The BBC has been peddalling this kind of scare story for years now, since Katrina and before they have issued false warnings of falling food production and each time food production soars and even with the massive blunder of biofuels acting as a dragging anchor we see production levels food production set to rise. Isolated and completely normal weather events have always been a factor in food production and the BBC knows for a fact that severe weather events are not on the increase, they know this and cannot claim but they sure as hell can strive to give the false impression they are.

    If biofuels were banned tomorrow there would be a staples glut, too much potential food production is going into biofuels with its massive subsidies regime that we all pay for. It would be fair to say tha the BBC has surgically removed any real evidence and replaced with a tissue of concocted bullsh*t meant to pimp a false narrative. The BBC are experts at recycling, they recycle their lies with utter dogged determination.


    • jarwill101 says:

      Excellent post, Cassandra, sums up the British Broadcasting Fabrication. Your post should be handed out in the schools to counteract the non-stop propaganda children are recieving from so many of their unquestioning teachers. I only hope there are some who teach ‘diversity’ of opinion.


      • Grant says:

        jarwill 101,
        Last sunday I had lunch with my cousin and her 2 daughters aged 18 and 15, although seem much younger, or am I getting older.
        I espoused many of the themes making up this website. The two of them didn’t make much comment but looked at me as if I am insane ( ! ).
        To her credit, my formerly Leftie cousin ( and erstwhile SNP supporter, God forbid ) was generally agreeing with me to the obvious horror of the “kids”. By the way, she is a secondary schoolteacher and fed up to the back teeth !


    • john says:


      “…………..concocted bullsh*t ”
      I think it’s now known as :
      “…………..concocted male cow excretion ”

      Well, at the BBC anyhow, and they should know !


  10. George R says:


    Turkey is to go even more Islamic after this Sunday’s election.

    “U.S. Government cheers as Turkey goes Islamist and Anti-American”

    (Barry Rubin)

    INBBC has report on Turkey’s election, but does not relate it to Turkey’s E.U. membership application, which INBBC and Patten support, Islamizing intentions included.