The BBC Hits Obama Hard – Only Joking….

Remember how the BBC regularly hit us hard every day with stories about the arrogance and inefficiency of the Bush presidency? So hard, in fact, that you would have thought we had become the 51st (or, according to Obama, the 58th) state of the union. Also how any mistake made by an officer of the administration was the President’s responsibility?

How times change.

Not much from the Beeb about the Gunrunner scandal involving the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) allowing Mexican drug cartel operatives to buy firearms from US gunshops, ostensibly to track smuggling routes.

Some terribly nasty people say that DoJ Eric Holder, who supervises the ATF was really looking for some juicy soundbites to boost the Obama administration ambition of imposing stricter gun controls in the US.

Dear me – how unchivalrous.

Naturally Holder and Obama knew nothing about Gunrunner – just as, apparently, the BBC knows nothing about Holder and the Black Panthers voter intimidation incident in the 2008 election.

Then there are those Congressional concerns about the legality of America’s involvement in Libya’s civil war. Not much at all apart from this classic from the highly professional and even handed Mark Mardell, highlighted by David Preiser recently at bBBC.

However the US media has been fairly slow to unleash much shoe-leather on both these stories, until recently – and it has been said that the BBC takes all its US cues from the New York Times and Washington Post.

So, whatever the reason we all know that it can’t be because the Beeb is still in the tank for Obama……that can’t possibly be the case…can it?

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15 Responses to The BBC Hits Obama Hard – Only Joking….

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    100% correct about Operation Gunrunner, David.  This whole thing stinks to high heaven of the ATF colluding with the Obamessiah Administration to manufacture “proof” that all Mexican drug violence is due to lax US gun laws.  It’s bad news.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    Blame and responsibility.

    The BBC has a strict policy of protecting its political allies and persecuing its political enemies. All the evidence points to a policy of protecting the left and persecuting the right. A concrete BBC unwritten strategy.

    BBC political allies are never to be held accountable for their mistakes and errors and when this is not possible then blame must be transfered anywhere else.

    BBC political enemies are always to be held accountable for every mistake and error and if none can be found they will be invented. The right must be held to blame for everything all the time under all circumstances.

    Right wing conserative republican? These governments always have their political affiliation clearly marked out for the viewer/listener, where blame can be layed against a BBC enemy the political affiliation will be always clearly marked for the viewer/listener to see.

    Left wing socialist progressive? These governments are never to be linked with failure and error, wherever possible the political affiliation will be removed, the viewer/listener must not associate failure with leftist socialism.

    A clear editorial policy of protection and persecution, this is the left in action. The BBC have been allowed to set up a billion pound a year leftist propaganda machine using the cover of a news organisation, the evidence is clear to see, just look how many times the BBC removes the word socialist from its coverage of Greece. You would think that the Greek regime was non political, you would think that the Greek SOCIALIST regime never made any mistakes or blunders, its all hidden by the BBC with a fanatical determination to protect world socialism.


  3. Grant says:

    Where is Monica Lewinsky when we need her ?


  4. Chuffer says:

    Here’s a mystery: 20 years of falling crime in the USA, and only one President is given crefit for it. Can you guess which president that is?


  5. Henry says:

    I’m not sure I agree that “The BBC has a strict policy of protecting its political allies and persecuing its political enemies”. Like anyone else they don’t think they are evil – they think thy are right – about everything!

    That’s they way to understand them. By jounalistic standards in this country they are almost civilised.

    They do, however, seem (from the outside) to contain a group of journalists and managers who are absurdly simplistic about world affairs, and who dictate the message we’re all getting. Not all of them, but at least a powerful clique.

    It’s the fact that those who provide the news to us are so dim that worries me as much as anything.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Didn`t bother with the Kennedys on the telly the other night-I know what it will say.
    And it`ll be the same with their chosen heir to JFK…
    Basically all the liberal media want is to be comforted that a change is gonna come, but that it`s off in the distance. They really want to leave the cruise liner, but it might capsize and fall on a passing polar bear…so let the virtuous trusties  grow old and safely go back  to harbour but with lots of firework celebrations that send signals to cheer the rest of us in the interim. The famous Kennedy Flare!

    Yet we`re a bit thick-Greece/Spain…bad karma maan! The Euro…those who begged to shove us into it?…abandon ship! No Liberals, Mandy, Tony or Kens or Hezzas to be found…bloody Greeks…what would THEY know about democracy anyway?
    So Aaronovich, Maguire get no labels when introduced…unlike Hannen or Farage who get the standard media Toxic Hazard label everytime they can scrounge a mobile to speak into.
    Did like the fact that Burmas Aung San Siu Chi(my Burmese isn`t so hot!) got her news and encouragement from the Hairy Cornflake and not Sarah Montagues washing line of a programme!
    I for one will be seeking DLT out from 6-9am from now on. Her revolution seemed to need real information to work-as opposed to the cartoon Yellow Submarine of the Toady Show


  7. flexdream says:

    On the front page of the BBC website ..

    “US crime figures: Why the drop? ..
    No-one agrees on the reasons for this. Here are 10 possible theories.
    1. The Obama effect …”

    So, no-one knows but lets put Obama top of the list of possible causes.

    Still waiting hear for a bad news story from the BBC about Obama, or to stop raising G W Bush in a derogatory fashion every so often.


    • Henry says:

      hehee 🙂

      Also number 8 is ‘The baby boomers grew up’ ie: ‘the proportion of people at “criminal age” decreased’

      I haven’t seen the stats but that almost sounds like you could change the analysis – I guess you can age-standardize with crime figures? – and get slightly different results.

      Another point made is that the Obama effect won’t really figure in Phoenix, where there are fewer black people and where the drop in crime was very noticable

      In other words, overall figures hide large variations and many possible interepretations – or more specific analyses, that would paint a different picture. Gotta love stats.

      Still it’s not the worst thing the BBC have done – the article admits it’s own shortcomings


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I absolutely love how is it’s okay to say that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crime  – when it can be used to praise The Obamessiah.  Simply awesome how reality comes out sometimes.


      • Grant says:

        I love the idea of criminals thinking Oh, now Obama is President I am going to give up crime “.


  8. George R says:

    A non-BBC-Democrat video:

    Glenn Beck TV show (21 June, 42 mins) on: inter alia –

    Obama, energy policies, greenies, small businesses, etc.