Andy Coulson may have authorised payments to police officers or the hacking of phones but he has not been charged or convicted yet….except in the BBC’s kangaroo court where verdict and sentence have already been pronounced and Cameron castigated for bad judgement by the BBC.

The same BBC that, as has been noted before, has quite happily employed Alistair Campbell.
The same BBC that we can see now trying to re-establish Labour’s jacqui Smith in the public’s consciousness as an uporight and respectable person.
The same Jacqui Smith that defrauded the public taxpayer of £116,000. Whilst many of her fellow MPs are now residing in jail she roams free in the corridors of the BBC….once again receiving fat cheques paid for by public generosity.
 She was given a platform to talk about pornography, she has been a regular on the sofa with Michael Portillo on the political programme ‘This Week’ and today appears on ‘Saturday Live’ to talk about her inheritance tracks.
 Hopefully no one will inherit her house (which ever one she decides is her main residence) as it must surely belong to the state now.

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  1. George R says:

    This Smith?:

    “Jacqui Smith humiliated as Geert Wilders UK ban overturned ”


  2. Martin says:

    The BBC quite enjoy employing ex lefty crims and wrong doers, they probably feel at home at the BBC.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Pol Pot had his year zero and the BBC has its year zero, all leftists/socialists are automatically absolved of all their past crimes however bad. It is a standard BBC tactic, a tactic that does not and never will apply to any hated political enemy. The BBC has a very long memory and at the same time it has a bad case of selective altzheimers whn it comes to their political friends.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Concur completely Cassandra!
      I`m listening to some programme about the collapse of the immigration checks at our borders on Radio4…and that phrase “Year Zero” came straight to mind.
      It`s as if none of the Labour trusties or media  ciphers had already had thirteen years and more to have done something to put it right! Utterly astonishing that the BBC think we`re that stupid to absolve the last lot of the shambles of immigration, economics, welfare,education and IT.
      And they`re getting more bold by the day with this Murdoch stuff-Campbell,Prescott, Vaz, Smith, Blears etc are all being wheeled out and given cheques from our license fees to describe how the current lot are ruining their inheritance. No quibbles from the Beeboids who paint the backdrop for the rerun of the Labor Project… as if we`ll think that OK!
      I hate the BBC and the MSM…shameless and cynical…and oh so self-righteous!