It seems no one has told the BBC that Tessa Jowell is no longer in Government. The shadow Olympics minister is the go-to gal for the BBC when it comes to 2012 and true to form she was afforded the prime time slot on Today this morning – with no one from the Government on! It looks like the BBC want to ensure that Labour bask in any glory of the Olympics and their flame for the dreadful Howell burns bright.

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  1. Martin says:

    She was on Newsnight last night as well, funny the BBC seem to have ‘forgotten’ about her dodgy husband and some second mortage forms.

    Always impressed with the BBC that when Liebore politicians come on the BBC forget their dodgy past but remember them for Tories.

     What’s the biggest Olympic story today do you think for the BBC? Well drugs of course, the BBC (Dame Nicky) pushing the line that it’s not fair that athletes (and presumably beeboids) who get caught using Cocaine should be banned for life.

    Totally missing the point Cocaine is illegal, damages the body and athletes are role models for kids.


    • matthew rowe says:

      What the f%^& are they on about ? there may be something to look at when it comes to the aplication of bans for  everyday sustances that have no effect or a provable effect !but “Cocaine”??
      What jerk thought up this strawman cobblers just to get a rise out of the public !


    • jarwill101 says:

      The Beeboid synchronised bias team might as well pull out of the games now. The bird of paradise has flown up too many noses.


  2. JohnW says:

    Given how utterly wet Cameron’s policies are, anyone could be forgiven for thinking Liebour was still in power.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Yes-maybe the BBC could come up with an explanation of just how Jowell gets to be taken off her hubbys shelf and dusted down for our delectation.
    Is there no-one with any actual responsibility for the fiasco willing to talk the bollocks that the “Twenty Twelve” comedy shows us so well?
    This woman and her Berlusconi accountant husband( no wonder the Italian economy is even worse than ever!) personify all that stinks about current “Team GB”…or “UKPLC” as she calls it!
    Still-four times over budget, traffic chaos, drugs on tap and a shopping centre…maybe we NEED that big mosque down there after all!
    No matter if we voted out that last shower of shit-we didn`t stick a stake through the collective heart, so that means that we wanted them as Beeboid zombies until we saw sense once again!


  4. fred bloggs says:

    Because of the hacking scandal a list of those attending Murdocks big Chipping Norton bash were listed.  Amonst many Labour politicians was Tessa and her supposed ‘estranged’ husband Keith.  she tries to give the pesona of a retired hockey mistress, but she is as duplicitous as the rest of the Labour scum.


  5. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Did they raise the subject of Tessa’s step-daughter working for News International? Did Tessa know anything about phone-hacking, etc., etc., ad nauseam?


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Cheek by Jowell indeed!…it`s as if the NoTW didn`t go away isn`t it?
    Still I reckon her husband-or meal ticket as I think he prefers to be called-is a shoe-in for the 100 metre dash to the ferry at the drop of a mortgage application! We might win that one!

    At least Silvio was hospitable to our crawlers of politicians-and gives good entertainment to us all.
    Tessa Jowell, Harriet, Patricia, Magarets…urgh!
    Funny how the feisty sisterhood go all girlie and blonde when it comes to their rackety finances isn`t it? Tessa left it to a stupid man…but of course, dear!


  7. john says:

    I think we might find the hacking story moving to the back burner now that Piers Morgan and the Daily Mirror are implicated.


  8. Tony_E says:

    I hope they continue to focus on Jowell, Livingstone and Coe when the whole thing turns into a millstone around the necks of the taxpaying Londoner.


  9. George R says:

    Yes, an easy one for BBC-NUJ-Labour:

    if 2012 Games are deemed a success, Labour takes the credit;

    if 2012 Games are deemed a failure, Tories take the blame.


    • Buggy says:

      They were already trying to pin the blame for the Olympic budget exceeding the original estimates* on the blue half of the sketch this morning.

      I’d forgotten that London only won right to stage the Olympics in May 2010.

      (*: Those would be the estimates which quite forgot to factor in VAT, amongst other bits of wishful thinking).


  10. Will says:

    I have not listened to tessa’s interview but did have the misfortune to hear one with Seb Coe on the BBC World Service at 8:15 this morning.The interviewing beeboid was Lawrence Pollard he alternated between ridiculous hectoring & interruptions & fake deference (“if you will allow me” etc).
    He complained that the locals were not getting any benefit from the Olympics. Pollard ignores Coe’s statistics on local’s participation in the organising committee, employment & 8000 houses. Instead Pollard snaps “what about jobs?” Coe pointed out the example of 5000 jobs in a new mall. Not everyone wants a job in retail says Pollard, what about proper jobs. Coe has to repeat a fact he had made earlier that 2500 (20%) of jobs on the site had gone to locals. What about long term jobs snipes Pollard. Coe points out that 5 years employment is not bad in the construction sector.

    Pollard then switches to complaining that the facilities are too big for future community use, what is wanted are small facilities (HTF can the Olympics be staged in tiny facilities?)


  11. cjhartnett says:

    The Olympics-another baked turd in the jacuzzi from our Labour chums!
    Hope their grandiose posturing comes back to bite them-at least none of the silverbacks that schooozed round Singapore (as the 7/7 bombers did a little chemistry of their own) will be able to swap jockstraps with the Olympic family.
    We shall be unworthy to sniff their exhausts as they get the Zil lanes all to themselves!
    Hopefully it will be great comedy…that`s the best I can hope for!
    We get the worlds druggies all together for three weeks-as if we don`t have enough of our own!
    Is this the first pre-anniversary that the BBC sees as a news story then?


  12. Scoobywho says:

    I’m still concerned they are letting women at the BBC discuss politics at all.

    Soft furnishings yes, politics, god no.


  13. LJ says:

    They keep resurecting the dreadful Kinnock, and if they can make him look good then everyone else looks wonderful!


  14. ian says:

    The Olympics might go off with a bang. If so the BBC will blame islamaphobic coalition ministers.


  15. jack.savage1950 says:

    I have tried to ignore the Olympics…..but they will not go away.

    Ditto Kinnocks, Jowell etc.

    The Co-alition would do well to just not make anyone available for comment when the Beeb asks.
    The more the nation gets to hear from Ed (adenoids) Mil, Ed Balls, Jacqui (!) etc the less electable Labour becomes. Keeps the memory fresh.

    Not that the Co-alition are much better…if at all.


  16. John Horne Tooke says:

    This is the Sports Minister

    Has anyone heard of him?


    • Buggy says:

      I’ve heard of him, John, as he happens to be my MP.

      And I’m bloody glad we’ve somebody as good as him to vote for.

      Hope that helps. 🙂


  17. Boorach says:

    Yes, but it’s cleaned up a filthy part of E London, removing arsenic, tar and petrol contamination…what they failed to mention was the transport of this toxic filth to landfill in Scotland.  Along with the 5% of the contracts awarded to Scottish businesses and the loss of Lottery funding 2012 is a godsend for Scotland  Team GB my arse.  There isn’t even a country called Great Britain so I don’t know how they get away with it.


  18. cjhartnett says:

    Bewt the BBC have the rights to the Olympics…so like Delhi, the embarrassment of child labour etc can be waved airly aside so that the Great God Nike can be assuaged!

    We`ll be stumping up, and if the Beeb say that East London was a dump until the Olympics came home I`ll get annoyed!
    East London happened to have a few people living there that called it home-and to get them out on compulsory purchases etc shows that it was obviously desirable for the IOC etc in some crucial ways. We`ll not be hearing of any of this though-the Great God Sport is the BBCs handmaiden…or is that the other way around?
    Who cares-an expensive conspiracy against our children…just so Gary Richardson gets a berth at  Stratford?
    Still-cheap at any price…and leave your brains and principles at the door before you dare say anything against the Olympics!


  19. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ Olympian staffing: it’s already started.

    “Running the BBC numbers for 2012”

    (by BBC-NUJ’s head of Sport,  Mr Mosey)


    “… our total number of domestic output staff on site is just over 150.”

    Presumably, that’s only Beeboid ‘sports’ staff.

    And the usual vague homily:

    “It’s worth underlining that major events need significant numbers of people. We will, as ever, keep costs under control. ”


    And this is just today:

    [Extract of ‘Telegraph’ report] –

    “The corporation, the official games host broadcaster, sent 153 ‘domestic’ staff to report on the ‘One Year To Go’ series of events throughout the capital.
    “In addition, 58 BBC World Service staff, who are not funded by the licence fee,” [by taxpayer now; but by BBC licencepayers soon] “also covered the special events marking a year to the games’ opening ceremony. A total of 250 BBC staff were accredited.
    “In comparison ITN, which produces several news programmes for ITV and Channel 4, sent just 22 staff to cover the day-long event while Sky News sent 11 employees.
    “The BBC was criticised for sending a ‘cast of thousands’ and of a ‘complete overkill’ by a member of staff covering the event, who did not wish to be named. ”



  20. fred bloggs says:

    There is another aspect of bBC, that is the vastly excessive number of people they sent to events.  The olympic opening yesterday, it was revealed they sent 250 people, while other stations were in the 10’s.  Typical lefties, too much money and waste it.