Well then, the BBC has a problem. Despite Obama’s heroic raising of the Debt Ceiling and despite the best efforts of our wise rulers in the EU, financial markets decided yesterday that they no longer can trust the hollow promises from Washington and Brussels.Markets are in free fall – how to deal with? Well, this morning they wheeled on that old fraud Romani Prodi to try and explain things. He was dreadful and despite softball questions I imagine his comments will probably have further spooked markets. Next up was Olli Rehn, given a big drum roll by the BBC. He was only marginally better than Prodi and I think even the BBC were a bit rattled that their preferred snakeoil salesmen no longer even sound slick. That said, I suspect that the subtle agenda the BBC are getting behind is that the solution to EU failure is….MORE EU. The central planners in Brussels seek to use this crisis to further the design for complete control over the remnant of the Nation States within the EU bowl and you can be certain the BBC will do everything possible to help advance it.

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  1. Jock McKnock says:

    Their deliberate non coverage of the EU debt crisis for the last few months, other than occasional glib reassurances from Flanders has been astounding. Yesterday as the markets collapsed their top story was Fiona Bruce being hit with a foam pie. By 6pm it was clear they could no longer ignore it, was bizarre to hear that ‘economic experts’ were shocked and amazed by what has been discussed as a certainty amongst the unwashed online for months. Most people understand the Lehmans crisis was kicked down the road with massive borrowing and QE (pushed by the Beeboids) guaranteed to blow up larger when this failed to produce the hallowed growth it was supposed to. Quelle Surprise now we are in even bigger doo-doo. Wonder what the Beebs ‘economic experts’ solution will be now?


    • Jane Tracy says:

      Stephanie Floundering Flanders had a title to a blog post that Greece’s bail out was going well only two months ago!

      Earlier she had told us that Greece and Ireland would get nowhere near default.

      Accordingly she is a busted flush who is only of any use as a reverse indicator i.e if she tells you something will not happen it probably will…


      • Jock McKnock says:

        Flanders is the grandaughter of  Claud Cockburn, a journalist with openly held Stalinist beliefs, believed to be a Soviet agent during WW2, cut her and she bleeds BBC.


      • Martin says:

        She does like dating leftie socialists with ugly faces and called Ed though.


  2. Martin says:

    Obama is a busted flush, the BBC will try to blame the nasty Republicans for blocking Obama, but Barry had control of both houses for 2 years, in that time his priority should have been the economy and jobs, but instead it was healthcare, this was a political ideological decision to pander to his left wing chums.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Exactly.  If things are bad now, after the evil Tea Party movement “held the country hostage” for our extremist beliefs, imagine what would have happened had The Obamessiah gotten His way and had just raised the debt ceiling to the sky and added another $1 trillion in spending PLUS raised taxes.  If we hadn’t “pushed Him off His agenda”, things would be infinitely worse now.

      Yet the BBC is unable to imagine it, and actualy refuses to acknowledge what’s happening.


      • Louis Robinson says:

        Martibn and David,

        A big topic among the Tea party members is how to recognize and politely discourage liberals who infiltrate their outdoor gatherings with fake racist banners and bad behaviour. These people are eagerly seized upon by the media as evidence of their own bias.  A self-fulling prophesy.

        Frankly, the most bigoted, unquestioning reactionary people I’ve found since moving to the USA is the group aged 50/70, former hippy types who can’t let go of their decaying dreams of Utopia based on the use of pot and fed by overwhelming  narcissism.

        Perhaps some brave indelendent thinker in the Beeb will re-evaluate the “who, what and why” of the Tea party.  Or perhaps not!


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Spot on, Louis.  Then there’s also the twenty-somethings who were indoctrinated by those aging fantasists, young people who have no idea how things work and are very angry about not getting that utopia they were told The Obamessiah would bring.


  3. Span Ows says:

    I’m beginning to feel a bit worried for Israel…I’ll tell you why:

    BBC agenda AGW being found out for the scam it is…
    BBC agenda Obama being found out for the mediocre local organiser he really is…
    BBC agenda EU sinking fast…

    their focus is narrowing…


  4. dave s says:

    There is a moment at the end of “For a few Dollars More”- the final gunfight -when Clint Eastwood says “Now it begins'” All the posturing must stop and reality wil take over.
    Perhaps this is now happening to the politicians, economists, bankers, media whores and all those whose dereliction of duty has bought us to this pass.
    None of them are fit to serve us. They are the problem and thus cannot be part of the solution.
    Of course the BBC elite are scared and in denial. Funded by taxation, overpaid and accustomed to luxury and privilege they are as much part of the looting classes as the bankers and politicians.
    First class to Manchester? When this is finally over they will be lucky to afford a bike.


  5. Martin says:

    Classic Radio 5. Victoria “yes I am dim” Derbyshire doing a piece on the EU zone collapse. “The only solution” says an expert is for Germany to guarantee ALL the debt in the eurozone. “Well why don’t they get on with it” shout Derbyshire in her usual ranting screech.

    “Well Angela Merkel has to sell it to the German people first”.

    No shit, so the hard working Germans have to bail out all the bone idle lazy fellow Europeans and all Derbysihre can say is “get on with it”

    The BBC so badly want the Euro saved, the BBC love the EU, they love the free money they get, the BBC still has plans to be the EU’s first official state broadcaster.

    How on earth is Germany supposed to hold up the economies of 20 other Euro Countries, not to mention the likes of Turkey wanting to join, no doubt also wanting to join the Euro?

    The Greeks must be pissing themselves laughing, they are being painted as victims by the BBC whilst the poor old Germans as the nasty party for not bailing them all out right now.

    The lunatics really have taken over the asylum.


  6. George R says:

    An alternative to BBC-NUJ-Patten-EU:

    “A slowing world economy is bad news for the indebted”

    (by John Redwood)


    • John Anderson says:

      US debt has now exceeded its faltering GDP.   Worth a headline at the BBC ?  Of course not.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        It was briefly mentioned yesterday, then quickly buried.  And for the last month, the BBC told us that the US simply needed to borrow enough money to “continue governing”, no big deal, no problem.  The BBC “editors” are ideologues and not journalists.


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Peston Robert Peston  Gordon Brown hugely pessimistic about eurozone’s ability to sort crisis. Worth reading –  
    That Mr. Brown is ‘down’ is no surprise, as is the BBC’s best thinking he is worth anything bar being sectioned for his role in all this.
    Today, 12:27:00 BST


    • Span Ows says:

      Brown: “One of the reasons I opposed Britain joining the euro was that the euro had no crisis prevention or crisis resolution mechanism, and no line of accountability when things went wrong.”

      hold me back! >:o

      You would think that such a brain as to hold such reason might also have thought the same thing over several UK issues.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Peston angling for another book deal?  He’s got some nerve telling people to pay attention to the man partially responsible for this crisis. Mr. Brown is probably recommending more borrowing and spending instead of austerity.


  8. Martin says:

    Angela Eagle (she of the bulldog face) has just been on the BBC twice spouting the same crap, that it’s wrong for Cameron to be on holiday (beebods let her off that one even though both Merkel and Sarkozy are on holiday, Eagle clearly forgot the times Bliar and Brown went on holiday as our soldiers died in the sands of Iraq due to a lack of bullets and body armour, but hey BBC we wouldn’t want to remind the proles about that would we?) and that we need a plan for growth.

    What borrow even more money off China and spend it on lesbian condom advisors?

    How about cutting public spending and then cutting taxes for a change? novel idea no?


  9. Cassandra King says:

    This is the beneficial crisis the euroslime commissars have been working so hard for so many years to provoke, they believe that full interation can be pushed through on the back of a disaster.

    The plan is to bounce people into a 4th reich, its what the Soviet slime did and its what the Nazis did. Dont give people time or space for rational logical thought, just rush rush into the oblivion of a 4th reich.

    Well, thanks to the careful sabotage of the individual state by the political class we now stand on the edge of the disaster. The BBC are going all out now for their dream, a unified euroslime EUSSR run from Brussels by a corrupt gang of anti democratic elitist assholes. Watch them run with the only possible ‘final solution’ and it will be a final solution worthy of the inventors of the term.


    • Ben says:

      The BBC are going all out now for their dream, a unified euroslime EUSSR run from Brussels by a corrupt gang of anti democratic elitist assholes. Watch them run with the only possible ‘final solution’ and it will be a final solution worthy of the inventors of the term.’

      Do you ever question whether you might be, you know, exaggerating slightly? Is this how you speak in the real world?


  10. Martin says:

    Forgot to add that fat female beeboid on Radio 5 asked their ‘expert’ (some other dumb beeboid) why America was in such as mess. Needless to say it is all George Bush’s fault, “he dropped interest rates really low back in 2001” states beeboid.

    Hmm, 2001 can someone remember what happened back in 2001 by chance? Possibly  a little terrorist incident that sent the stock market crashing? Why didn’t beeboid think that was worth mentioning?

    Also, Bush inherited not only Clinton’s failure to kill Bin laden, but also the dot com bubble bursting. Oh and of course the fiasco of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac handing out free money to any halfwit who wanted it.

    None of the above gets a mention EVER, just blame Bush.


    • Millie Tant says:

      Er…what kind of a radio do you have?  Just wondering.


    • Andrew says:

      Well spotted Martin.  In one of my previous jobs our firm used to track credit card transactions.  After September 11th, spending dropped right off.  Does anyone think that Bush might have been trying to stimulate the economy by encouraging spending.

      Nor was this a coincidence.  It turns out this a response they see after “events”. The death of Diana was another that prompted a similar downturn.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    Those of us who predicted this years ago were labelled as Little Englanders.  Now we’re being proved right we’re nutters.


  12. Alcuin says:

    Kirsty actually had some genuine experts on Newsnight last night, i.e. finance people rather than lefty econonists like Krugman and Blanchflower. All agreed that the problem was in the politics, not the economics. Will the politicians have the guts to do what is necessary?

    Hardtalk had two delusional Eurocrats and Douglas Carswell to discuss the Euro crisis. The Eurocrats were advocating “ever closer union”, while Carswell referred to the IMF’s 3 D’s – disconnect (from the Euro), default and downsize. This is the IMF’s standard recipe for countries in trouble – it worked for Argentina.

    There is a suspicion that the Eurocrats deliberately hobbled the Euro (already a political rather than economic project) so that its members would be forced into the choice they face today – full fiscal integration or breakup – the latter being politically inconceivable. All so as to bring about the political union that nobody wants but the elite. That full fiscal integration could bring about a later but bigger bust-up does not seem to have been considered, but markets are not renowned for following scripts.

    If you really want cheering up, try this. It scares the hell out of me.