During the Labour years,our universities were turned into third rate academic factories as more and more young people were lured into participating in the chase for next to useless degrees. Sensibly, the Coalition has tried to tackle this problem and this was always going to provoke the ire of the BBC. On Today, 7.50am  the BBC does everything possible to get the head of UCAS to criticise government policy. The BBC idea is that there should be no cap to the numbers going to Uni, The UCAS lady does very well by maintaining her professional neutrality – something the rancid BBC could learn to do rather better.

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    Yes, I was impressed that the UCAS lady refused to play ball and say what Sarah Montague wanted her to say. 

    Could there just possibly have been a teensy bit of self-interest in the universities calling for an end to the cap on student numbers?  We’ll never know, because the BBC didn’t think to ask.  Sorry mate, if you don’t want to do what the government says, stop sucking on the teat of the public purse.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC are wll able to empathise with any bloated, self selecting, self-righteous oligocracy under attack from savage Toricutz. They feel their pain, but bravely soldier on-unlike ACPO who were “so hurt” by the May Dragon yesterday…lots of knees getting kissed at Bush House Aand E today, and the Blitz spirit lives on-camomile tea and arnica all round…Thomson `ll pay!
    This may well be a good time for the Chinese Army, Indian Railways or Gazprom in Russia to join Camila, Shami and all the others in an orderly queue( they can learn this later!) to tell Auntie Beeb and her little helpers like Monty just how hurtful sad and cross they are with Hillingdon Borough Council and its libraries policies!
    Not at all cross with Haringeys dream catchaz, diversity daleks, rain makers and Cabinet of Fluffibunni operatives `dere on di fruntlyne”…not at all-Labour Investment you see!
    Christ-from Monty of El Alamein to Monty in the goodie bag of Beeby dreamings…in 60 years!…wonder what Dokta Davey Starkey would make of that?…


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Just heard a couple of “yoofs” pooh-pooh Camerons notion that a father just might be handy to a kid when it`s being brought up!
    What would we know-“if the kids are united!” and all?

    Now I was not at Camerons talk in Witney…but might I be being a bit cynical that these two kids( nah…I got no dad and I didn`t do nuffink!) may not represent the views of all the yoofs that they COULD have asked. Presumably they weren`t the only two kids there were they…Batmanghedghli usually can store a minibus worth of feral youth under her catfan!
    It doesn`t really matter what Dave said…the reflex reactions and glib solipcism of such vox pops( no pops of course!) was worthy of-ooh I`d say-nine years worth of cBeebies, Prank Patrol, Horrible Histories and Tracy Beaker..and of course Teletubbies PLC…
    No wonder the BBC are sniffy about “education”…they`ve had a monopoly on it…these Teletubbies who were nicking tellies were just needing to catch up on their fix of Beeb Ambrosia.
    Bit addictive though maybe?…maybe Mr Ed will tell us!