Of course it is not just Evan Davies who has interests that are not immediately obvious; A Biased BBC contributor notes…

“Reference Evan Davis and his membership of the SMF board….John Humphrys is a shareholder in ‘YouGov’ the polling company. Any conflict of interest there when the BBC is telling us Labour is surging in the polls according to YouGov perhaps?

‘Humphrys, who has worked on programmes such as ‘Panorama’, ‘On the Ropes’ and ‘Mastermind’, has hit back at critics who said that there is a conflict of interest between his position on ‘Today’ and the shares that he holds with the company.’

‘YouGov is the authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behaviour. It is our ambition to supply a live stream of continuous, accurate data and insight into what people are thinking and doing all over the world, all of the time, so that companies, governments and institutions can better serve the people that sustain them. YouGov is the most quoted research company in the UK, so by joining our panel of over 350,000 members and taking part in our surveys you really can get your voice heard.’

.. and hilariously the recession could all be John Humphry’s fault…or at least the company he holds shares in: ‘….financial institutions used its research in the past to make investment decisions.’
Though of course YouGov was founded by two Tory supporters (one now a Tory MP!)”

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  1. rightofcentre says:

    Yougov is a left leaning organisation, but as I am one who does surveys for them I can assure you that not all it`s contributors are.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Fine title…am reading and writing on Ezekiel, so very timely!
    Thought Peter Kellner…Cathy Ashtons hubby…was YouGov.
    Anyone keeping a tab or trail on this libleft elite and how they cross infect/pollinate each others flaccid notions…yet tell us that they are ideas or policies etc?
    Psychic incest and too much inbreeding inside those Big Tents of Tones…no wonder that they won`t disagree with marrying your first cousin in northern mill towns then!
    It`s a spiritual battle this one…but I know who wins!..


  3. George R says:

    The UK President of ‘Yougov’ is Peter Kellner, a regular on BBC.

    He happens to be married to Lady Ashton, Gordon Brown’s Labour Party nomination to a European Union top post; she is  European Union appointment as High Rep for Foreign Affairs and Security. (She is a past CND activist, after all.)


    (Watch out for  suspect opinion polls on the E.U.)


  4. ArtCo says:

    Come the anti revolution , then these people will hang.