It’s the cringing selectivity of BBC news coverage that so enrages; Take this, sent in to me;

“Democracy undermined,
treaty violations…lack of democratic legitimacy…legally and politically
questionable actions…..not a BBC journalist in sight when you need one….too
busy investigating a self serving story on Murdoch that none of the public are
interested in no doubt.
“Germany fires cannon shot across Europe’s bows”

German President Christian Wulff has accused the European Central Bank of
violating its treaty mandate with the mass purchase of southern European bonds.
In a cannon shot across Europe’s bows, he warned that Germany is reaching
bailout exhaustion and cannot allow its own democracy to be undermined by EU
mayhem.  “I regard the huge buy-up of bonds of individual states by the ECB as legally
and politically questionable. Article 123 of the Treaty on the EU’s workings
prohibits the ECB from directly purchasing debt instruments, in order to
safeguard the central bank’s independence,” he said.  The blistering attack follows equally harsh words by the Bundesbank in its
monthly report. The bank slammed the ECB’s bond purchases and also warned that
the EU’s broader bail-out machinery violates EU treaties and lacks “democratic

But the BBC seems less than intrigued by these MAJOR issues. I suppose it’s own pro-EU enthusiasm immunises it from having to analyse the rising voices in Germany who seem no longer prepared to go along with what Merkel and co have been doing, so it simply blanks this as a non-story and instead elevates attacks on the Murdoch empire as being the more important.  In this way it debases its own integrity, a point that Mark Thompson might do well to reflect upon.

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  1. PacificRising says:

    What do you expect?
    The EU is very friendly to the BBC.
    Murdoch is not very friendly to the BBC.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Angela is but a mere woman remember!
    Segolene Royale would be as immune to criticism has SHE got in!
    As it is, Sarkozy can get the panning later, but Lagarde will get plenty puff pastry on Womans Hours(6am-4pm everyday Radio4) to explain her recipe for disaster.
    Pretty much the same one since Blair  and even before at Maastrict!


  3. DJ says:

    The BBC’s still struggling with finding a way to smear 80 million Germans as ‘Little Englanders’.


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Er, the BBC care about EU legalities? Perish the thought.

    Remember, the UK’s membership of the EU is illegal under UK constitutional law (this means legally, EU laws have no standing in the UK) – needs a referendum to become legal… funny that.

    BBC interest? Pfft… who cares about laws written to safeguard the people against tyrannical opressors…. its the EU!

    — Richard


    • Chris says:

      Ok, I’ve got to ask.  Could you give me a few hints as to why the UK’s membership of the EU is illegal please?


      • Jim says:

        I believe Magna Carta may have something to do with it.

        And the Queen’s coronation oath has something about not surrendering to foreign powers.

        She signed it so she broke her oath. You can find more details on Captain Ranty’s site.


  5. Derek Buxton says:

    Read the Bill of Rights, it is a Constitutional Document which states that “no foreign Princes, Prelates or governments shall have  over theis Soverign State”.  There are other things in it which preserve our freedoms agains an overweening executive.  A good read. 


    • Derek Buxton says:

      Something went wrong when posting.  It should read “shall have no power over this Sovereign state”.

      Sorry for that, 


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just like David Cameron, Gavin Hewitt and ‘Two Eds’ Flanders are on vacation.  So nobody will deal with it at the BBC for now.  But the BBC management will tell you it’s not important anyway as the top stories the public wants to hear about are about the Fringe Festival and a possible Nazi at Ikea.  So they are still providing best public value for money.  Ratings, not content, innit.


  7. Scrappydoo says:

    I dislike the BBC more and more. I avoid it’s output. I have had enough propaganda , political correctness and agenda driven programming. Consider not  buying  a tv license , dump the tv, you   won’t be missing much. No license is required for a radio so you can still get your BBC fix if necessary


  8. George R says:

    Talking of Germany, INBBC omits this:

    “Constant and Widespread Car Burnings in Berlin”http://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_display.cfm/blog_id/37367


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Don’t tell me the swingeing Tory cuts took away the Germans’ youth centers as well!  Is there no limit to the damage they’ve caused? *DONT_KNOW*


  9. George R says:

    Other (non BBC) reports:


    ‘Irish Times’ (yesterday):

    “A nightmare for Berlin motorists as cars set alight each evening”



    ‘EuroNews’ (last week – with informative short video clip):-
    Berlin nights ablaze with car fires