What’s remarkable about the BBC is the way in which their instinctive regard for Labour manifests itself even in the most innocent items. Take the item at 8.22am on how devolution has affected the UK. The BBC invite Peter Ackroyd on to discuss his latest history of England. Who then do they choose to balance the discussion? Yes, Labour MP Tristram Hunt who is also – lest we forget – a historian,

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4 Responses to LABOUR IN EVERY WAY

  1. Llew says:

    It’s not speed dials to Labour the BBC have, it is a hardwired connection. I can imagine picking up any telephone handset in the BBC and immediately hearing in the earpiece “Labour HQ, how can we help…” No need to press 9 for a line.


  2. As I See It says:

    Labour in every way.

    But of course the Labour narrative is often hidden behind various front organisations which are rarely named as being left-leaning or self-interested parties.

    Compare and contrast, oh sorry you wont be able to contrast because these are pretty damned similar…..

    Official Labour statment….

    ‘The Tory-led government’s decision to cut the budget for new affordable homes by 60%…..’

    BBC report on National Housing Federation statement

    ‘But the NHF said this represented a cut of 63% on the previous programmme of government spending on homes to buy or rent’

    And who are the NHF and what is their outlook on life?

    Well their slogan is ‘The voice of housing associations’ so it isn’t that hard to guess.

    You can try a little game with this and with other BBC reports – Read the BBC report and imagine that you are a fair minded individual with some intelligence but with now prior practical knowledge of life, history, the world of economics, etc.

    Now reading what the BBC has put out you won’t be able to avoid the conclusion that a) there is a crisis, b) the free market is failing, c) the goverment is failing and d) only government intervention in the problem can solve it!


  3. As I See It says:

    Now supposing that the Labour Party wanted to take a leaf out of Manchester United’s book and set up their own TV channel and radio?

    Apart from the fact – as Edward Fox famously said in The Day of the Jackel ‘….this is going to cost an awful lot of money….’

    Someone please tell me in what way these channels would be any different from what the BBC already puts out?


  4. wild says:

    It is tempting to say that the BBC do everything they can to promote a one Party State short of arresting people, but that is not correct. If anybody refuses to pay for this broadcasting arm of the Labour Party they get a knock on the door.

    The BBC not only use their tax funded dominance to promote the Labour Party, they use it to eliminate any narrative that does not serve the interests of the Party.

    The entire function of the BBC (these days) is to spin for the Labour Party.

    At the last General Election they tried to spin that their Party should continue in power. They employ comedians to tell us (just in case we did not get the message) that anybody who does not vote Labour is a ****.

    Closing down freedom of speech (indeed all freedom of choice) is what the Left do, given half a chance, but what is our excuse in letting them do it?