Another classic attack piece on the GOP by the BBC. First, look at the masthead quote from the BBC’s Alistair Leithead.“The biggest applause was when the number of people executed in Texas was read about” Just setting the scene, right, what with all those bloodthirsty Texans. (BTW, I heard a rumour that those executed were convicted murderers but I guess that is just an insignificant detai in BBC land)  Leitherd then talks about the GOP being “dragged to the right” as if that what a bad thing. Naughtie opened discussions on Bachmann’s performance by suggesting that she is “gaffe prone.” More balance. Thing is, I’m desperately searching the BBC for coverage of President Obama’s studied silence on the thug Teamster leader Hoffa’s threats to Tea Party folks but nothing there. The BBC are panicking that the GOP will choose someone other than the elitist beltway candidate Mitt Romney,  someone who can challenge their hero Obama. We can expect a sustained onslaught on the GOP between now and election day as the BBC become more and more fretful about Obama.

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  1. John Anderson says:

    After the BBC’s snide comments on last night’s TV debate among Republican candidates – no doubt we will get snide remarks from the BBC about Obama’s speech tonight to the joint session of Congress ?

    We here all know how Obama’s popularity and credibility has slumped in America.  All the formal polls show it.   But here is a liberal writer in the Washington Post relating his own straw poll among the Democrat fat-cats in the Hamptons.  Seems like they have ALL deserted Obama,  lost faith and hope in the man.


    • D B says:

      ON R5L Nicky Campbell talked to USA Today’s Bill Nicholson about the GOP debate and, as usual, Campbell obsessed over the religious beliefs of the leading candidates. Having sneered at Bachmann and mentioned Romney’s Mormonism, he went after Perry on evolution: “How vulnerable is President Obama? I mean, is there the distinct possibility of having a man in the White House who disagrees with 99.8% of the world’s scientists?”

      Why does this get Beeboids so agitated? As Jonah Goldberg said in a blogpost about the way the left frames the anti-science debate: “If Obama changed his mind about evolution tomorrow and became a creationist, what policies would change?” I’m an atheist and Perry’s views on evolution bother me as much as Obama’s belief in an all-powerful supernatural being. Romney’s Mormonism is as significant to me as Harry Reid’s. The religious beliefs of Democrats and Republicans hold equal significance to me, but BBC journalists and presenters are obsessed by the Republicans and the Republicans alone. Sneering about the American Christian Right is the one bigotry that the BBC heartily endorses.

      After Campbell had asked a series of questions all about religon, Bill Nicholoson said: “It’s almost passe these days to talk about people’s religion.” That’s bad news for Nicky Campbell because he appears to have no other frame of reference when it comes to the GOP.


      • D B says:

        On Twitter Campbell claims he wasn’t talking about religion. His opening question to Nicholson: “Was there much God stuff?”

        He also spoke about the candidate “Sarah Bachmann” this morning. I guess they’re all the same to him, these Republican women with their strange customs.


      • Martin says:

        Presumably Dame Nicola thinks no Muslim should ever be President then as Muslims believe in creation and the old Testement.

        Richard Dawkins did a piece in a Muslim school where he asked Muslims about creation and yep they all believed it. Needless to say Dawkins wasn’t on the BBC at the time.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I read that the other day, and dismissed it out of hand.  Those hand-wringers will still vote for Him in 2012, no matter what they’re whining about now.  None of the Hampton set will ever vote for a white person who openly expresses their Christian faith.


  2. Geyza says:

    What matters is the policies, and when it comes to the economy and foreign affairs policies, ALL the candidates from Obama for the democrats, right through to Bachmann for the republicans, ALL will continue exactly the same economic and foreign policies.  There has been no real difference between Bush and Obama on those things.

    OK, there is one candidate in the race who genuinely does advocate real change and who has a very long, honest and distinguished record of telling the truth, voting exactly as he promises and only within the constitution, of never voting to raise taxes, never voting to increase spending, and always doing exactly and only what he promises.  He takes NO corporate donations whatsoever, only small anonymous donations from ordinary people.  He is the ONLY candidate who is exactly what people pray for in a politician: Honesty, integrity, a passion and promise to serve those who elect him and not the vested interests. How long have we ALL waited for a genuine polititian who can honestly tick those boxes?  AND have a multiple decade record in office of doing JUST THAT?

    That “too good to be true” candidate is Ron Paul.  A guy that the corporate elite and their media puppets are terrified of because he genuinely IS the real deal.


  3. ltwf1964 says:

    as the Obamaslump contnues to get worse,expect more crap for the likes of Mardell and his comrades at the beeb

    they will end up being the only ones who want to be in any way associated with that name

    the idiots


  4. Louis Robinson says:

    The “Today” interview is truly a peek into the shriveled soul of the once great BBC. At a time of unbelievable debt, with the USA the brokest nation in history, these miserable reporters choose to highlight capital punishment and global warming. Why? Well, for one thing, it lets the big O off the hook (till tonight when they’ll brown nose him as usual).

    Capital punishment is a favorite cause of liberals most of whom live in safe areas, never brush against a dangerous world and are cushioned from the violence they only read about. Texas is a big, rambunctious state, with a population of 25m people (more than half the population of England) and a dangerous border of 1900 miles infiltrated by drug gangs and illegal immigrants numbering annually 1.5m (2006).  Why do I link crime and illegal immigrants? Well, in one city alone in California, Los Angeles, currently 95% of some 1,500 outstanding warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens. Yup. 95%! Perhaps it was the personal face-to-face experience of the audience last night that lead them to applaud the QUESTION that was asked about the death penalty in Texas – even before Rick Perry got to answer it.

    As for Global warming? Sorry, but has the BBC any credibility on this issue with their correspondents compromised by links to vested interests and their inability to see any side of the argument than their own? On the subject of global warming the BBC’s reputation is a busted flush.

    For those who need a pithy summary of the evening, here one from Seth Leibsohn, a fellow of the Claremont Institute: “This is a Romney/Perry race — many have been saying that for about a month.  It still is. And Perry just kept his lead. Again, for right now. He’ll need to punch just a little softer in the next debate, and he’ll come under stricter scrutiny on a lot of specifics. Romney will have to punch a little harder in the next debate, to convince that he has what it takes to take on the opponent who really counts, Barack Obama. After years of vetting, I think that’s still the biggest underlying concern about Mitt Romney.”

    Now that is what we should have heard on the “Today” programme! Perhaps the Today folks should realize that the candidates are running for President of the United States of America and not the head of Radio 4. 


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Funny how the BBC never talked about how the President dragged the Democratic Party to the Left.


  6. Louis Robinson says:

    The religion question raised by DB is important. Here to clarify is a less than serious guide to religion and the liberal mindset.

    1. Most lefties consider religious belief as evidence of a medieval mindset. They cannot conceive of anything so strange as someone who says “I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.” That statement is akin to “I saw a flying saucer last night”. (Note how “flying saucers” and “religion” have been uttered recently in the same breath?)

    2. To the uninformed atheist (such as the former DJ Nicky Campbell) there is no difference between a Roman Catholic and an Evangelical, a Methodist and a Baptist, a Presbyterian and a MORMON. (I bet none of them could explain what a Mormon actually believes!)  Anything outside materialism is bunched into a nutty, outdated belief system. Witches, warlocks, Popes, monks, pastors, bread, wine…it’s all the same.  There are exceptions: Quakers, for example, produce a respectful nod of the head. I guess they must think Quakers are atheists in disguise. Muslims are also exempt from scorn as they are the flavor of the month – and disagreeing openly with a fundamentalist Muslim could have serious consequences to your health. Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains  etc are treated as irrelevant – though liberals like Buddhists as they are mysterious and from “over there” – and the Dalai Lama has recently described himself as a Marxist. Tibet is also a place where the elites travelled when younger to explore their inner selves and get ripped off by saffron clad Gurus on the Marrakesh Express before booking a ticket on the more prosaic Gravy Train.  The Church of England is also tolerated as it is ultra-liberal and simply the Established in drag. They also like the C of E as in many cases belief in God is optional. All this is so insulting to believers who have long learned to ignore the Gospel preached by the Church of the Broadcast Truth. The galling thing is that we pay for it!

    3. Sorting out American politics for anyone who is a religious illiterate is a difficult exercise – all that God stuff – all mumbo jumbo – and, they mutter under their breath, they surely don’t believe any of it. President Obama remains above reproach as no-one really believes that he has any religious convictions at all.  The secular left is much more comfortable with a man who cynically adopts faith as a political tool than someone who actually has a sincere belief.

    I look forward to the tone of wonder in BBC broadcasts as they come to realize that the Leader of the what’s left of the Free World is not one of them. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      You left out the Jews, who are okay by the BBC unless they support Israel, in which case they deserve whatever happens to them.

      As for all those religions from the SubContinent, they’re cool because they have brown skin.  You can have religion if you’re not white, no problem.  More soft racism of lowered expectations, really.


  7. Louis Robinson says:

    David, you’re right. If I had a pound for every time I heard the words “I’m not anti-semetic its just Israel..” I’d be a rich man today.