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  1. Geyza says:

    Remember the tortured outpouring of grief over the evil USA condemning a cop killer to death recently?

    Well the silence has been deafening over the case of Pastor Nadarkhani, the Iranian Christian convert who faces the noose for merely changing his faith.

    I have done a full search of the BBC website and there is NO mention whatsoever of this case.

    Where are the bleeding heart liberals standing up for a man of faith?

    Opps. Sorry. Wrong faith.  If it had been a Muslim facing death for the ‘normal’ act of homosexuality, then it would be front page news… AGAIN (BTW since when did being 1.5% of the population make that the NORM?)

    Sorry I digress, the point being, that this is further evidence of the BBC’s massive bias and prejudice against Christianity and our British Christian based culture.


  2. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Interesting article, and even more interesting comments (inc. dfragging in BBC) here:


    All the more interesting that I was brought there by Graun twitterati who feel it shows how they ‘pwn’ the argument.

    Reading through, I am not sure that is the case.

    Once outside the rose-tinted bubble, the facts shared seem a little less cosy for their hypocrisy than they imagine.


  3. VFC says:

    A reminder of what the BBC and other “accredited” media do/don’t report. http://voiceforchildren.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-havent-they-been-reporting.html


  4. George R says:

    INBBC reports what is very good news to all, except Islamic jihad supporters:    
    “Islamist cleric” [and Islamic jihad murderer] “Anwar al-Awlaki ‘killed in Yemen'”    
    Of course, until quite recently, al-Awlaki was treated very respectfully by the American political elite (and others), as a ‘moderate’ Muslim; this is typical of the lack of understanding of the Islamic jihad motivation in the West’s ‘political elite’:-    
    ‘Jihadwatch’ (a month ago)-    
    U.S. to re-investigate al-Awlaki’s ties to 9/11 hijackers    
    “That was back when he was still officially ‘moderate,’ and hobnobbing with all manner of dignitaries.”    


    • George R says:

      A comment on recent report from Kings College, London:

      As American as Apple Pie: How Anwar al-Awlaki Became the Face of Western Jihad

      Of course, this is an ideological trap which INBBC needs to learn to avoid:

      [Excerpt from article]:

      “While not providing any definitive answers, Awlaki’s path to al-Qaeda suggests that there is no easy formula or grand strategy which will solve the problem of homegrown extremism and radicalisation. In particular, his experience warns against policies that are predicated on the distinction between violent and non-violent actors within the Islamist movement; these distinctions are unclear, and the boundaries that do exist are blurry and easily traversed.”


      • George R says:

        Top Islamic jihadist was active in London, and no doubt his Islamic jihad legacy lives on among Islamic jihadists in Britain. 

        Will INBBC emphasise that? 

        “Radical US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki ‘killed’. Radical US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed with several other suspected al-Qaeda operatives, according to the Yemen defence ministry. ”  
        “After September 11, however, it emerged that three of the September 11 hijackers had attended his [Awlaki] mosques and one investigator told the 9/11 Commission he believed Awlaki was the men’s ‘spiritual adviser.”’  
        “Awlaki built up a base of extremist followers while living in London for two years until 2004 giving lectures at mosques, universities and closed study circles across the country.  
        “He developed a following among terrorists and terrorist groomers, including the July 7, July 21 and trans-Atlantic airline bombers. ”  


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Notice also the lack of condemnation of “targeted assassinations”.  Which used to be “controversial” when Bush or Israel did it.  Now, not so much.  Only once that I’m aware of has the BBC taken a moment to consider that The Obamessiah has more than trebled the number of killings in cold blood, without due process of law.  And that was a nicely balanced piece, considering both sides of the argument.  Unlike….well…you know.


  5. Philip says:

    It’s always good to know when scumbag, Taqiyya-spouting Islamist murderers and inciters won’t be down for breakfast.


  6. Martin says:

    The BBC are at it again. On the 1PM news we get the piece about weekly bin collections, other than Pickles getting a short sound bite all the other points made in the piece were anti Government and anti weekly bin collections.

    The interviews with the so called public all seemd to not want it, they interviewed some twat from a Labour council (naturally) who opposed it and then we got the usual leftie twat of the Earth idiot.

    Even though polls show people WANT a weekly collection, yet again the BBC finds itself on the wrong side of an argument because of its leftie politics.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      SKY was as bad.

      They had some LibDem councillor in a hard hat spouting forth after a very rough looking Labour MP woaman.

      Thing is, SKY’s obessession with OB’s meant you couldn’t hear a word the guy was saying, though the word ‘idiot’ came through.

      Whether him accpting his role or him referring to the producer wasn’t clear.

      Not sure the 2:1 poll aginst was quiet gelling with the speakers’ claims.


  7. Martin says:

    I also notice that in reporting the death of Awlaki the BBC call it ‘controversial’ (i.e. that Obama put out the kill order) but we don’t actually get any left wing sound bite, if it had been ‘Boosh’ in power we all know we’d have had Shami on on bianca Jagger or Abdul Bari Twatman or some other hate peddler telling us why ‘Boosh’ was scum.

    As DP pointed out Obama refused to intervene in the execution of the cop killer last week and he is pro the death penalty, yet the BBC remain silent on these facts.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Only at the BBC could the wiping out of an Al Queda scumbag be seen as “controversial”.
      Presumably he was in Bowens notebook…no more returned phone call then insh`allah?


      • Louis Robinson says:

        Have you noticed the collateral damage to the Jihadist cause from the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, who, by the way, is described in his BBC profile as “a radical American Muslim cleric of Yemeni descent,


        The hasty rewrites of history are also about the reputation of another scumbag: Major Nidal Hassan the Fort Hood “shooter”.

        In Nadal’s BBC profile he is presented in a glowing light: “We hardly ever got to discussing politics,” Faizul Khan said. “Mostly we were discussing religious matters, nothing too controversial, nothing like an extremist.”


        If you remember according to the media Nadal’s motive for the murders was that he was stressed about his mortgage. But now they are forced to admit the true Nadal was a radical M*****. (Can I say the word?)

        It also emerged after the Fort Hood incident (INCIDENT???) that Awlaki had given the US Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people, Maj Nidal Hassan, religious advice by email. He had also seen Awlaki preach in Virginia in 2001.

        Really? Amazing! You never said that before! All this is known to those of us who keep tabs on it but the general public must be a tad confused by all this new information.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Beeboids call it “controversial” only when they don’t mention the President by name.  On the News Channel a little while ago, they didn’t call it that, or mention the President.


  8. As I See It says:

    It was interesting to watch BBC Four ‘When TV Goes to War’ last night. While basking in their past glories ‘Allo Allo’ (I thought that was considered a bit un-PC but heh its ok because – get this – the Germans loved it because it showed them in a sysmpathetic light – BBC hugs x) ‘Dad’s Army’, ‘Colditz’ and so on, while the BBC pretty much come clean as to their leftist outlook.

    They gave themselves a partcularly fulsome pat on the back for that beloved slice of British family TV the sinister 60s docudrama about the atomic bomb – yeh CND!

    The only ‘good war’ we are told was the one against Hitler and apparently the Beeb have always been accused of left-wing bias (of which they have always been innocent).

    Over to Warmington On Sea……

    So who says the BBC is not leftist biased?

    Don’t tell them, Bleasdale!


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    TelePolitics Telegraph Politics Blog: Every journalist in the pay of big government should have to declare an interest tgr.ph/okqNBc

    George, you may have hit on a wheeze.
    Now where, logically, might be best to start?


    • Reed says:

      That would be a bomdshell for the BBC, wouldn’t it?

      I would add to that – any activist/campaigner who is interviewed on a particular issue as if they are ‘just a concerned member of the public‘ should also have to have their interest declared by the interviewing journalist.


  10. Reed says:

    Another reason(so many) to get the feck out of the EU…

    The European Commission has threatened legal action against the UK, saying a test of eligibility for benefits discriminates against foreigners.

    As it bloody should!!!!!!!!



    • RGH says:

      Nobody has told the North Rhine Wesphalian State social court about this. Only on the 11th September, the Essen court ruled that EU citizens can be excluded from benefits even if ‘looking’ for work.

      Hartz IV (income based JSA)


      Rumänen und Bulgaren, die sich für längere Zeit allein zur Arbeitssuche in Deutschland aufhielten, dürfen von Hartz IV ausgeschlossen werden. Das hat das Landessozialgericht in Essen entschieden.”

      In German.



  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Lots of reports about the unseasonbly warm weather over the last few days, although I noticed a distinct lack of Global Warming scaremongering.  I wonder why?  Perhpas it’s because of the recent activity from the sun?  Like the massive sun storms and CMEs recently, including the one from the other day which caused the big rain storm here in NYC yesterday, plus those last week and the week before?

    If the BBC dares to mention that the sun can affect weather now, they’ll have to bring it up again next time they blame everything on AGW, so….silence.  The sun will not get a mention, and the public will not be informed, all the better to maintain the Warmist Narrative.


    • Geyza says:

      This hot spell is caused by a “blocking high” pressure area in Europe dragging warm air up from North Africa.  The same sort of thing happened last Novermber/December when a blocking high in the Atlantic dragged cold air down from the Arctic.  These are normal and anyway, this warm spell will end by Monday and we will be back to a couple of more weeks of wet and windy.  Following this we are expecting an Arctic blast.  These are all naturally occuring variations in weather.

      They dare not call this hot spell proof of global warming, because the soon to follow cold spell would equally be proof of global cooling and signs that we are heading for another ice age.

      Even the BBC have realised the dangers incurred in calling the weather “climate”.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        The sun is the direct cause of the weather in NYC this past week, and will be again.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So the US citizen Al Qaeda cleric was killed in cold blood, without due process of law, in Yemen.  No mention in either News Channel report so far of the name of the President who authorized this, just a quote from an un-named US official who said it was justified.  Also no mention that the President is killing people in twice as many countries as Bush did, and doing three times as much of it.


    • Reed says:

      No mention of this being a continuation of President Bush’s ‘controversial war on terror’ then. Or even the ‘so-called’ war on terror, because we really shouldn’t label them as terrorists.  
      They’re missing some golden opportunities here.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Of course, it’s His Plan, never mind that Bush started this stuff, and all the intelligence and miliitary apparatus in place to do this was set up on Bush’s watch.


        • Reed says:

          Notice, too, how discussions relating to Guantanamo Bay have become a lot less frequent and considerably less heated. It seems to be much less of a ‘scar on the conscience of the world’ or some such BS. All of this does reveal that, as far as the left is concerned, it’s not so much the policies that enrage but those implementing them.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            Hey, it’s not His fault!  After all, Republican intransigence or (insert Mardell report here) has blocked the closure, for now.  Nothing to do with all the legal hurdles and logisitics to work out before even starting that process. And of course don’t remind anyone how utterly naive and arrogant it was for the President to declare on His first day in office that He’d shut it down within a year.


            • Reed says:

              Yes – I think arrogant, and particularly naive, covers it well. I expect he took one look at the intelligence reports on most of the detainees and instantly regretted making that promise!


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC News Channel just now told me that, not only is the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President of the US ordering the illegal (when Bush and Israel did it) targeted assassination of a US citizen cleric for being an Al Qaeda leader, but has also just had killed a US citizen of Pakistani origin for the crime of blogging.  Seriously.  No condemnation from the BBC, not even a “controversial” tut-tut.

    When Bush was in charge, this stuff was wrong.  Now, it’s just news to be reported impartially.

    At least now at the top of the hour they say the killing of Al-Awhacky was “ordered by the President”.  Finally.  But you know it’s justified this time, no war crime.


    • As I See It says:

      Back in the 1980s I used to wish for a black President – on the grounds that he could tell the Soviets where to get off without the leftist BBC being able to carp in the way that they did about Reagan.

      As long as Obama keeps shooting the bad guys, he’s cool.


  14. TheGeneral says:

    Labour Party in tune with the British public ?

    I THINK NOT !!!!!


    • Reed says:

      I saw this yesterday – they even followed The Red Flag with Jerusalem!!!!!! I’ll bet they all sung it through gritted teeth. What a con trick. Bunch of shysters.


      • james1070 says:

        At least it is a slight improvement on Labour’s last anthem.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        If they can sing the Socialist anthem one minute and then claim that Labour is not anti-business the next, it’s definitely a con.  And the best the BBC can do is poke a stick at the notion of “good” and “bad” businesses.


  15. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mark Mardell is now defending these killings in cold blood, with no due process of law, the exact same thing the BBC used to criticize Bush for doing.  He says it’s part of the President’s War Plan For Us, in which He reduces all those troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, and instead does this kind of thing.  The “Kill and Capture” list is “central” to His plan.  An apparently it’s “quite large”.

    Mardell allows how it’s “somewhat contrversial”, but nobody really minds now.  Killing Bin Laden and now this guy “supports” the President’s warmongering tactics, he says.  In other words, Mardell is now saying that the targeted assassination of US citizens without due process of law, works.  All because of Who is in charge.  And I’m sure this kind of thing doesn’t make him feel as bad as actual troops on the ground.  Excellent.  Funny how the BBC tune changed from a few years ago when there was a different President doing the exact same thing.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      For the record, here is the full skinny on the late unlamented Awlaki. I suggest. Mr Mardell (I know he reads this stuff, people like him can’t resist it) you bookmark “The Investigatvie Project” on your computer. Steve Emerson and his team (including many Muslims) literally risk their lives posting this site – and it’ll help you undrestand the world. 



      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Mardell will see that as an anti-Muslim hate site and ignore it.


        • Louis Robinson says:

          David, some months I went to a lecture by Emerson who was very moderate in his views on Islam citing only violent Jihadists for his ire. A view I fully support.

          However, in the Q and A after the presentation the most critical opponents of Islam were a number of Arabs, Persians and Pakistanis all of whom were seeking refuge from their violent fellow countrymen in the USA. They were very angry men and women and Emerson actually found himself trying to counter their anger towards the religion of peace. I was quite astounded at their venom. Methinks, that beneath the surface traditional (unreformed) Islam is not built on too firm a foundation. 


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Lets compare



      Notice “death toll” and ” approval ratings” is only mentioned in one of the reports.


  16. Martin says:

    So Obama slots another scumbag Muslim terrorist, hmm, he’s racking up quite a list. Now if I were a left wing twat working for the BBC and it were say a Republican white President who was tanking in the polls I might be tempted to spin that the President was going around slotting US citizens to take peoples mind off his failing economic policies.

    Luckily for the BBC they have a left wing black man in the White House, so that story will never be run.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ‘The BBC is not the kind of media that stands silent, while…’

      Oh, different topic, and standard.


  17. VFC says:

    The BBC were at this hearing but take a look at what they didn’t Report. http://voiceforchildren.blogspot.com/2011/07/skull-evidence-and-media.html


  18. My Site (click to edit) says:

    ‘In our final edition of the week, Andrew Verity will be asking what’s wrong with the predatory capitalism that Ed Miliband called for a clampdown on at the Labour Party’s conference earlier this week.’

    Anyone know what ‘predatory capitalism’ is? As defined by Mr. Miliband (or rather fudged), it could be anything. Which is why, as I recall, he was lampooned across the political divide. At least the bits not staffed by retarded tribal 12 year olds.

    Hence to take something vague enough to be meaningless as a given seem a very poor foundation upon which to base a piece on.

    Especially when, in BBC terms, ‘asking’ means having a preconception and then seeking to prove it, if necessary by a lot of ediotorial by omission.


  19. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Yes, no whining about ugly Americans wanting justice “at the point of a gun” this time.


  20. George R says:

    Mardell does not outline why Awlaki was such a dangerous Islamic jihadist.  
    Instead, Mardell justifies Obamessiah’s decision because to not kill Awlaki would have increased popularity of Republicans.  
    “Anwar al-Awlaki and America’s fear of the enemy within”  
    Of course, Mardell is quick to recognise some ‘left’ objections, but he omits the objections of Hamas-supporting CAIR:  
    Hamas-linked CAIR “concerned” over killing of jihad mastermind al-Awlaki  
    And, of course, the moral and political argument which ‘Jihadwatch’ concludes with below, is not one which Mardell and INBBC will be able to accept:  
    “Anwar al-Awlaki was an American citizen, yes. He was also a traitor. He was waging war against his native country. He was an enemy combatant. If an American citizen had gone to Germany and joined the Wehrmacht in 1942, and was killed in battle against American forces, would anyone have been raising ‘constitutional issues’ over the killing?  
    “Hamas-linked CAIR: this century’s German-American Bund.”


    • Louis Robinson says:

      Here’s the full skinny on the late unlamented Awlaki. Mark, old boy, I know you’re reading this – you dan’t help it, can you? – bookmark “the Investigative Project” on your computer. It’ll be good to help you balance your views. Steve Emerson and his team (many Muslims among them) literally risk their lives bring it to you.



  21. Martin says:

    Funny that the BBC makes a big thing of the Navy redundancies but you know when the one eyed queen from Fife scrapped the Sea Harrier the BBC were silent.

    Three top BBC stories (bins, 80mph limit and navy cuts) were all spun as anti Tory.


    • Will says:

      Yes the woman in Bury expressing scepticism about the funding of Pickle’s bin initiative was particularly unconvincing as an average Jill. She appeared to be primed with the Labour line.

      Things got worse later in the bulletin with the report on the introduction of a 5p per bag charge for all “single use” bags (plastic, paper, whatever) in the Socialist utopia of Wales. The BBC told us with glee that a similar pettyfrogging policy was to be inflicted on England.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        She appeared to be primed with the Labour line. ‘

        Shocked, I tell you… shocked.


  22. Louis Robinson says:

    Mark Mardell says in the piece that has already been linked to:

    “There will be questions raised about his killing. He was at the top of the US hit list – but this is the execution of an American citizen without a trial.

    I’m speechless. Who will ‘raise the questions’? Most people I know will say, “Good riddance, may he rot in hell” Was this really the ‘execution of an American citizen without a trial”? Can a murderer like Alkawi hide behind the civilized values he sought to destroy?  Is Mardell for real?

    The delicious irony of the current situation is that the mighty O can’t boast too much about the only successes his administration has had recently (killing three out of four top Al Queda figures). He can’t boast too loudly because his pacifist USA loathing left wing is full of lefties who think like – Mardell. (Tee hee).


    • john says:

      I’m afraid we shall have to tolerate the BBC’s giant M&M well into 2012.
      However, after Obama bombs in the Presidential Election (even if the Republicans can only find a Garden Gnome to run against him) Mardell will have to come home as he wont have many people left of left, left to talk to.
      But there could well be a gang of officials wanting a chat with him upon his arrival at Heathrow under the Mental Health Act (1983).
      Or maybe the BBC will bring him back via Cockermouth and then promote him out of harms way.


  23. grangebank says:

    I saw a bit of “Doctors” today, I wont say by accident . I had been warned about this show .
    Presumeably the BBC think that only the retired and unemployed will see it , so blatent social engineering of the old fashioned 70s/80s was given,  what it does best,
    A Botswaanan lady who was Good came up against a councillor who was so arrogant that his Badness made Cemetery Sam seem more realistic .
    The Botswaanan lady got the better of him in the council chamber, having told everyone that a bit of her culture and her sense of community is what they all needed . She was rewarded with a round of applause given by all apart from the dastardly (right wing ) councillor who presumeably wanted to move to other matters , like closing down an orphanage and selling the land to an oil company .


    • matthew rowe says:

      Got to say I love ‘Dukters ‘ it’s a great way of reminding myself in a few brief second everything  I hate about the puerile nannying crap that is produced endlessly  by the BBC and it’s army of childish socially stunted scribblers and they do this  for only  a few pence a day [way too much !]


  24. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ needs to be transparent on its relations with LOBBYISTS.  
    BBC-NUJ is politically close to several large, publicly-subsidised NGOs, e.g Friends of the Earth.  
    We licencepayers need to know about the contacts between them.  
    Read on, for relevant comments by Delingpole and Hannan:  
    “Monbiot bares all”

    (by James Delingpole)   
    “The lobbying strength of big business is puny compared to that of the global NGOs”

    (by Daniel Hannan)  


  25. George R says:

    INBBC’s ‘reporting’ on the Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN is generally politically biased in that country’s favour.

    There appear to be several reasons for this particular INBBC political bias:

    1.) many of its staff there are Muslims and Pakistanis, whose first political loyality will be to the Islamic Republic;

    2.) INBBC is not explicitly opposed to Islamic jihad and sharia. In fact the word ‘militant’ is used at all times, under NUJ edict, as a substitute for the accurate word ‘jihad’, so as not to offend any Muslims.

    3.)INBBC puts Pakistan’s support, through ISI, etc for Taliban  and Haqqanis on a moral and political equivalence with the West’s (inc Britain’s) military opposition to these enemies.

    INBBC report:

    “Afghanistan Haqqani militant Haji Mali Khan captured”



  26. mike_s says:

    This is a story of a christian who is sentenced to death for being a christian.

    The BBC doesn’t find it news. I couldn’t find it on it’s web site.

    So if christians are sentenced to death for being christians it no news according to the bbc. This comes only a few days when the BBC didn’t report the detais of the news conferencel of the american hikers. Usefull idiots is to kind for these hypocritical enablers. I think we should make a list of these guilty men and women for the day of reckoning.


  27. John Horne Tooke says:

    The BBC has been accused of allowing its presenters to advertise Berghaus clothing by ‘the back door’ – after negotiating a deal to buy jackets at a 45 per cent discount.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2044206/Presenters-accused-advertising-door-BBC-gets-massive-discounts-Berghaus-winterwear.html#ixzz1ZVf5HGGH


  28. John Horne Tooke says:

    GEORGE CAREY: Why are we letting the BBC abandon the Year of our Lord?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2044172/GEORGE-CAREY-Why-letting-BBC-abandon-Year-Lord.html#ixzz1ZVifk4dH


  29. Craig says:

    ‘Sunday’, with Ed Stourton today.  
    After a Labour MP two weeks ago and a hand-wringing Lib Dem peer last week, did the programme’s third and final essay on the August riots feature a right winger (a Conservative?) for balance?  
    No. Instead, we got Fayaz Mughal of Faith Matters, repeatedly denouncing David Cameron’s views of a broken society, which are, he said, “simplistic”. This is his ‘analysis’ of the causes of the riots:   
    Our society is not broken. It is simply challenged from time to time when we stop listening or when we simply disregard those who are the voiceless orthe unseen.  
    He went on to put it all into an Islamic perspective. So, the balance was based on religion, following the appearance of a Christian and a Jew. The total lack of political balance doesn’t seem to bother the makers of ‘Sunday’.


  30. My Site (click to edit) says:


    Now, one wonders which aspects of PresO’s words vs. deeds various media will report accurately, and which will be ‘shaped’ to suit?

    For balance, I kicked SKY off the TV just now for stuggling to turn a person having a 15 mins. of fame whinge into a mutiny.

    And getting all excited about every Republican being homophobic based on a bit of booing from a handful.

    I imagine the BBC will be much more professional and even-handed, especially given the topics and personalities involved.


  31. My Site (click to edit) says:

    BBC in NOT showing contempt prior to investigation shocker!!



  32. Craig says:

    The paper reviewer on ‘Breakfast’ was Mehdi Hasan.  
    The first story in the first paper review discussed was David Cameron’s problems with women voters. Hasan blamed them on the cuts. He is fully entitled to do so. My problem is with the BBC.  
    For next came a story from the ‘Observer’ about ‘struggling families joining queues for food handouts’ (which the programme had already discussed). Hasan used it to bash the coalition and related it to the ‘aggressive cuts’. Not only did both ‘Breakfast’ presenters fail to point out that the ‘cuts’ have only just begun, they also joined Hasan in bemoaning how awful the situation is.  
    Worse was to come for BBC impartiality, when Hasan discussed the story about Col. Tim Collins’ wish to become a police commissioner. Hasan gave the Labour view at some length. The stand-in male ‘Breakfast’ presenter (whose name I failed to catch and who I’ve never seen before) again not only failed to provide an alternative point of view, he actually joined Hasan by offering more criticism from Labour:  
    It opens it up to the criticism, that the Labour Party have said, that these police commissioners have no experience of policing. 
    In what way is this impartial presentation?  
    In the second paper review, I’d give credit to Louise Minchin for adding a note of doubt to Hasan’s assertion that the hot weather is down to global warming.  
    Then it was onto George Osborne, David Cameron and the Bullingdon Club, talk of ‘the posh’ and ‘the super rich’. Hasan was in his element here. The male presenter added a ‘yeah’ to Hasan’s talk of the Tories still being the party of the super-rich and chipped in “Well, certainly this photograph is never going to go away, is it?” Yes, said Hasan. At least Louise clarified that these were only allegations and that Osborne didn’t take cocaine. Some more credit to her for that. None whatsoever to her companion. 


    • Craig says:

      Ah, it was Tony Livesey (of Sunday Sport fame). He’s a new regular presenter of the show, apparently. He needs to buck up his ideas. 


      • Buggy says:

        “He needs to buck up his ideas.”

        I can’t agree. Livesy reached his proper level when he got a job with The Sport.

        Anything he does beyond that is rather like a dog becoming head of NASA.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Mr. Hassan is discreditted on any basis of objectivity and stands accused of lying throiugh his teeth without, as it stands, any correction on errant statements by him or the media that carry his posion propaganda – SKY or the BBC.

        When he is called upon to pontificate I notch down my already low view of the3 medium that seem him as colourful as opposed to worth a damn.


  33. hippiepooter says:

    The US hit on Al Qa’eda inspiration Anwar al-Awlaki led me to take a butchers at the website of Al Qa’eda’s propaganda arm, Cageprisoners.


    It’s a measure of how insane and lame our society has become, that instead of our national broadcasters crying from the rooftops that Cageprisoners is a patent Al Qa’eda propaganda operation led by it’s freed operatives Mo Begg and Binyamin and demanding Government action, instead the BBC has lionised and propagandised on behalf of these Al Qa’eda terrorists.


    Way to go American, another scumbag taken out.  How about the odd drone strike in Luton and Bradford while you’re at it?  We wont tell anyone :).


  34. hippiepooter says:

    4 million living in ‘food poverty’ in Britain, according to this BBC interviewee:-


    One can but admire the rigour with which this startling contention was examined.  Not.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Not an eve of Tory Conference ‘feel bad’ story for the Conservatives, I’m sure.

      Expect this twaddle to be slipped into as many BBC conference interviews as possible.

      I remembrer during the previous Tory Government, the usual suspect ‘charities’ like Oxfam claimed a huge rise in poverty in the UK.  Oxfam were so genuinely believed this that not long after they hiked their prices in their second hand shops ‘because most of our customers are middle class people’.  It meant that people like myself at the time, who were genuinely hard up couldn’t afford to buy much need clothes from them at the time.

      BBC to fake charities:  ‘You provide the lies and we’ll provide the microphone’.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Oh, and I was hard up at the time through my own fault.  I’d walked out of a job and was honest about it when I claimed benefit so I was on reduced benefit and rightly so.  Didn’t take me too long to find another job though.  Generally speaking, it’s not too hard if you try.

        The large scale poverty the ‘charities’ were claiming didn’t exist.  If it did they wouldn’t have had mainly middle class people at their stores shopping for bargains, they’d have had people living in poverty.

        ‘British anti-poverty charity’ is a byword for left-wing liar.


  35. John Horne Tooke says:
    • Craig says:

      I had a feeling before I clicked on that link it was going to be Our Lady of the Press Release. 


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Ms Gray and Mr. Lean make the DT a laughing stock not just on their enviro ‘reporting’, but also as a credibel news resource.

      They seem to be adopting the BBC view that having a Delingpole at the other extreme makes for ‘balance’.

      Like Black, Shuckman and Harrabin and… er…

      No wonder the whole system has (had to have ) been fixed with such as the Jones Review.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        You would think the DT’s owners must realise this, from the slagging they always get in the comments.  DT’s readers, the paper’s lifeblood, treat Gray & Lean with utter derision.  Which suggests to me that other forces must be at work.


  36. Reed says:

    Dame Polly’s pre-conference prattle just drips with contempt for imagined Tory smugness, even before the start of the event :

    “With a suppressed swagger, David Cameron will be the embodiment of the once and future victory of his party.”

    “They can hardly contain their glee as polls put their man well ahead, ahead of his party too, which remains quite toxic”

    “Solemn warnings on the eurozone crisis will not quite disguise their state of mind: they are a bit too smug with not much to be smug about.”

    “The pre-conference giveaways suggest extraordinary insouciance – or plain desperation”

    “An outbreak of europhobia at the conference may chime with voters, fearing the eurozone will drag us down, though a parade of the swivel-eyed tendency will be offputting”

    The rest is a list of bleating nonsense – how the nasty Tories have turned the country into a land of hardship and and ruin in just over a year – no mention of the effects of the previous 13.

    …and the Labour Utopia is there for the taking, if only people weren’t so blind :

    “That’s the bread and butter of politics, however enticing Labour’s new ideas”

    “Every month’s figures suggest Ed Balls got it right: too far, too fast cuts”

    …and for all out batshittery I give you :

    “This week we have reminders of the good the EU does”

    This stuff is quite amazing in it’s otherworldliness. It must read like pornography to Beeboids.



    • Buggy says:

      Mutatis mutandis, just like the lifelong communists for whom any criticism against cuddly Uncle Joe and his disagreeable habit of liquidating opponents (or classes or peasants by the million……) was motivated by “self-interst”, “ignorance” or “improper understanding”.

      Then again, she’s Philip Toynbee’s daughter, and he fitted right into that worldview. It’s curious, isn’t it, that the only “kids” not expected to “automatically rebel” against their parents’ values are the ones whose folks are over on the “ideologically sound” side of the debate.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      These conferenences have shown me how infit for purpose our media now is. 

      SKY for ratings addiction; BBC for agenda, and the others a mix.

      All to genrate heat, and nothing for light.

      To pin down Clegg on policy consistency, we get disagreements between some bozos on the backbench.

      To challenge Miliband’s daft ecomomic policies… ‘how wierd is he?’

      Any Tory so far on anything serious… whether Cameron is a sexist or what about that vast mutiny by… er… one bloke no one has heard of.

      No wonder we are not being goverened by anyone competent on goverening. Our media has turned it in to a circus, only all we have got is clowns.


  37. Reed says:

    I’m posting this link less for the article, more for the first comment by ‘cyphre’, some of which I’m sure will chime with many here :


    I no longer give a toss what the Tories believe in.

    I voted for them consistently over the past decades as they represented a party which had a vague clue over economics and viable industry and seemed to be pro-British and therefore pro-me as I apparently have committed the PC crime of being born one of the native British.

    Won’t be voting for them again. I want a pro-British party, that’s only pro-British and looks after ‘me’ – no one else- just us poor fools who work hard, obey the law, pay the taxes and effectively fund everyone else –  no immigrants, no foreign aid, no rights and privileges for Labour’s voting bloc of idle scum – I’ve had enough.

    And I don’t want to be governed anymore by inbred public schoolkids – Lib-Lab-Con being all the same – who see my life, my liberty, my earnings and my country as their personal plaything. I want my country run for me, not the rest of the world and any turd that floats up on our shores.


  38. noggin says:

    Hillary Clinton: Jerusalem must not be recognized as Jewish capital  

    New York Sun, Sept 27  
    “Secretary of State Clinton, in a sharp departure from her stance when she was a senator, is warning that any American action, even symbolically, toward recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel must be avoided for the reason that it would jeopardize the peace process.”  
    Seems the Obama admin is getting better than Abbas at  “loading” the pre-conditions…on peace talks  
     perhaps their hoping  for a jew free jerusalem, as well

    Mel Phillips.  
    Truth and lies at the theatre of the absurd 


    • sue says:

      Your link didn’t work for me.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      So much for the Jooos controlling the US.  We keep seeing this kind of thing, yet the BBC keeps telling us how powerful the Jewish Lobby (Boo!) is, like how they pulled the strings to make the President speak out against the UN declaring a Palestinian State.  But it seems the stoopid Joooos can’t even control the Secretary of State.  I guess she really isn’t going to run for President ever again, so doesn’t have to worry about pressure from the Jewish Lobby (Boo!). Right, BBC?


  39. George R says:

    INBBC appears to be sad about the killing of al-Awlaki.

    It seems that Beeboids do not do their homework on the crimes of al-Awlaki, e.g. research this 96 page document –

    “As American as Apple Pie:

    How Anwar al-Awlaki Became the Face of Western Jihad”


     Instead, INBBC addresses the complaints of ‘leftists’ and Muslims about his killing.

    The following article/video by INBBC’s Bill Hayton has a very misleading headline. The video clip has an editorial line which relegates the jihad crimes agaainst the West of late Muslim cleric Awlaki, and suggests there are mixed views about his killing.



  40. smiling jim says:

    Just watched dateline London, on iplayer. The first time i’ve watched it a while, its truely amazing, at a time when the euro is being ripped apart you think they’d have at least a mildly euro sceptic voice, but no. Perhaps the BBC think Peter Obournes briliant contribution on newsnight is all the euro scepticism it needs for a while. For then on it was just usual crap with polly the S**ter in cheif.


  41. Andrew says:

    Apologies if I’ve missed it mentioned elsewhere but a little something about that Gilo outrage:



  42. Jonathan S says:

    10 o’clock news on the BBC today, another load of anti government bullshit 


  43. Jonathan S says:

    i was almost expecting to see a BBC balloon along side the Unison balloon 


  44. Buggy says:

    I sat up last night to watch a bit of the Georgia vs Argentina RWC game on ITV.

    Flicking through the channels at half-time, I spotted that there was a “breaking story” on BBC News.

    This turned out to be the arrest of several hundred of the usual suspects who are currently getting an inordinate amount of Beeboid coverage for their facile “Occupy Wall Street” nonsense.

    Beebette news droid breathlessly announced that they had someone on the line from New York to talk about this. Mayor of NY ? Chief of Police ?

    Oh dearie me, no, no, no. Actually what we got was one of the protestors who hadn’t been bagged by the boys in blue. What a nice, non-propagandist angle he provided.

    And how convenient that on a “breaking” story the BBC had a talking head wired up and ready to go straightaway. It’s almost as though they’d sorted him out beforehand.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Actually what we got was one of the protestors who hadn’t been bagged by the boys in blue’

      Same on SKY yesterday.

      Some breathless bozo wailing that he and the girls (and soem wimmin too) had been dragged anway when they hadn’t doen anything… bar blocking a key access point to the rest of the population.

      Pure ratings fodder.

      At least the SKY analyst had the grace to admit they had not clue what these guys actually wanted as it seemed they had no clue either.

      But they are ‘anti’, so that’s all that’s needed for the MSM.


  45. Jonathan S says:

    On the Road with…a gay boy reporter


  46. Will says:

    The BBC with their “Cuts,cuts, evil Tory cuts” agenda leave their audience with the impression that public spending is reducing in the UK – which it is not. Similarly with Greece, where we get anguished reports to accompany pictures of revolting public employees. A surprise then to hear a Greek opposition politician on “Today” this morning informing us that public spending in Greece had risen by 8% in the past year.


    • Reed says:

      Exactly, Will – this is part of the laziness and dishonesty of the comment/opinion driven news in this country. Government spending increased in the first year of the coalition government, yet ask most people and they’ll tell you how unfair and evil these savage cuts are. There’s a total disconnect from reality with this and so many other issues, and the media plays a large part in allowing those with an agenda to peddle their misinfomation. For some outlets it seems to be rooted in either a laziness or unwillingness to challenge the general ignorance, whilst others seem complicit in providing an open mic to those that wish to broadcast a distortion of the truth with the intention of furthering their common narrative. In this case – Tories are nasty and don’t care about people, especially the poor.


  47. As I See It says:

    4th form debate class on 5 Live today and time wasting trendy supply teacher Mr – call me Nicky – Campbell says put away your left-wing text books and consider …. (effectively) …. ‘is BBC trash reality TV better than its ITV and Channel 4 & 5 rivals…?’

    Yeeh! Say all the Beeboids!


    • jarwill101 says:

      That’s some achievement for a publicly-funded broadcaster beholden to educate & inform. Dumb down & mindbend would be more accurate. The BBC is a wildly-overgrown beanstalk awaiting Jack & his axe.


  48. George R says:

    INBBC: as press officer for HAQQANI jihadist enemy.

    A INBBC Nick CHILDS report, slightly modified by Paul WOOD.


    “Haqqani network denies killing Afghan envoy Rabbani”



    ‘Long War Journal’ –

    “Top Haqqani Network leaders include Arab relatives”


    “Pakistan’s Jihad continues”

    By Bill Roggiohttp://www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2011/09/pakistans_jihad_continues.php


    • Louis Robinson says:

      There’s a new quiz in this: someone sets out a number of headlines and we have to guess the source of each…?