The BBC has instantly knee-jerked into the natural default mode of disbelieving anything the US government says. Sarah Montague was quite visceral in raising her skepticism about US allegations that Iran has been plotting to carry out an act of terror on US soil. In fairness, both of her guests during the 7.50am interview on Today rather agreed that when it comes to the rogue regime of Iran, anything was possible. But what gets me is the line Montague was taking which distills down to the simple proposition that Iran would never do anything as silly as using Mexican killers to carry out the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador to the US. Iran has a good friend in the UK State Broadcaster which is more inclined to swallow the tripe from Tehran than anything from Washington.

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17 Responses to MULLAHLOVE!

  1. Grant says:

    Surely any US government statements must be sanctioned by Obama , so they must be true ?


  2. John Anderson says:

    This is the arrogance of BBC presenters. 

    How the hell can some lightweight like Montague think she knows more than the US Department of Justice,  the US Attorney General and Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State  – after lengthy investigations,  after the guy has evidently confessed,  and after formal criminal charges have been brought to court ?


    • Grant says:

      Another tricky one for twisted Beeboids . On the one hand they love muslim terrorists, on the other hand , they love Obama. How can these morons decide which side they are on ?


  3. joseph sanderson says:

    What is it with Mexican Killers?, was not Trotsky murdered by a fellow communist who happened to be Mexican?, now we have a plot by a group of Muslims to kill another fellow traveller using a Mexican muslim!

    Just musing over the possibilty of Iran possible being guilty of such a crime, a few things sprung to my mind:

    Iran the land where this week an actress was sentanced to be lashed 70 times for starring in the wrong type of film

    Iran the land where a Christian priest has been sentenced to death because someone somewhere in his family might have been a muslim, and who was threatened with additional death sentences to his wife and child if he did not confess.

    Iran the land where demonstrations against its theocratic rule is answered with torture and murder

    Iran the land where they export technical experts to assist the Taliban and Iraq terrorists to build IED’s

    Iran the land which refuses to recognize the legal state of Israel, instead it prefers to furnish Hamas with weapons to attack the Israelis.

    Iran the land where under eighteens can be legally killed, and in which stoning to death is also legal under that wonderfully enlightened Sharia law.

    Iran the land like many Muslim countries where Woman are not treated as equal to men.

    Iran the land where over 12,000 prisoners have ‘died in custody’.

    Iran the land which has been attempting to gain more influence in the Middle East at the expense of he Saudis who they hate.

    You know when I think about could Iran be guilty of this plot, the only answer I can come up with is of course they bloody could, and for the BBC to take the sceptical line shows just how out of touch with reality the BBC and its left-wing staff really are.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    Here’s the link to Montague’s interview:-  

    If ‘some critics’ were casting aspersions on the American version, why didn’t she have one of them on?  A very curious way of framing what followed.  
    Paid or unpaid, Montague appears ‘an agent of influence’ for the Iranian regime.


    • Henry says:

      She’s more likely

      a) a bit clueless (most of the interview was an exercise in saying that we don’t know anything, but the story could be true)

      b) has the BBC/Guardian/Indy anti-Western-Imperialism position that we have to point out here on a daily basis.

      To them, Iran’s people’s view of the West is understandable. Of course we can’t be so understanding about attitudes towards (and the legal position of) women and homosexuals in Iran. So the enlightened understanding of other viewpoints has fairly specific boundaries.

      Bit of a moral quandary for the poor lefties! They’re used to dealing with it, though 


  5. Henry says:

    Montague tried to ridicule the idea – the guests were less skeptical. I do wonder about this piece of news, but I hardly think the US invented it. 

    As I understand it, the release of this news should be seen in the context of the US depicting Iran as a big state-sponsor for terrorism, probably correctly. If they have good evidence for this plot, it should strengthen their case against Iran at home and in the UN.

    In terms of media management by politicians, we may soon be seeing more news stories about Iranian sponsored terrorism – watch this space.

    As for whether politicians, spooks or factions can initiate stupid schemes, OF COURSE THEY CAN. They’re as error-prone as anyone else.


  6. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is politically soft on the Islamic Republic of Iran, because:

    1.) Iran regime wants to eliminate INBBC’s arch enemy of Israel.

    2.) INBBC wants to expand its own global broadcasting empire with the restoration of its ‘Persian Service’ inside Iran, an Ahmadinejad-compliant, Islamophic service, paid for by we British!

    3.) INBBC continues its appeasing historical political line towards Iran regime, continuing its ‘Pontius Pilate’ attitude from when Iran arrested a British naval patrol in the Gulf in 2007.

    4.) INBBC continues its anti-West political commitment, as Beeboids rail against something they call ‘Western colonialism’, while censoring out any reference to the 1300 years of Islamic imperialism!


    • George R says:

      A non-INBBC report:

      “U.S. condemns Tehran after foiling plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador on American soil using a Mexican drug hitmanIranians offered $1.5m to fake Mexican cartel for bomb plot Saudi ambassador would have been killed in Washington DC restaurant blast
      Bombs would later have been set off at Saudi and Israeli embassies Down payment of $100,000 allegedly made
      Two alleged plotters named as U.S. naturalised citizen Manssor Arbabsiar and Iranian Gholam Shakuri Key Iranian official who ‘co-ordinated the attack’ named as Arbabsiar’s cousin, Abdul-Reza Shahlai – a terrorist linked to deaths of five U.S. soldiers in Iraq ‘Somebody in Iran will have to pay the price’: Saudi Prince issues warning”

      Read more:


  7. George R says:

    IRAN regime’s crimes.

    Probably most Beeboids are unconcerned that this argument of  NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY should be applied against bellicose Iran regime:-

    Daniel Hannan :

    “Iran’s terrorist plot warns us against ideologies claiming to be bigger than the nation-state ”


  8. Desmond Lamaar says:

    On BBC World yesterday, no sooner had the headlines about the uncovering of the assassination plot and the arrest been announced when the BBC immediately went into overdrive to show that it just simply couldn’t be true. They broadcasted a Skype interview with some ex-CIA operative who, in essence, claimed to know like the back of his hand how the thuggish Iranian secret service operates; and apparently they just don’t do political assassinations with Mexican drug cartels. The message we were all supposed to take away was clear: America was lying and Iran was telling the truth. How much longer before George “Quisling” Galloway gets a job at the BBC? Because Galloway is one hell of a mullah-f***er and should fit in well!


  9. Geyza says:

    Can you guys not see beyond your own bias?  I hate the BBC as much as the next man, but this whole Iranian plot is such blatant, bullshit that I am surprised that the American administration would even have the balls to even consider trying to fob the public off with it.  Obama’s administration are lying their assess off over this.  Iran IS a universal threat, they ARE sponsoring terrorists but this plot is so weak, ridiculous and flawed as to require a lobotomy to believe it.  However, it does reinforce recognised and understandable biases and prejudices against Iran and Islam.

    But come on.  Put your deductive reasoning to work for a brief  moment.  This plot is an administration, plummeting in the polls, facing a collapsing economy and middle-class and working class people all across America joining an independent anti-right and anti left wing protest movement against the corrupt corporate elite, (democrat and republican, Fox news and CNN alike).The administration is using this as a desperate destraction from their own woes.


    • John Anderson says:

      Sorry,  that argument simply does not stack up.   It needs a much more powerful story to distract attention from Obama’s failings.  The Iran story is not hoplding the headlines day after day.

      If there is such a story-to-divert-attention that they are backing,  it is the OccupyWallStreet approach,  trying to blame the bankers not Obama for the economic woes.  All that Occupy stuff has been in the works for a long time,  obviously a lot of coordination,  usual suspects (Soros,  ACORN,  SEIU etc)  – why should Obama and his crowd want to dilute that message ?

      Also,  no matter how corrupt the Dept of Justice has been recently,  your ideas involve very serious perversion of justice in several agencies,  and they simply do not sound credible.


  10. ltwf1964 says:

    iran does hate Saudi Arabia with a passion,and I’madinnerjacket doesn’t really give a stuff about consequences when he does and says the things he does

    he doesn’t care,for instance,if the entire population of iran is exterminated in a nuclear attack if he can attack Israel and wipe them out(won’t happen by the way-nothing like wishful thinking)

    what he wants is the 13th imam to appear,and that can’t happen while,in his view not mine of course,Israel still “occupies muslim land”

    so to hasten the arrival of said muzlamic messiah,Israel has got to go

    so an attempted hit on the Saudi ambassador is small fry in comparison

    I know that many suspect the good ol US of A of not being entirely honest (ahem) in past outings,but dinnerjacket would lose no sleep over this one 


  11. Lloyd says:

    Interesting to listen to how the BBC was reporting the story on radio 5 yesterday morning.

    They started the report not with the FACT that people had been arrested on suspicion of the offence, but with the Iranian line of denial………”Iran has denied claims that……….” Very subtle, but oh so predictable.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      if israel had been even slightly implicated,al beeb would have been making sure that everyone knew without a shadow of a doubt that Mossad must have done it

      no possibility of any other eventuality

      them nasty jooz