9/11 BBC Question Time Video

Many of us watched the Question Time Special immediately following the 9/11 atrocity in utter disbelief as it took a rabid and disgusting anti-American line.

The former US ambassador to Britain, Philip Lader, was almost reduced to tears on the panel as the audience shouted him down and hurled abuse. It was a shameful night for the BBC and prompted thousands of complaints. The BBC underplayed the aftermath here.

Recordings of that particular programme are particularly hard to find anywhere (odd, eh?) but regular contributor here TooTrue remembered that a fellow Biased-BBCer had mentioned having a version. So after a bit of tech stuff, here it is. Our grateful thanks go to both of them.

It’s now hosted on EyeTube – my censorship-free video hosting site.

It is disgusting. Don’t watch with sharp objects nearby.

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41 Responses to 9/11 BBC Question Time Video

  1. The Beebinator says:

    absolutely disgusting. wonder how many beeboid scumbags congratulated themselves on what a good show they’d made

    religion of peace eh?


  2. AndyUk06 says:

    Doesn’t that Muslim woman make you sick?  Same nauseating cliches about the US and Israel, while oblivious to the fact that in the in the non-democratic Arab world, a woman’s opinion is largely irrelevant.

    While the BBC focuses much attention on supposed Israeli human rights violations in the volatile West Bank and Gaza, they have for most of the time chosen to ignore violations of fundamental human rights that take place daily in almost every Arab country.

    Although the image of the egalitarian woman is slowly developing within some more secular Arab states, it remains largely confined to urban centers and upper-class circles.  Female circumcision is still common in rural areas of Egypt, Libya, Oman and Yemen.

    But you will never hear of those things on the BBC will you?

    And what about the Palestinian Authority Mufti, Ikremah Sabri, who in 1996 issued a fatwa banning the sale of Arab and Muslim property to Jews. At least seven Arab land dealers that violated his ruling were killed that year.

    If the Israel conflict was resolved tomorrow, or if Israel ceased to exist, the Arab world’s despots would be no more interested in reform than they are today.  Not that that thick Muslim woman would ever grasp that fact.


  3. Grant says:

    I can’t bear to watch it.


  4. jarwill101 says:

      This disgusting, stage-managed hatefest was the turning point for me. Once was more than enough. It illustrated, graphically, not only how low the BBC had sunk, but also how thoroughly the far left had poisoned our national bastion of ‘impartiality’. It was a lynch-mob, gleefully organised by Allah’s little helpers who, in the ten years since, have gone into overdrive to portray Islam, a cancer on any society it afflicts, as some kind of benevolent guest we should all be gladly embracing. As we have found, to our cost, it is a guest whose paranoid psychosis gradually becomes more apparent, to the point where one night we wake up to find our throats being cut. This is happening throughout Europe, & now the USA. The ‘religion of peace’? No. it is the religion of pieces; body pieces. The shattered bodies of anybody that stands in its vile, totalitarian path. So shameful was this broadcast, that at times, I could barely believe it was happening. So out of step was it with the national mood of sadness, & deep commiseration with our American friends, that it can only be described as Luciferian(I think Hippiepooter has used this recently, & how right he is). It was the moment the BBC slid out of the gutter, & into the sewers.


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Having watched the whole of the programme, I am surprised at how pro-American were the majority of the audience. The muslims who spoke were predictable in playing the victim card. The socialists were all rhetoric as is their wont. But the normal people who spoke were by and large in support of America. Ms Alibhai-Brown was her usual nauseous self and fortunately we didn’t have to listen to too much of her bile. I did try to consider what was not said, however and the air of detachment from the atrocity that had been committed, 2 days before (as was touched upon in the discussion) was all too palpable.


    • Henry Wood says:

      Did we watch the same programme? Quote: “[…] I am surprised at how pro-American were the majority of the audience.”

      Eh? Every time anyone voiced a pro-American view there was a slight smattering of applause, instantly drowned out by the baying hyenas.

      I remember watching the programme live and I truly had forgotten how much it upset me until I watched it again. To put it truly back into perspective, I have a 2 hour documentary of newsclips from 9/11. I first watched this documentary again and *then* watched Question Time just as I did back in 2001. I am as upset now as I was then.

      I also picked up on a remark made by the retired US Ambassador to an audience member when he was attempting to answer a question before the now all too common Dimbleby rude interruption, interrupted the Ambassador’s reply. (I think I missed it at the time):

      “Isn’t he a great moderator?”

      Why is Dimbleby still in this job?


      • London Calling says:

        Dimbleby showed himself in his true colours then, as now, a superannuated worthless piece of human excrement in a suit and tie with a debonair liberal manner. And every year he sucks on the teat of your license fee without shame or remorse. Another bBC Untouchable, courtesy of David “I think the BBC is a National Treasure” Cameron.


  6. noggin says:

    i have to say, i am very interested, to watch again, to see if it can make as furious as it did before
    however, it seems to have a real problem loading properly, & all i can get is a continual buffering situation.

    Hopefully, this is because there are so many wanting to watch it, but i am unsure


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      I’m hosting this on my own kit rather than, say, YouTube, to avoid it being taken down.

      In the hours after I posted this (elsewhere too) my server was pounded like a dockyard hooker.

      Apologies for that but hopefully it will be better now that the rush to view has died down.


  7. George R says:

    Yes, apart from the inhuman tone, and the lack of real empathy for the 9/11 victims, it is noticeable that the appeasement of Islam is prominent.

    Of course, Islamisation trends, not least in Europe and America, have continued since, fed by the political indulgence of much of the West’s political ‘elite’ and MSM (inc INBBC).

    But the shock of the Islamic jihad attacks of 9/11 (and the anti-West propaganda illustrated in INBBC’s ‘QT’) sparked also a politically necessary growth of anti-Islamisation in the West.


  8. noggin says:

    if this can t be put right, maybe an audio only, version would be an excellent rectifier.
    you can often pick up little nuances too, & you tend to really pick up syllable by syllable.
    thank goodness, there is a copy finally for the wider public, hope to listen/or watch….and indeed hope to urge others to


  9. David vance says:

    Many thanks to ASE for posting this to the site. It’s taken a lot of effort to get this so mucho gratis!


  10. Deborah says:

    I too am extremely grateful to Terminal and ASE  but will watch in short bursts to control the blood pressure – but it is important that bias like this can be seen – lest others ‘forget’.

    I have so far only got as far as Paddy getting in the first anti-Israel dig of ‘over-reaction’ and the following applause – I am sure it will not be the last.  Also havbing to watch through ‘buffering’ but will keep on watching.


  11. David vance says:

    Yes, our thanks to Terminal for providing this defining instance of rampant nauseating bias. 


  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    EyeTube gives a 404


  13. Billy Blofeld says:

    I was in that very audience and I’d never watched it back before – interesting. 

    I was due to be in the audience when Tony Blair was on Question Time, but I couldn’t make it in the end.  Out the blue I had a call and was invited to attend this 911 screening…… no idea why I was invited….

    In the audience room before we went into the studio I was surprised at just how “ethnic” the audience mix that the BBC had achieved was.  As a crowd we didn’t look representative of a typical British street in the slightest.

    Once in the studio Bio-Dimbo surprised me again.  He was trying to whip the audience up.  I’d thought we were supposed to be involved in debate – whereas I now realised this was just theatre.  Dimbo told us the programme worked best when it sounded like a “Townhall”.  He specifically asked for people to shout and heckle.

    I also noted that Bio-Dimbo seemingly gets a brand new shirt for every screening.  Before he put on his jacket, you could tell his shirt was straight out of a packet, with box fresh creases all over it.  It’s only licence payers money – don’t worry – cos Dimbo’s worth it……


    • TooTrue says:

      “Dimbo told us the programme worked best when it sounded like a “Townhall”.  He specifically asked for people to shout and heckle.”

      That’s interesting – so he egged the audience on beforehand so he could be seen to be the big brave guy controlling them once the show was on, I guess


  14. LJ says:

    The question is – where does the BBC find the filth that fills the audience in Question Time – this week and every week. That is the truly outrageous part of this programme, that it is presented as ‘neutral’ and yet it is always totally loaded with socialist scum.


  15. As I See It says:

    Watching it again I can well understand why the BBC would want to brush this sorry episode under the carpet.

    Cack-handed mistake number one by the BBC was to have thought to stage this kind of debate so soon after the event. It was already known that many British people were victims. In screening this show the BBC was simply exposing itself as the pompous self-righteous would-be artiber of everything.

    They really do see themselves as an unofficial political opposition, unfettered by any restraint or responsibility. Back then they were pushing NuLabour ever leftward.

    Of course the main problem is that the BBC habitually skews its QT panel and audience to the marxist and multicultural left. So this show was inevitable.

    There were a few sensible voices but half of the invitees seemed to be noisy and agressive extremists. They just do not represent British people. It happened again this very week on QT when the current Health Secretary faced a BBC endorsed unrepresentative audience packed with NHS activists.

    I liked the observation that in the very societies that these people seem to think are in some sense preferable to American Democracy this debate could not happen. I also noticed that one sensible audience member made the precient observation ‘this could happen on trains or buses’.

    I also noticed that the British Government of the time were careful not to provide a spokesman. Whatever you may say about Alistair Campbell and Tony Blair, they knew their BBC.


    • Craig says:

      Yes, it was the timing that was particularly offensive. It was ill-judged on so many levels.   
      The BBC only apologised for the tone of some parts of the programme, but they never apologised for the timing, nor for the unrepresentative audience (though I take John in Cheshire’s point that there were more pro-Americans in that audience than we remembered), nor for outrageously stacking the panel with three well-known. left-wing critics of U.S. foreign policy.   
      Dimbleby handled it fairly enough, though his “Well, why not answer it straight?” dig at Philip Lader seemed poorly judged to me. As for Billy Blofeld’s point that DD actually encouraged the audience to shout and heckle, he doubtless always says something like that before each programme, but there’s a time and a place – and this was neither. That would make him as responsable as his production team for the tone of the programme.   
      Yasmin Alibhai Brown may have put a few pounds on but she remains as odious as ever. She was on today’sDateline with Gavin Esler, along with that other loathesome specimen, Abdel Bari Atwan (and two other voices from the Left). The BBC is still stacking its panels in the same way it stacked that QT.  
      Thanks to the Eye, Terminal and TooTrue for finally giving us the chance to see it. I won’t be watching it ever again.


  16. Derek Buxton says:

    Why was no one at the BBC arrested on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism? 


  17. LJ says:

    Now having watched most of the programme, the whole fault lies with the wildly skewed panel and audience.
    Ashdown and Philip Lader gave meaningful contributions. The other two were clearly there only to provoke, and it is a minor blessing that George ‘cat’ Galloway was not there!
    The audience consisted of several decent, normal British people, who made good, sensible contributions. Then there was rent-a-crowd, a mob of weirdo lefties and non-English radicals who should never, ever have been given the opportunity to air their horrific views on prime-time TV.


  18. DJ says:

    Yes, indeed, this program is the perfect rebuttal whenever the BBC wheels out charges that it’s the right that encourages extremism.


  19. Frederick Bloggs says:

    I can’t watch this because of the buffering. Can it be uploaded to youtube ?


  20. Scoobywho says:

    That wouldn’t happen today – the number of pro western/non liberal representatives that slip through the BBC Question Time vetting system that is.

    How did the gentleman with the US flag tie on slip through the net, thank heavans that wouldn’t happen now.

    I also noted that the number of traditional English vs non traditional English speakers was equal, 11:11, how does that represent the split in the population of the UK?

    Thanks for the sharp object warning during the intro’ by the way . I’m still going to have to go for a long walk with the dog to recover though.


  21. Johnny Norfolk says:

    It just shows yet again that the BBC is an out of control extream left wing organisation.Who will ever sort it out.?


  22. Alcuin says:

    Thank you, Billy Blofeld, for an illuminating contribution. If BBC1 is seen as an entertainment channel, then it is a singularly inappropriate aethos for discussing serious issues, and this program in particular serves to illustrate where such a facile culture can take you. It also shows that Dimbleby was not “doing his best” (as some have suggested) to chair a measured discussion, but was probably loving the “edginess” of this ghastly emulation of Orwell’s Hate Week in 1984.

    The Left in full cry make a fox hunt look like a Palace garden party. Rarely have I seen such awful people or felt the need of an Uzi 9mm and plenty of clips.

    Thank you, BBBC, for giving us this. I had not seen this programme at the time, though I did see a Newsnight programme at the time which tried to get an American and Pakistani audience to debate the issues. There was an almost complete disconnect, with little but hate and lies coming from the Pakistanis. Someone should tell the BBC that you cannot have “balance” between Right and Wrong. Sorry, little point in that, as I am sure many have.


    • London Calling says:

      “You cannot have “balance” between Right and Wrong”

      Too true, but in the “post-modern” no-mans land that the bBC inhabits, perpetrators are no different to victims, just different Points of View.


  23. John Horne Tooke says:

    10 years later and now this audience resembles Newcastle’s Northumberland Street on a weekday afternoon (not Friday obviously). New Labours solution to islamic terrorism was to reward them with the freedom of our towns.


  24. TooTrue says:

    Many thanks to All Seeing Eye for following this up and for the upload.

    On a first impression (first time I’d seen it) it didn’t appear to be that bad – until I reflected on the fact that it was a mere 2 days after the atrocity.

    Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was particularly reprehensible with that cruel dig about how many people “despise” America, which of course she got in right at the beginning of whatever else she had to say. That theme was picked up later by someone in the audience. She played at impartiality towards the end of the show with her, “If it’s wrong to demonise Muslims then it’s equally wrong to demonise Americans.” I felt that was just window dressing.

    Still, I agree with others here that there was a fair amount of pro-American and British sentiment expressed, though it was clear that the audience was weighted against that sentiment and not shy of showing it.

    Overall I think Dimbleby was fair except for that dig at the ambassador, as Craig pointed out. When Alibhai-Brown was going on that it was, “depressing to watch Mr. Rubin talking in a language of civilization…,” Dimbleboy pointed out that, “Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said this was a clash of civilizations – you didn’t like that?” He also exercised firm control when the audience tried to shout down the guy who was speaking against terrorism.

    Ashdown also got his dig in early about Israel “overreacting to terrorism,” which was of course popular with the audience. (I wonder then how he reacted to Operation Cast Lead.) That of course was echoed by the predictable cliche later on from the audience about America being culpable for “harbouring terrorist Israel.”

    It amazed me that the elderly guy on the panel (couldn’t catch his name) was promoting dialogue with the terrorists before the dust from 9/11 had settled. Talk about appeasement. I guess it helped that he was a critic of American policy in the Middle East.

    I think the overriding impression I come away with is the sheer “the US had it coming” bile from so many in the audience, like that awful ginger woman and the one who spoke against the US-Israel relationship. Of course the aim of those frantic accusations was to deflect attention from the evil that Muslims do.

    I downloaded it but, like others here, I’ll only be watching it again with difficulty, if at all.


  25. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    To think that the likes of Alibiah Brown are still sucking public sector nectar to be that most pernicious of Beeb tools…the correct skin tone with a liberals ability to be virtuous with absolutely no cost to herself…shows that we as a society would rather lose the limb than pluck the thorn.
    Some good contributions from members of the audience, but the likes of Dalyell and useful law students and hijab harpies only show us just what vermin infest the folds of our garments…whilst gettting the Beebs shilling to tell the rest of us why we`re not worthy of anything but sharia!
    Hopefully the Americans will know that the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was an error…but I`ll provide the co-ordinates for Media City, Salford when the next media inspired terrorism “tragedy”( Dalyell would not call it an atrocity would he?) takes place.
    How the BBC have been allowed to be national gangrene and knotweed for so long is appallling. Dimbleby is STILL on his lily pad…I feel an occupation of Champneys coming on!


  26. Louis Robinson says:

    I was beginning to think this show – “the program that changed my life” – had grown disproportionally large as a result of the passing of time and failing memory. Thank you for posting it. It is every bit as eveil an hour as I have ever seen.


  27. Reed says:

    I saw this at the time with a few others and we were all appalled at the lack of compassion and the ‘you had it coming’ attitude so soon after so many had been murdered so horrifically. I don’t think I’ll watch, as I remember it all too well, but I think it would definately be worth uploading to Youtube for maximum exposure, even if they try to remove it. Well done to all for making the effort. I’ve searched for this online at various times and have always been unsuccessful.


    • noggin says:

      Reed, you are absolutey correct, maximum exposure i think is essential, i haven t been a ble to watch as there seems to be a continual buffering problem, a youtube or google vid maybe a sound only would do it.

      but i do  remember clearly 3 or 4 occasions of muslims/uaf in the audience stating everyone “despises the US”,HELLO  blatantly incorrect, deliberately insensitive & david dhimbly just allowing it AND loving the attention.

      Doctoring an audience so so el beeb, i-a-liar brown/ dhim dyall/paddy pantsdown doctoring the panel…..in the intervening years theres been no change, in fact now its worse

      Very very reminicent el beeb of continually mentioning “islamo-faux-bia” as if its a real thing, & not a false construct.

      el beeb self hypnosis


      • TooTrue says:

        noggin, did you try the Eyetube link on the main post? Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Watch Videos’. It’s there in three parts.


        • noggin says:

          oh yes actually i have now thanks….
          you know i thought the intervening years may have
          clouded my memory…..

          NOT A CHANCE.

          in fact i-a-liar brown, was worse than i remember, fully paid up member of the colonial guilt lobby, slimy little so & so, (a pity terry christian wasn t sitting next to her 😀 ).

          & that bloody dhimbly, like a barker at a freak show….insufferable creature.


  28. TooTrue says:

    Against my better judgement I watched it again, having watched it yesterday for the first time. I see now that Alibhai-Brown said she is, “Shocked that Americans don’t realise how many people DETEST them.”

    She really is an evil little piece of work, playing the white “liberal” left guilt conscience like a fiddle.

    Also, I got this bit wrong. Dimbleby didn’t say, “Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said this was a clash of civilizations – you didn’t like that?”

    He said, “….an ATTACK on civilisation….” 

    Anyway, I was cheered up to see that at least that miserable spectacle ended with the last member of the audience saying, “You’re all supporting terrorists,” and that Dimbleby preventing the baying hyenas from shouting him down, saying, “You’ve had your chance, let him speak.”


  29. hippiepooter says:

    Thanks very much for posting that.  First time I’ve seen it in its entirety.  
    I must say, when David Dimbleby closed, he seemed to be feeling very uneasy at the amount of people who had expressed non too subtle support for an Hitlerian act of evil.  
    The sheer hate broiling in that blonde ‘Anglo-Arab’ woman who was the first to speak for Al Qa’eda was a sight to behold.  I would certainly pity anyone who might be a domestic servant in her household.  
    Noteworthy though the number of tough looking Englishmen in the audience who spoke in support of standing shoulder to shoulder with America.  The guy who spoke at the end, especially excellent.  It’s gone so very downhill since.  
    I think an investigation into the programme revealed that before the show a producer had basically incited the closet Nazi element that they give full vent to their feelings.
    It was very noteworthy how they tried to shout down anyone who spoke in favour of defending civilisation.  It’s what people who support Hitlerian evil do.  
    The BBC, on the whole, has been playing the enemy propaganda game ever since.  
    As indicated at the start, I would wholly exempt David Dimbleby from this.


  30. Colin says:

    Is there any chance you could re-upload this? The video links are dead.


  31. Myles says:

    As of 24th April 2013 the video links are still dead, as they are on the EYETUBE site.

    Could the administrator/moderator re-upload them.

    Many thanks