As the anarcho-communist anti-Semitic street rabble infest our financial centres, you can rely on the BBC to cheer-lead for them. Here’s Paul Mason giving them a shout-out..

“Occupy Everywhere, then, is the kind of movement you get when people start to believe mainstream politicians have lost their principles, or are trapped by vested interests, or are all crooked.”

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35 Responses to OCCUPY PAUL MASON..

  1. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Who are they ……And – the biggest group – just ordinary people.”

    Pull the other one. If they are there tommorow they are not “just ordinary people”

    Ordinary people have jobs to go to. What classes as ordinary people to Mason are not necessarily classed as ordinary people to the rest of us.


    • D B says:

      Mason says around 2,000 people were there.

      Some non-league football attendances yesterday:

      AFC Telford v Ebbsfleet 2,004
      Cambridge v Alfreton 2,741
      Luton v Gateshead 6,285
      Mansfield v Southport 2,406
      Wrexham v Stockport 3,874
      York v Grimbsy 3,872

      Ordinary people.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      I know Mr. Mason is an economics whizz, so I am hoping he can explain how 2000 is 99% of 70,000,000M, which is what seems to be the claim now.

      And while closer, still seems to be a smidge off the that applied to the protesters v. population of the US.

      His petty cash form must make interesting reading when he gets back to base after a hard day ‘reporting’.

      Some are noting his blogs are often early closed or, like this, never opened.

      Maybe the ‘support’ is less comforting when outside the control of the twitter bloc?

      paulmasonnews Paul Mason @ @BBCMarkMardell Cheers Mark. See the Daily Mail (!) report on #OWS violence?


  2. Phil says:

    Mason’s quote could just as well apply to the Tea Party.

    Occupy Everywhere is a young white, middle class movement motivated by a fear that they probably won’t get the cushy ride their parents have had and now believe that they are entitled to themselves. No wonder it strikes such a chord at the BBC while that corporation’s gravy train has to shed a few passsengers. 


  3. John Horne Tooke says:

    Should Assange, not a citizen of this country be allowed to address a political meeting?

    Is he not a threat to public order?

    I’m sure Liam Byrne would agree.

    “Cabinet Office minister Liam Byrne said, on BBC One’s Question Time: “This guy wasn’t coming here to exercise his right of free speech. This guy was trying to come here in order to sow division between us in this country. ”


    • deegee says:

      It’s an interesting and relevant question. What right of free speech, if any, do non citizens and/or non residents have in foreign (to them) countries?


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Ah…the good and safe rebellion so beloved of the Beeb!
    Anything about the vested interest that screws the poor as much  as the rich with it`s “one size fits all” poll tax with no progressive component whatsoever?
    It`s called the TV licence!
    How many of us are paying for Wossy to come home to Auntie with his Max Miller suit and Russell Brands grease gun and glitter?…approx 250 of us by my reckoning!
    I daresay the BBC will not be highlighting the Euro bail out and no accounts signed off as long as Ruperts tax regime is in their sights!
    Mason…maybe it`s that name that opens so many doors for him…certainly hard to see him ever making  anything with his hands for a living!
    The BBC are just Somali pirates who find the Thames more congenial…and who fly in case they get seasick!


  5. james1070 says:

    Well remember this is what the BBC described as a peaceful protest.


  6. George R says:

    ‘Occupy’ has had a go at the bankers, surely the next target should be the BBC: it misleads, it’s undemocratic and it lives off the taxes of the 99%.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If the idiot Leftoid protesters ever try to work with the police and get them on side, and the idiot Government doesn’t repair the damage they’ve done to their own relationship, it will be a bad scene.


  7. hippiepooter says:

    Occupy the BBC.  Although we’ll have to do it after we’ve finished a day’s work and in time to get up for the following day.


    • Paddy says:

      The beeb has already been occupied by a bunch of ‘painfully white’ trust fund trots.

      The sprinklers on them for two hours a day , from four till six in the morning. Make sure they get the full British camp site experience.


  8. John Horne Tooke says:

    Lets see what happens next week.

    They may have to burn a few cars.


  9. George R says:

    As usual, Comrade MASON, Father of the Chapel of ‘Newsnight’ is spending his time (and our money) trying to turn the motley crew of ‘Occupy’ into a global socialist revolutionary movement to overthrow capitalism.

     Why isn’t his political movement bigger and more socialist, he bewails.

     He has the chutzpah to blame the lack of media interest, when BBC-NUJ is embedded with ‘Occupy’ and talks of little else except its demonstrating chums!

     Afterr his obligatory dig at Fox News, Comrade Mason wants his NUJ brothers to be more forceful in their support of the masked Assange and world socialist revolution:

    “Though the place was swarming with media, including a hilarious spoof of a Fox News reporter wearing a flak jacket, the main complaint is that the media is ignoring them and does not understand them. This latter point I think is largely true.”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      You know, I think Mason is unintentionally correct about the media not understanding his darling Occupiers.  They’re reporting that it’s all about these relatively benign, perfectly understandable motivations, when in fact it’s about destruction and neo-Marxism.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      I don’t have a clue what they’re protesting about. I think the demonstrators are against bad stuff. Or something. There’s some other stuff about bankers and rich people but I don’t know if they are angry at specific bankers and specific rich people or just bankers and rich people in general.

      Should I be showing solidarity with them? Well, it all depends on where Polly Toynbee stands: if she supports it, by default I am opposed.

      It’s all a bit nebulous and the message coming out of the Occupy movement is incoherent. Paul Mason seems to know but he’s clever and paid to understand stuff like this. He seems to think they’re cool, so I guess that means the protestors are the usual Swuppies, anarchists, local nutters, bored students and Laurie Penny.

      By my reckoning, there has been an hour of BBC coverage for every protestor, which is more than even U2, their in-house band, manages. Bono must be seething.


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        It will be the same old crowd. Stop the War, Global Warming, Tuition Fees, We are all Extremists Now and SWP. It gets so boring that these people can set up camp anywhere within the glare of a media lens. The BBC love it. Its just so predicatable.

        We will have the BBC interviewing marxists yobs who will be prompted all the way . There will be lots of calls of police brutality etc etc… in the hope that they will be imune from arrest (after all it has in the past tied the hands of the police to the point where they will just sit back and take photos) Then when its over they will all move onto their next “cause”.


    • George R says:

      This is why Comrade MASON, BBC-NUJ’s Father of the Chapel at ‘Newsnight’ hates and derides FOX NEWS and GLENN BECK (who is Bill O’Reilly’s guest here):  
      (short video clip) –  
      “‘Marxist Revolution’: Beck Shows O’Reilly How Organized Effort Guides World-Wide ‘Occupy’ Protests”  


  10. As I See It says:

    I just wish that BBC correspondents such as P Mason would come out and say ‘You know, I’m a marxist, I hate capitalism.’

    I’m now sick to the back teeth with licence fee funded BBC promises of utopia with no price tag, all the world welcome.


  11. DJ says:

    Wait… does the disparaging reference to ‘mainstream politicians’ mean that the BBC now thinks it’s a *good thing* to be fringe extremists?

    I guess all those previous warning about the threat from extremists must be destined for the memory hole.


  12. ian says:

    Paul Mason. A leftie who benefitted from a selective education (see his Wikipedia entry). Just the kind of hypocrite the BBC likes.


  13. D B says:

    @paulmasonnews Paul Mason RT @PennyRed: Report for @NewStatesman – Inside Madrid’s Puerta del Sol protest bit.ly/qRhT6G #15O #ows #occupyeverywhere 1 hour ago via TweetDeck


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      So… he RT’s her and she RT’s him, and this little revolving echo chamber between a BBC Editor and a… whatever she is… barricade groupie doesn’t seem the least bit bizarre?

      Of all the people he has met and/or could ‘follow’, he seems darn near obsessed with the girl, and she with him (for some reason, though Mrs. Merton might have a version of ‘what first attracted you, you little telly-addicted fame activist, to mulit-million home-accessing ‘news’ talking head Paul Mason?, courtesy of the licence tax).

      Though looking at the body of work recently, including the lesbian waitress incident, one could see how this lady ticks a few boxes.

      However, C4 seem to have her on speed dial too.

      Maybe it’s inisghts such as..

      “In the end we had about 11,000 suggestions. That was too much, and we couldn’t get everyone to agree, so a group of four hundred made them into just five suggestions.”

      Sounds like the way the narrative gets enhanced by the BBC here, too. Bunch of stuff. Threw out what didn’t suit, and a small minority decided what was ‘best’.

      “I’m here because I am indignados!” One girl shouts at me in broken English. “We are angry!”

      One can see how Mr. Mason is so smitten. A person in Spain is angry without the state broadcaster having to prompt that they are. Saves time, at least.

      Of the current 5 whole comments the mighty Mason’s endorsement has stirred up (which must make at least 98% of the population on Ms. Penny’s and the BBC’s new maths), one is (ironically) spam*, 3 seem politely bemused, and one is a groupie.. well, another one.

      That’s a movement right there.

      *Seems Mr. Mason has been hacked. So, not only does the BBC serve up tweets from staff that do not necessarily reflect the corporation’s views, they are serving up any old thing some Romanian spammers feel like national broadcast editors can claim on their behalf too.

      With the BBC claiming twitter is the new news, that is altogther pretty darn.. ‘unique’.

      And not for the first time, not in a good way.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        ‘And here, faster, easier, cheaper and ‘better’, is the BBC ‘news’:

        paulmasonnews Paul Mason Can ppl let me know if they get wierd tweets or DMs. I have unvirused my account bt let me know. I hope they were funny and within BBC rules

        Don’t know about anyone else, but from an awful lot of BBC employees, most that they issue seems wierd, not often funny and usually downright Charter abusing.

        Odd way to run a multi-billion media monolith that calls itself ‘most trusted’.


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          For balance..

          MockTheLeft Mock The Left If aliens arrived at #OccupyLSX they would expect 2 be taken 2@PennyRed as their leader if they had been watching @Skynewsprior 2 landing

          Of course, I can tell SKY news that they are an utter shambles and pull my sub.


  14. George R says:

    And Comrade MASON, BBC-NUJ Father of the Chapel is no doubt working on his ‘Occupy’ propaganda script for ‘Newsnight’ as we speak.