When the BBC areputting excess pay under the microscope will they consider all such examples ofexcess….or just politically convenient one? Only joking…

Via Guido Fawkes:

Some easy money for Gordon Brown….an hours speech and its champagne on thefirst class flight home…..
 •£48,166.00 for a speech to Visa International.
•£36,639.66 for a speech to Credit Suisse in Miami, Florida.
•£36,018.18 for a speech to Comtec Med in Geneva, Switzerland.
•£35,873.94 for a speech to World 50, Inc in New York.
•£36,174.63 for a speech to PIMCO in Newport Beach, California.
•£36,174.63 for a speech to Economic Club of Michigan.
•£36,146.29 for a speech to Skybridge Capital in Las Vegas.
•£36,292.84 for a speech to Citi Latin America in New York.
•£36,224.88 for a speech to Pershing LLC in Miami.

Compare these other ‘Brown’s’ in parliament and their financial interests andbenefits:

BROWN, Rt Hon Nicholas (Newcastle Upon Tyne East)
 BROWN, Lyn (West Ham)
8. Land and Property
One quarter share in a holiday cottage in Ambleside, Cumbria.

with that of:
 BROWN, Rt. Hon. Gordon (Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath)

Gordon Brown has made over one million pounds this year in declared earningsand benefits… his company….
‘Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown Ltd; company set up to provide administrativesupport for Mr and Mrs Brown in their ongoing activities.’

He states ‘I am not receiving any money from this engagement personally. It isbeing held by the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown for the employment of staffto support my ongoing involvement in public life.’
 Does his ‘staff’ include himself and his wife? Just what company director’s paydo they take out of the company? A question you may or may not hear on the Toady programme soon….meant the’Today’ programme but seems a suitable moniker.

Interesting that the Director of Public Prosecutions says he is investigatingwhether to prosecute bankers….why not politicians who deliberately abusetheir position for personal or party advantage.

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  1. Jonathan S says:

    it goes to show that socialists just take the piss


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    More paid speeches than votes in Parliament since he left office?


  3. Alfie Pacino says:

    I really cannot despise that man enough…


  4. Number 7 says:

    I still say Clarkeson got it right.


  5. Geyza says:

    O/T this is the email address to write in to get your pet peeve on the BBC’s That’s Britain show’s complaint wall.
    I would love to see the BBC in big letters on their wall.
    Just send them an email at the above address with BBC in the subject line.


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    Much as I dislike Gordon Brown, if people are stupid enough to pay him all that money for one hour of soporific verbal material then it really isn’t for us to say they shouldn’t.

    Whilst of course taking the piss out of the BBC for its double standards.


  7. George R says:

    “Gold hits all-time high of $1,500 an ounce (which means the amount Gordon flogged for £2bn would today fetch £13 BILLION)”  
    [About £15 BILLION today, with gold at about $1,686 an ounce.]  
    Read more:


  8. tincity says:

    Un-f*cking-believable!!  That Cyclops tw*t coining it after his “early retirement” to undoubtably spend more time privately with his familly. Witness parading his kinder through downing street, never to be seen again, oooo “We’re so f*cking private people now, just look at the kids!”.
    I don’t know anyone who ownes a piano, or the whereabouts of traditional lamp posts, so I will call out for rim fire zips and cudgels…… 


  9. Reed says:

    This is the man who said that, were he to lose the election, he might dedicate himself to charity or voluntary work, not business.

    I urge you not to watch the whole interview, it’s cringeworthy in the extreme : a reminder of everything that is loathsome about the man.


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Criminal hacks vs. public interest leaks…

    Excess pay vs. market rate talent remuneration…

    Hypocritical doubel standards vs. ‘unique’.


  11. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    •£36,174.63 for a speech to PIMCO in Newport Beach, California

    Must only be a coincidence that Head of European Portfolio Managent at PIMCO is Andrew Balls brother of the utterly, utterly loathsome Ed.


    • Bupendra Bhakta says:

      Sorry, did I say ‘utterly, utterly loathsome’.

      I meant, ‘big beast who can take the fight to the Tories’.

      My Bad.


  12. Umbongo says:

    I don’t blame Brown.  He is, after all, a moral bankrupt making the most of a world of his own making (literally).  I wouldn’t expect anything different.   
    Rather condemn those who hire him to talk at their events.  Credit Suisse, Citibank, Visa etc were prepared to throw £40,000 each down the toilet of this border mentally-ill has-been.  Moreover, if these were more or less commercial rather than PR events, what idiot would cough up his own or his company’s money to listen to the dross Brown has to deliver?  I can imagine what Brown has to say and how he says it.  I wonder how many of the audience were asleep by the end of Gordon’s drone.


    • Umbongo says:

       . . and, while I’m on, the blame really lies with the brain-dead voters who elected him.  They and, for instance, the Conservative morons of Buckingham who returned Bercow, deserve condemnation for sending world-class shite to represent them in the Commons.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Well, there’s not many things Kirkcaldy can claim to be world-class in.


        • Bupendra Bhakta says:

          A lamp-post with a red rosette would be voted in by the Kirkcaldy electorate.

          Tax ‘n’ spend is great you see, just so long as you get the spend and someone else gets the tax.


  13. jarwill101 says:

    Every time just like the last
    Profligacy tied to the mast
    To distant lands
    Fills both his hands
    Never a frown with Gordon Brown

    Grovelling apologies to The Stranglers/Golden Brown


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I can recall a local DJ many years ago coming up with the jingle:

      Gordon Brown, textured like mud
      Looks a bit like Elmer Fudd

      Funny how it’s stuck in my head after all this time.


  14. LJ says:

    Firstly, the communists are the BIGGEST piss-takers
    Secondly, I am sure he has done more speaking engagements elsewhere than he has appeared in Parliament – surely he should be censured / fired for not coming into the office??


  15. LJ says:

    PS I notice he never takes a salary, but I bet he takes dividends!! Loophole intentionally left after 13 years of GBrown running UK tax office??