Biased BBC has been contacted by a student atthe University of St. Andrews Conservative & Unionist Society.

“If youhaven’t been aware recently, the BBC have done an absolute assassination onthis organisation over the past few days. You can see here for more details: is the side of the story the BBC avoids giving

“Now, every year, the Conservative Society here holds a tongue-in-cheek”heretic burning”. This usually involves someone from the left-wing,that we think has contributed most to irritating us. It’s usually on 5thNovember, because it’s essentially updating the Guy Fawkes tradition. It hasbeen run, without ‘scandal’ or obsessive media coverage for the past sixtyyears.

The idea of ‘Heretic Burning’ is to be infantile and to let our hair down. Weusually have fireworks, mulled-wine, light-hearted debate, marshmallows andbanter. During the year we burnt the Rt. Hon Ed Milliband, the left-wingsocieties collaborated to respond by burning David Cameron. This was on thesame beach, and everyone treated it as a good laugh.

If you’d listened to the BBC coverage, however, you’d have thought we hadperformed a modern-day lynching. There were lies galore – such as the notionthat we’d wrapped him in an EU Flag [that appeared on the BBC for at least 36hours] (this was to be done separately; however our president forgot to bringthe EU flag in question). Another lie was parroted from our Student President,Patrick O’Hare, that we could’ve chosen Gaddafi. He wasn’t nominated at anystage, and thus wasn’t considered or burnt. The candidates were – as far as Iremember – Obama, Balls, Cooper, Cable and Clegg (and maybe one or two more).


Thereasons we chose Obama were numerous. We’ve disliked his disrespect towardsWinston Churchill, and his silence over the inalienable right of BritishSovereignty to the Falkland Islands. We also dislike his socialist domesticpolicies (i.e. pork-barrel spending funded by equally ruinous quantitativeeasing), which are threatening the UK’s Economic Recovery.

Moreover, we have many republican members from the USA. Being an open andtolerant society, we accept people with a wide-range of views. They voted forObama for obvious reasons. This was done at an EGM (and not at a committeevote, as the BBC also initially reported, before deleting it).

If you’d listened to the BBC, however, the word “racist” appearedcountless times. The accusation was – without the BBC saying it publicly – thatwe were somehow racist for burning an effigy of the US’ first mixed-racepresident. Apparently, Obama isn’t a politician in his own right, to be judgedlike anyone else would be – Obama must be disliked only because people areracist and stupid and right-wing.

Look, I’m not saying that what we did was big or clever, and if we’d have knownthat it would have caused such offence – we wouldn’t have even contemplated it.However, the way that it’s been reported by the Liberal media, led by the BBC, is completelyinaccurate and wrong.” 

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30 Responses to HERETIC BURNING

  1. Millie Tant says:

    More of the Beeboid Corporation’s double standards about raaacism. 

    I only hope it’s not true that the student society is writing a letter of apology to Obama (unless of course they are writing such a letter to all people who have been burned in this way – and the other student societies are also writing such letters to the likes of the PM. Otherwise, it would be raaacist.) 

    This would only make them look as ridiculous as the fawning Justin Webb and the equally embarrassing Mark Mardell who feel they must prostrate themselves before Obama the “black” man. We all know he isn’t but a little thing like that mustn’t get in the way of the Beeboid need for a bout of “black man” worship. God, if students must embarrass us, at least do it by silly burnings rather than silly sycophancy.


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    Don’t come bitching to us, guys.  Bitch to your f***ing party who are quite content to let things go on at the BBC as they are.


  3. Martin says:

    I hope they pursue the scumbag BBC for an apology.


  4. Peter Parker says:

    Look – the anti-Tory bias of the BBC and LSM is no secret – so why did these plonkers provide them with an open goal? Don’t expect anyone to come out in support of your burning of an effigy of a blackman klu-klux-clan style mate. What a complete plonker. With such super political acumen these tory scotch tits should go far in today’s conservative party.


  5. DJ says:

    Wait… what? A powerful mutli-national media corporation slimed innocent citizens? Where’s Hugh Grant when we need him?

    Nothing shows the BBC’s bias like BBC bias. There’s simply no objective scheme of values by which this kind of media drive-by is OK but the treatment of Hugh Grant is a war crime.


  6. Geyza says:

    I agree with Roland.  So long as Cameron keeps gratuitously sucking up to liberal left wingers who will never forget Thatcher, never give credit to a tory and certainly never ever vote tory, he is throwing votes in the bin.  The BBC will not come round to being an impartial broadcaster so long as there are tories to kick.  Cameron is wasting his time and the tory’s supporter’s patience.  Dave needs to grow a pair and give the BBC a damned good kicking.


  7. hippiepooter says:

    >>Look, I’m not saying that what we did was big or clever, and if we’d have known that it would have caused such offence – we wouldn’t have even contemplated it.<<

    I’m sorry to hear it!

    We can’t let free speech or tradtional student frolics be curtailed by manipulative, overgrown 10 year olds who would reinstitute the Gulag if they had their way.  With correctnicks its a positive democratic duty to cause them as much offence as reasonably possible.


    • DJ says:

      This. Plus that goes double where the lemon suckers are the self-same people explaining why publishing lurid fantasises about hacking Prince William to death or making abusive phone calls to an elderly man is cutting-edge comedy.


      • Millie Tant says:

        Yes, the students need to get a backbone and defend their stupid pranks with a bit of verve and wit, holding a mirror up to Beeboid hypocrisy. I look forward to reading about them burning a large effigy of the Beeboid Corporation, named Hypocrisy, in a public place, having first invited the public and the media to witness and enjoy the spectacle.


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      Absolutely correct.  Never forget that socialism is a genocidal philosophy.  Over one hundred million people murdered in less than one hundred years. 

      All the religions together don’t even come close.


  8. Martin says:

    You can bet if it has been Sarah Palin or David Cameron the BBC wouldn’t have been even remotely bothered.


    • Millie Tant says:

      And if it had been Margaret Thatcher, the Beeboids would be cheering to the rafters. Isn’t it written into the contracts of all Beeboid “comedians” to insult, humiliate and belittle the former PM at every opportunity? It’s probably written into the Beeboid Charter by now. Heck, it must be in the Beeboid DNA as well.


      • grangebank says:

        They wouldn`t dare make a effigy of MT because they attribute so much evil to her name that think it will come to life .


    • D B says:

      As I pointed in the open thread a couple od ays ago – compare and contrast:

      Obama effigy burnt by St Andrews Conservative students  
      An effigy of US President Barack Obama was burned over the weekend by members of the Conservative student association at St Andrews University.  
      The incident is understood to have taken place on Friday evening on the town’s East Sands beach.
      Palin effigy to go up in flames  
      Sparks will fly in East Sussex later when an effigy of US Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin goes up in flames at a bonfire celebration.  
      Thousands of people at the Battle bonfire will see Mrs Palin get a roasting as the race for the White House enters its final days.

      Also, check out this freshers week event by St Andrews LeftSoc in September this year:

      LeftSoc Workshop: Posters, Placards and Props

      Description:    Ever fancied making an effigy of David Cameron? If, like us, you have, join LeftSoc as we get all Blue Peter-ish running a workshop to build protest paraphernalia.

      Type    Orientation

      Open to    Postgraduates, Undergraduates

      Date    Thursday, 22 September 2011

      Time    2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
      Where    Students’ Union Building, TV Room

      The BBC’s Tim Reid, who whipped up the outrage over the effigy of the beloved Obama, is predictably ignoring tweets about BBC double standards.


      • D B says:

        Another activity from the lefties during freshers week this year (emphasis added) :

        Saint Andrews activists could not get a minutes rest this week. With the plethra of freshers’ activities we’ve been seen stumbling the streets, standing awkwardly at a Jose Gonzalez concert and finding new comrades and friends.
        As Sunday approached many leftists began to prepare for the Societies Fayre and to continue our proud tradition of disrupting the Officer Training Corps (OTC) activities for the day. Year upon year this student wing of the Armed Forces stinks out our Student Union with their fliers, stall and occasional tank. Building on past successes ( and experimenting some new tactics we fell asleep that night feeling happy with another successful year of being bastards to the OTC

        Standing in the direction of the oncoming foot traffic we used our hippy/ punk look to our advantage and smiled at freshers and offered them ”free peace information.”…

        We commited these acts of love in beauty not in memory of people like Bradley Manning but in honour of people that a £34,000 degree should let you know about. So, fuck it, we honour Mauricio Morales, Andreas Baader and the great folks from Chumbawamba!
        No Armed Forces on Campus!

        Childish St Andrews lefties disrupting the armed forces in honour of a couple of terrorists (one  blew himself up, the other committed suicide). Tim Reid and the shitty biased BBC? Not interested.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I dont recall Bacon recommending people view on youtube that tosser Stanhope slating a downs syndrome child because his mother’s Sarah Palin causing much of a stir in the BBC halls of correctnick cant.


  9. Louis Robinson says:

    The Obama Broadcasting Corporation continues its propaganda campaign against anything other than BeebThink. The BBC website today had one of those wonderful snarky paragraphs: “One of those who attended told the BBC that members of the (Conservative) association had “no input” and were “surprised” to discover Obama was on the bonfire.” The quotation marks placed as they are, are code for “oh yes they did”.
    All I’m asking for is balance. Example – compare and contrast the current tack taken by the BBC and Ben Brown’s cooing report on the 2003 march on Trafalgar Square which includes a Bush effigy burning. “Some minor scuffles”. “A handful of arrests”. “The demonstrators may not have come face to face with President Bush today but they certainly feel they’ve made their presence felt.” Nothing to worry about, old boy. Just high spirits from a representative group of British patriots…


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Presumably there wasn`t enough padding wadding and stuffing to make a decent life-sized models of Patten AND Thompson. 
    Burning Obama was probably better for the carbon footprint too…less hot air,if more self-satisfaction that our two arsemen of the apocalpyse.
    Would the UEA do us an independent research t`ing on whether I`m right that self aggrandisement and entitlement actually produces clouds of ooze that traps our CO2 and therefore does`nt help Gaia?…oh, who`s to say?
    The BBC talks quietly to itself in the corner before its timed rants to nobodys surprise in ever decreasing and diminishing returns.
    £147 for the guys mista?…we`ll burn it nonetheless!


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I agree with all comments here.  The hypocrisy and intellectual bankruptcy of the Beeboids is clear. We’re supposed to be in a post-racial society now that we’ve elected a black man as President, but clearly that’s not the case for the intellectual giants of the Left.  
    If we can’t burn Him in effigy because He’s black, then we must admit that He was elected because His is black.  Obviously the Beeboids still can’t see past the color of His skin.  Racists.  
    The people at the BBC responsible for this slanderous hatchet job, like everyone else on the emotion-based Left, view black people as their intellectual property.  Anyone who tries to take liberty with their property is attacked.  
    I fully support the University of St. Andrews Conservative & Unionist Society in this matter, and hope they don’t write a letter of apology to anyone.  Any demand for an apology is an admission of racism – not on the part of the St. Andrews students, but on the part of those who criticize them.  
    I hope the society members understand this.


  12. dave s says:

    The BBC and it’s fellow travellers have no , absolutely no, intention of engaging in serious political debate about anything at all unless it controls the agenda. We all know this by now.
    This effigy nonsense is a gift to them. It enables thenm to trivialise and adopt some moral high ground bearing in mind to them the only mortal sins are judgmentalism and racism. These trump all other considerations and enable the beeboid to remain pure in thought if never deed.
    Just when I think I cannot loathe the BBC any more it continues to surprise me.


  13. David Preiser (USA) says:

    David V, can you please write back to the Society and tell them that they have support, and are welcome to come here and discuss it further?  BBC libelling others is a serious issue.


  14. Teddy Bear says:

    I’m really heartened by the reply of the St. Andrews Students. Intelligent, concise, thinking for themselves, and telling it like it is. There’s no way BBC bias now or in the future is going to get past them, and hopefully they will influence many others having seen it first hand.


  15. John Horne Tooke says:

    Did the BBC report this?


  16. Stuart says:

    To the students of St Andrews; Look, next year can I suggest you add Mark Thompson and Chris Patten to the candidate list?

    They are both white so there should be no racist undertones.


  17. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Child expelled for saying newscaster looks like Obama:


  18. Elby the Beserk says:

    At the same time, it went completely unreported on the BBC, that at a recent meeting in London, Ken Livngstone (aged 13) opened the meeting by asking how many people wanted George Osborne hanged. 


  19. right_writes says:

    I ‘spose they could make amends (if there is a good reason to, which I am not convinced there is), by burning an effigy of “top tory” Chris Patten… current chair(person) of Pravda.


  20. cjhartnett says:

    Wasnt` it St Andrews where the Jewish student was so abused and the Israeli flag desecrated a month or two back?
    If so we can see a Cambridge type elitist sneer in our top universities developing…and if we don`t watch it, then Government spokespeople for Higher Education will be refused the right to speak…then where will we be?
    Oxford…that`s where!


  21. Henry Wood says:

    Why doesn’t Cameron grow a pair of balls and take the barstewards on?
    One day soon, I’m afraid that Lady Margaret Thatcher will die. No matter what any single one of us thought about her personally, I wait in trepidation as the marxists (including “right-on comedians”) in our society are wheeled out to instantly despise her memory over the airwaves. We shall have Livingston, Scargill and all of the rest, already primed and raring to go, the day she goes to meet her maker. I’ll bet the discrete billets-doux went out long ago telling these creatures to, “Be prepared! For we, the BBC, will that day call on you for your profound input regarding the passing of a hated [Oooops! historic!] figure in British history.
    I really do hope there is something after this cursed life that I now live and those Knuts who beggar me every 12 months for >£140, one day get their truly just rewards:
    “Sandy Toxic introducing the other bitchers and moaners, including Brigstock, Elton et al, and complaining there is something wrong with the heating! It’s getting hotter and hotter! We cannot turn it down! For God’s sake somebody do something!”
    And a voice from the greatest audience ever asks, “Oh, you want God to do something? Why didn’t you ask earlier?”
    Barstewards, every single one of ’em!