Hi folks! Been away for the past few days so trust this finds you all well. Quite a bit to catch up on and I think I will start with this one because it nicely articulates my own views having read the same BBC report; From the Commentator;

“All right. I’m not going to make this difficult. The families giving the orders, as well as the victims, are in all, or almost all, cases Muslim. Surprised? No, of course you’re not. Honour attacks ranging in brutality from beatings to murder are commonplace in many parts of the Muslim world. Since Britain, like many other European countries, has imported sizeable Muslim communities, which are to a significant degree unassimilated, the cultural practices of the old country have survived the transition to the new. Finally, the figure of 2,823 attacks is almost certainly a gross under-estimate since, apart from anything else, it is drawn from only 39 of 52 UK police forces. 

Got it? In just over 150 words (including title and summary) you now know all the basic information, and as intelligent, informed citizens you can have a discussion on what to do about it. That’s what journalism is for. 

Propaganda, on the other hand, is intended for something else. It is designed to present a politically charged narrative held to with a fanaticism that will allow no mention of facts that contradict it. It is thus deliberately intended to lower the quality of the discussion by erasing key pieces of information. Enter the BBC, which reported on the matter in a lengthy, 700-plus word article and failed to mention the words “Muslim”, “Islamic” or “Islam” even once.

Very true. I also got to watch BBC breakfast news coverage on these “honour killings”  and again the sanitisation was all too evident. It’s never news, it’s always propaganda. The BBC seems determined to ensure that Islam escapes any criticism even when, as in this case, the savagery is crying out for the strongest condemnation.

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  1. noggin says:

    this IS a new low, honour killings, violence, beatings, muslim paedopile gangs raping children.  
    its beyond even a skewed sense of leftism protectionism, it is obscene.  
    are they? assisting? ……murderers, abusers & paedophiles, by their silence 

    and neglect of fact
    no excuses…sorry, these deserve the most vehement, harsh exposure/criticism. which if it did that, you know the right thing, the BBC would be rightly commended for doing so.  

    if there would be national outcry about these aspects of this retarded ideology, (and compared to democracy it is), bringing it right out into the open …  forcing a serious questioning in open, full debate
    well …. GOOD! about time.  
    “An illuminating expose of this el beeb mindset,  on Clarkson issue  5live 
    on comes a media lawyer to clarify the issue, Fogarty, mentions comparisons of (wait for it)…a statement that Jews, should be pulled in front of their families and shot, or maybe blacks, or women…      
    yep “no problem”??…”it would be just a figure of speech”?…“their was no deluge of calls”,(actually was over 4000?)… just freedom of speech.      
    hmmm on jews sheesh…harsh……and no mention of the “M” word either      
    oh well    the link is here      
    BUT THEN just check out Fogarty in a second segment from 1hr 36 with      
    R Bacon.    
    but if it was a “PROTECTED” group. a “RACIAL” group like “MUSLIMS”, or the disabled it would be different???
    then there are laws TO BE USED on equality??
    … WHAT! ….  THE (excuse my language … F-CK!)  
    do these halfwits have a complete mental block … these are barefaced lies  
    islam is not a race, neither are its followers  
    It is beyond me,  listen to it yourself ….  
    yep! thats right … ok to state  
    “pull jews out, in front of their children to be shot” ……. hilarious?  i know?  
    protected race? …..  islam? or muslims? …..  
    is this wilful ignorance, deliberate stupidity.  
    self hypnosis perhaps….  
    ignorance is apparently “no excuse” ….  


  2. Cassandra King says:

    Just met two of the bravest men I have yet encountered, they are evangelical Christians. Gentle and kind and good humoured, nothing out of the ordinary in that you might think but these guys are EGYPTIANS they work in what is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs imaginable, the job of bringing the light into the dark heart of islam.

    The BBC does not see them, the Church if England does not want to see them as it may lead to those cringing cowards to open their eyes to the struggles of Christians in those dark lands. These are the people that are invisible even as they are murdered, if their deaths are reported they are merely a statistic.

    The BBC and the CoE is so frightened and cowardly they dare not see the reality, what is happening and the true bravery of Christians bringing the message of Jesus Christ to lands so desperately in need. Now you dont have to be a Christian to note the courage do you? And then measure that courage against the base cowardice you see here at the heart of Christendom.

    When you see true courage close up it makes you notice the lack of it at home.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Sense such heroes of the faith are an embarrassment to the Church and to be despised and feared by the spineless quislings at the BBC.
      Still, they`ll be on the winning side…and the work to split Muslims from Islam is ongoing, and will get easier…here if not in Egypt.
      Most Muslims live in the 21st Century and have yet to fight those who speak in their name…these people are not the brave Arabs of the Tribes, and will surely see that they either live here or scoot off back to Riyadh or Dacca.
      About time they got up off their knees and took on their big mouths with staged passes to the BBC…their kids deserve better…and ,please God: they will obtain it as we do.


    • Teddy Bear says:

      It is hard to believe that the Church here in the UK are ignorant of the attacks going on throughout the Muslim world against Christians, despite the continuing attempt by the BBC to avoid the incidents altogether, or simply downplay them.

      This lack of spirit displayed by the Church, by not speaking out, might well acoount for the declining numbers amongst their congregation. How long more will they continue to allow their fellow believers to suffer at the hands of an insidious and barbaric mindset and think they will retain any credibility for ‘spiritual guidance’ in the future? Their lack of ethical and moral leadership to date in tackling many of the issues we highlight here on a daily basis has allowed these problems to grow unabated.

      Just toady we can read about this story Zakho, Iraqi Islamic extremists attack Christian-owned shops and properties
      As usual – no mention of it by the BBC, and no outcry by the Church. So what will stop future attacks?


      • ian says:

        Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir Ali resigned his position in 2009 to concentrate more of fighting for the rights of Christians abroad. My guess is tyhat he jumped before he was pushed. Beeb used to quote his opinions on conservative evangelical Anglicanism – hated by liberal clergy/broadcasters – but only because he was of foreign extraction. But from his resignation onwards we’ve heard bugger all.


        • Teddy Bear says:

          I couldn’t find anything current for him, which is a pity. He was doing what one would expect from our religious leaders to be doing. This extract from Wikipedia might explain in part the general cowardice of the Church in standing up for those things they should, as Nazir-Ali did. In much the same way the BBC focusses on negative news on Israel rather than the perversions of Arabs, the Church focusses on whether they should have a female Bishop than the real issues affecting our society.MulticulturalismThe launch edition of the Standpoint magazine caused controversy in the United Kingdom, in which Nazir-Ali called for Christianity to regain a prominent position in public life and blamed the “newfangled and insecurely founded doctrine of multiculturalism” for entrenching the segregation of communities. Nazir-Ali argued that the decline of Christianity and the rise of liberal values in the UK during the 1960s had created a moral vacuum which radical Islam threatened to fill. He wrote that “We have argued that it is necessary to understand where we have come from, to guide us to where we are going, and to bring us back when we wander too far from the path of national destiny.” The Guardian newspaper devoted its leader to criticising Nazir-Ali, although it described his writing as “neatly underlining [Standpoint]’s expressed intent ‘to defend and celebrate Western civilisation’”. Nazir-Ali was condemned by the Ramadhan foundation and the President of the National Secular Society, who accused him of “doing the BNP’s work”, but was praised by The Daily Telegraph centre-right newspaper.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I think the only tyrant the ArchBeard did stand up to over the persecution of Anglicans was a Roman Catholic: Robert Mugabe.


  3. edward bowman says:

    Who are the people who write the BBC news scripts? Have they any particular affiliations that make them so obsessed with  particular aspects of the incoming news?


  4. dave s says:

    “Honour Killings” is a misnomer. There is nothing honourable about it. Primitive savagery more like.
    50 years ago this country was free of such things. If this is what multiculturalism means then we have made a dreadful mistake.
    Denial and more denial is the only way the elites can handle their consciences and themselves so are we really surprised at the BBC’s attitude?


    • George R says:

      The more mass immigration to Britain  from Islamic countries continues, the more ‘honour killings’ in Britain will increase.


      • john in cheshire says:

        And if that’s what they are doing to each other in our country, goodness knows how many are suffering in their own godforsaken lands. We know Christians and Jews are persecuted in muslim countries (and no one speaks out against it) but there must be thousands in not tens of thousands of muslims killed by their families and it goes unreported. Because, it’s a religion of peace, isn’t it.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Well said, Cassie and cj.  For me the salient point of Shepherd’s piece is this:

    Britain, like many other European countries, has imported sizeable Muslim communities, which are to a significant degree unassimilated, the cultural practices of the old country have survived the transition to the new.

    In other words, you can take the caveman out of the cave, but…well the rest is obvious.

    Obviously this would apply to Hindus and Sikhs as well. But all of these people were cavemen and did this stuff long before Mohammed was a twinkle in his uncircumcised father’s eye. There’s not much point in blaming Islam itself for this, although it’s pretty clear that the Islamic immigrants are far less assimilated than others from the Subcontinent.

    Rather than have an honest discussion, though, the BBC keeps trying to educate you the other way.  Still waiting for programming geared to reaching out to Muslims and getting them to join society, rather than yet another series addressing what the producers beliee to be the inherent racism of the English.  They’ve failed in their remit to foster Social Cohesion.  It’s an intellectual failure among management and programmers and producers.  It’s too bad no BBC employee has the courage to address this.


    • Wally Greeninker says:

      Islam is very much to blame for the persistence of honour killings  – they should more  properly known as  facade-preservation murders- in the immigrant community. The BBC religious website concerning sharia law actually lists in its bibliography a textbook ( The relianceof the traveller – recommended as an authentic guide to Hanifi sharia by al Azhar university) which states explicitly that it is the right of a parent to kill their child. In most predominantly Muslim states the punishment for such crimes is nominal or non-existent. Attempts  to clamp down on it in Turkey hae merely led to a sharp rise in mysterious ‘suicides’ among young women.
      By teaching the superiority of divine law to any man-made law and the superiority of Muslims to kaffirs, Islam has ensured such behaviour can only be eradicated by coercion.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        If Islam is to blame, how do you explain the Hindus and Sikhs who do it?  There is an argument to made that Islam perpetuates the caveman mentality and prevents the joining of modern civilization more than the other religions, but that’s another story.


        • noggin says:

          which is a sound argument, if the stats were even across all the others, and this is patently not so, there is obviously some degree of cultural patterning
          but it is overwhelming perpetuated by the islamic mindset

          M.East Quarterly
          “It is particularly alarming to note that in Europe 96% of the “honor killing” perpetrators are Muslims”


  6. michael laing says:

    Acid attacking, mutilation, beating and murder are traditional British punishments for women who have brought shame on their family. Why just the other day Reggie Arkright a mate of mine, threw acid in the face of his sister Kelly because he suspected her of a liaison with Jack Duckworth. The shame the Arkrights must have suffered, I cannot imagine. The pain and humiliation must have been too much to bear. Reggie just snapped, he beat the shit out of her first though, she probably didn’t feel the acid dissolving her face. Both friends and family feel relieved, justice has been done. In fact we all took Regie on a night out, let him let his hair down, after all he’s been through who would deny him the chance to bask in his new found respect from the community, jeez even jack Duckworth showed up, things were a little bit tense for a while but after a pint, the past was forgotten, things patched up n we hit the town looking for some fresh p**sy.


  7. George R says:

    The following is not the sort of book (and book review) which multiculturalist/ cultural relativist INBBC would welcome:

    Why the West is Best: A Muslim Apostate’s Defense of Liberal Democracy

    By Ibn Warraq

    (Encounter Books, 2011.)



  8. sue says:

    Jasvinder Sanghera, a Sikh, is the most high profile campaigner against honour crimes. She was interviewed on the BBC news channel yesterday. She is well-known to the BBC. She acknowledges that the most common victims of honour crimes are Muslim women and girls, and  the BBC probably feels able to allow her to speak more freely on air because her Sikh background undoubtedly gives credence to the claim that these crimes aren’t exclusively Muslim.
    Here’s something from 2003, so it’s nothing new to the BBC. There’s an excruciatingly PC article on Harry’s Place here, but some good comments below the line. (I think Sarah AB would consider me a ‘wingnut’)


  9. Millie Tant says:

    Yasmin Alibhai Brown has been drawing attention to these crimes for donkeys’ years in the national media and London Evening Standard.

    Here from the Standard in 2008 she highlights one such case and continues: 

    This could be yet another unproven “honour killing”. Even if it is not, there has been a rise in such killings and cases of appalling sadism meted out to women by their loved ones, as revealed by two documentaries on BBC2 this week. It is all done in the name of “izzat” (honour), which is felt to be violated if females refuse to obey like trained dogs.
    I have written about these crimes for more than two decades and have known victims of the cruel oppression within a minority of British Asian and Arab families. Things can only get better, promised New Labour in 1997. Yet violence against women has got shockingly worse, partly because each new generation of girls gets more removed from Eastern values and more fiercely independent. More depressingly, younger women do not, any more, come out collectively against the outrage. …

    …We have also seen the rise of apologist women’s groups – particularly “Islamic” female activism – which idolises cultural and religious values, however heinous. Meanwhile, organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain keep to traditional lines and never protect women’s rights. …



    • noggin says:

      i think you might find others too, she is appallingly protectionist much of the time, often with a smidgen of israel (guilt by), association  

      ………. to be COMMENDED HEARTILY on this occasion though……


  10. Millie Tant says:

    And from The Independent of a year ago:

    Up in Bradford a few years back, I met Muslim pimps, some wearing mini Koran pendants on heavy, gold chains. “Not our girls,” they reassured me, “just them white girls from the estates, cheap girls. They love it man, all the money they make! What else will they do with their lives? We’re helping them make a career.”
    Much laughter, until I asked them what they would do if a white pimp groomed their daughters. They would kill the pimp and the girls too, they said. They would too.
    Then there was an 18-year-old white boy from Manchester who said he was lured and raped at the age of 10 by an Asian scoutmaster and his Muslim mates, who would, in public, hysterically denounce homosexuality. The double standards enable the Asian rapists to feel good, and that makes it doubly bad. Convenient myths of uprightness help hide the rape within their families too – which is why barely anyone ever reports it. The final insult is the veil of religious hypocrisy, already evident in the pimps above. Muslims and Sikhs make much public noise about the importance of religion and its intrinsic goodness. Islam and Sikhism do give women some important rights, but these are devalued in real life on a daily basis.  …



  11. NotaSheep says:

    ‘Only mention someone’s race if it is strictly relevant. Check to make sure you have it right. Would you mention race if the person was white?
    Do not sensationalise race relations issues; it harms black people and it could harm you.’ NUJ Guidelines


    • noggin says:

      “strictly relevant. Check to make sure you have it right”
      oh thats it then…silly me
      muslims are a race?, and need to be protected? (even through heinous criminal acts) erm…just like the disabled??!??!
      thanks for that… truth, 5live/Fogarty
      thats cleared that up