I received this email earlier today….
This story makes the BBC England page headline
But you can’t find this story on the BBC news pages;
unless you search the BBC news site using ‘muslim alcohol’ and you get this obscure page which has a link to the Scottish Sun and refers only to ‘girl gang…’
Pretty much convincing evidence of bias.
The BBC don’t even see fit to report the story. A mere link to another news article with no reference to the thugs as muslims.”

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  1. Span Ows says:

    I would like to repost George R’s post from the open thread: when vigilante (white) gangs start knocking off Somalian and Pakistani gangs the liberal elite will need to know the blame lies 100% with them.

    (by Leo McKinstry)   


  2. RCE says:

    Maybe Dez can explain this imbalance in reportage?


  3. ian says:

    Well sniffed out. Hopefully ROP thugs will visit Hampstead Heath tonight, where BBC staff go walkies…. 🙂


  4. jarwill101 says:

      We have a two-tier ‘justice’ system in this country, ably assisted by the BBC/NUJ two-tier crime reporting – one & the same, working in tandem to exonerate/downplay/omit non-white crime, while bigging-up white. Utterly blatant bias. I didn’t hear Tram Lady screaming ‘kill the black bitch!’, or see her kicking some innocent’s head in. The Somali girls should have got 5 long years for racially-aggravated GBH. Did they strike anybody as being unused to alcohol? I think not. They were just ‘paying back whitey’ – collect your £200: do not go to gaol.


  5. Martin says:

    I see the BBC managed to report on the soldier who wanted to burn down the Mosques though.


  6. Durotrigan says:

    They really don’t like the Rhea Page story, for it conflicts with their deeply held delusion that anti-white violence doesn’t exist. When I typed “Rhea Page” into the BBC News search engine it brought up a story about Saturn’s second largest moon – Rhea. Given that it is our main public service broadcaster, the BBC ought to be devoting a significant amount of coverage to the lenient sentences doled out to the Somali race-hate attackers because they were followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ (ahem!).


    • dave s says:

      The BBC and fellow travellers will continue with their delusions . As with global warming, the Euro, the state worship and the joys of multiculturalism to do other wise would strike at the foundations of their world view.
      This is what comes of allowing a particular thought pattern, an idealised view of humanity and reality to take over and perpetuate itself in the main institutions of society- the media, the law, education and the administrative class.
      For 40 years plus the same people have recruited the same people and spread their delusions. Now reality is starting to assert itself as it always does, and they are feeling the heat.
      Denial, personal abuse, falsification of facts, you name it, it is happening.
      The end result can only be their descent into tyrrany or their removal from power and influence by a population that simply can take no more of their absurdities.
      They are the worst generation to afflict this country in our long history and their removal from power is the duty of all of us who have a care for this land and for the future.


      • jarwill101 says:

          Very well said, dave s, excellent. I’ve been out of London for a few days, & the feelings you so eloquently express in your last paragraph are alive & well in the shires, where most people are immune from the metropolitan elite’s warped delusions, & totally reject the Orcs of PC. Refreshing. In quick time, the beeboids’ house of neo-Marxist cards is turning into a shabby slum, fit for demolition.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      because they were followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ 

      There may yet be some concern if it turns out the NHS is being adversely affected… not by having to treat semi-comatose mugging victims of course, but by poor young ladies from certain empathetic demographics not handling their daily intake of Barcadi Breezers responsibly, and demanding the ‘uman right to a gut hoover.


  7. grangebank says:

    They weren`t used to alchohol , so the judge let them off  (yes- let off )
    Would that apply if they were drink driving ?


  8. Frank Deveraux says:

    But this has already been debunked as a non-story.  The defence submitted “not being used to alcohol” as mitigating circumstances, but the judge dismissed that.  The mitigating circumstances were that the party who ended up worse off were the ones who started the altercation. 

    The Mail story says after the judge heard that they weren’t used to alcohol he reduced the sentence, which is technically accurate, but if you look at the original story in the Leicester paper the Mail copied the story from, it was NOT a factor in sentencing. The judge heard it, but did not take it into consideration.

    That is why this story is just a violent incident given little prominance, and rightly so.


    • John Anderson says:

      Rubbish.  From the accounts I have read it was NOT the victims who started the incident.  Yes,  the boyfriend of the injured woman fought back robustly,  but it was the Somalian women who started it all,  it was the Somalian women gang who inflicted very serious injury,  it was the Somalian women gang shouting foul language. 

      They deserved jail.  The lenience of the sentencxe is the real story here.  And it is shameful that the BBC did not report this story at least on local news.


    • Span Ows says:

      Frank says: “That is why this story is just a violent incident given little prominance, and rightly so.”

      So is the Emma West blown out of proportion and should be given little time? Or imagine 4 white girls using that language (violence aside)…do you think the BBc would ignore it?


    • grangebank says:

      Frank Deveraux,

      so did they get a reduced sentence or didn`t they ?

      Why didn`t they go to jail ?


  9. George R says:

    INBBC  gives preferential treatment to Islam in its reporting at virtually all times, whether the issue is Muslim sex gangs (which are wrongly designated ‘Asian’ sex gangs by INBBC), Islamic jihad (designated ‘terror’), or Islamic violence against white people.


    Robert Spencer on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show: selective law enforcement in UK, Islamic honor killings, and more


  10. George R says:


    On a broader front, this is the ‘Arab Spring’ (i.e. Islamic Winter) of the Muslim Brotherhood which INBBC, along with Obama, supports.

    INBBC has little interest in the Islamic persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt:

    Raymond Ibrahim testifies about the plight of Egypt’s Christians


  11. George R says:

    “The defence of the drunk Somalian women was that they were Muslim and so weren’t used to drinking. The judge suspended the sentence.”


  12. tiger says:

    Whilst we are reliant on witnesses for the verbals claimed in this attack, cctv captures the whole event for us to see.
    What is very clear in that Rhea and her boyfriend are walking down the pavement some distance ahead of the Somalis.
    Clearly something is said by the group because the boyfriend turns and says something and the attack on Rhea follows. It’s both sustained and clear that they intend to do serious harm to Rhea.
    It has been suggested that one of the Somali girls is here for medical treatment as she is in kidney failure. Suggesting that they are medical asylum seekers.
    I personally emailed Ms May the Home Secretary with the links to Emma West and this attack and asked for her comments on the relative treatment by law enforcement of the whites involved. If lots of citizens do this, it will force the Government to examine their position on fair implementation and application of race law in this country. Failure to address this my result in an ugly situation developing which the establishment may not be able to manage. There is already a Facebook page requesting justice for Rhea;


  13. Avril Tyrell says:

    Found this article on the Rhea Page incident.  Needless to say, I was unimpressed.