You have to admire the pro-EU spin that Richard Black – the BBC’s resident eco-alarmist – served up here.
Nations seeking a strong climate change deal at the UN talks received a rebuff as draft texts proposed future emission cuts kicking in after 2020. The EU and many countries vulnerable to climate impacts say that is too late to prevent major consequences, and cuts should start well before. They also want to ensure that future deal would be legally binding on all.

But the draft texts written by chairs of overnight talks do not specify a legally binding outcome. This year’s talks in South Africa are not intended to produce a new binding agreement. But the EU and its allies from the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis) and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are seeking a firm roadmap towards such an agreement, and soon.

So, the eco-cultists have failed to impose their agenda, again, but the BBC spins it so as to ensure that even in this admitted failure, the EU are the good guys.
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18 Responses to DURBAN POISON…

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    “Nations seeking a strong climate change deal” = Nations who want wealth redistributed to them.  The end.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    I suppose the bbc wouldn’t support the doctrine of adapt or die? It was the mantra of the last white government in South Africa. Well, they adapted and they are slowly dying. What’s good for the goose.


  3. Natsman says:

    Durban?  Waste of everybody’s time, and our money, in the interests of giving away what they haven’t already spent on this pointless folly (and pointless jolly) in the first place.  Richard Black is beyond redemption, and should be locked up, after a sound thrashing, preferably by a polar bear.


    • London Calling says:

      In the interests of  an ecologically  balanced diet, polar bears need to eat more greens, “five a day” ideally, starting with the inappropiately named Black.


  4. DP111 says:

    Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis)

    Need money, and lots of it.

     and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

    Desperately need money, and lots of it.


  5. Cassandra King says:

    Here are a few cartoons from Josh courtesy of WUWT 😀



  6. Cassandra King says:

    Durban? The layer cake.

    Everyone wants a slice of the action, the big charity industry, big eco, ecofascist watermellons all with an eye on the money tree. No CAGW no money and money is what its all about at the end of the day.

    Where else will the money come from? If these parasites cannot siphon money off others then they themselves would have to actually earn it, scary thought for the parasite industry, scary indeed.

    The champion of these professional parasites is the BBC, a parasitical multi billion pound world wide media giant, the original parasitcial experts in extracting money from ordinary people, the illusion of providing a service is secondary.

    This growing army of parasites need money like a crack addict needs his fix, the bigger these parasites grow the more they need the greedier they become, it becomes all about the money and how to extract it any way they can except by working and making a product and making a contribution by making something wothwhile.

    The CAGW fraud is a vehicle, it is a money tree for those whose purpose in life is a free ride, not for them the grubby work ethic, beneath their dignity I suppose. You see the pictures of these parasites at Durban, they look pathetic, and desperately sad as they waffle and whine and increasingly talk to themselves.

    At the end of the day these sad f*cks are simply money grubbers with an angle and a sharp line in patter to shake down the marks, the pathetic reality of the snake oil salesman made into a mass conference of snake oil salesmen. It is of course an ever decreasing circle, the vultures who feed off a corpse at some point strip that corpse to the bone and when the meat has gone the vultures vanish.


  7. john in cheshire says:

    I suspect that in years to come, we will lament the passing of people like Christopher Booker and Richard North, Anthony Watts (wattsupwiththat), Bishopshill, AutonomousMind and the rest. We are truly living in an era where righteous people live. Long may they live.


  8. Natsman says:

    I see that the AMO has gone negative for the first time since 1996:

    That should cool things down a bit…


  9. Kendall Massey says:

    The Record Europe, 3/12/2011
    Opening transcript:

    “Hello, from the European Parliament in Brussels and welcome to The Record Europe
    On the programme this week: can the European Union help save the planet? As negotiators from around the world and from this house as well gather in Durban for the global climate change conference…..”

    She really did say “save the planet” with no hint of irony.

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or weep.


    • London Calling says:

      I know this has been said before, but the acid test of commitment to human well-being is the answer to the question: What if the world was discovered not to be warming, that we were all alright, and the planet did not need saving after all?” Would they rejoice, celebrate and get on with their lives – or spit blood, faces contorted with rage, and demand a recount. Its Global Munchausens.


  10. Richard Pinder says:

    Will the BBC ever ask an Atmospheric Physicist whether it is cost effective for the Worlds governments to try and stop the Climate from Changing. A growing number of them are realising that at least 85 percent of the increase in CO2 must be natural and due to the medieval warming period peaking 800 years ago and the fact that CO2 levels rise 800 years after a warming period. The problem in science has been the lack of communication between the different scientific disciplines, but there are young scientists at Oxford and in Mensa who are talking to politicians in both the main parties. I think that it is possible that the Politicians could eventually turn on the BBC and blame the BBC for the reason that they where mislead about the science. A Royal Commission would follow with BBC journalists taking the blame for misleading politicians. The BBC has already been attacked by Mps of both parties, and that gives you an idea of how this scenario is being developed. But from past experience these things develop more slowly than expected. This site is not the place to discuss the Science, but it does help me to find out the politics behind the BBCs strange coverage of Climate Change, for future Mensa science meetings at Oxford.


  11. Dogstar060763 says:

    Yep, I turned on the radio this morning just in time to hear BBC Radio4 crowing about some ‘last-minute’ deal being cobbled together at the Durban Jamboree. My heart sank. Thankfully, the devil is in the details: we are talking about a non-binding agreement that won’t be in place until 2015 and won’t actually kick in until 2020. Who knows what the calamitous state of ‘climate science’ will be by then, if not long since dead and buried under the weight of it’s own hyperbole. We can but hope.

    Speaking of which, this morning TGWF have a chucklesome feature up: ‘An Updated History of Last Chances to Save the World’. Naughty. 🙂


  12. John Anderson says:

    Some of the proposals on the table at Durban are beyond offensive – they are ridiculous.   No wonder the BBC backs all this crackpot stuff – Beeboids are out of touch with the real world.


  13. Tom says:

    I know I’m preaching largely to the converted here but really, the battle is NOT over.

    These ticks are deeply embedded now and getting them out is going to be messy.

    Check these links out…

    Time for action.


  14. thespecialone says:

    I was going to link to WUWT but others have beaten me to it.  However, this piece is about our old friend Richard B.


  15. Cassandra King says:

    Black has fallen on his arse in Durban, a combination of wishful thinking and slavish adherence to the ecofascist whispers in his shell like. He knows nothing other than what his ecofascisti comrades tell him, and those mental cases have trouble remembering their own names. Whatever planet these muppets come from it aint Earth thats for sure. Its the wishful thinking of the imbecile, these supposed grown ups acting like kiddies.

    Durban is a bust, the political class are edging away from the CAGW fraud, the sharks and carpet bagger profiteers are melting away. The dregs will waffle to each other like loons talking to the walls. As the planet cools and the sea levels recede and as the polar ice caps come back, their dream/our nightmare is more or less over. Obviously the money is gone for good, the scumbag profiteers can be seen jetting off to spend more time with their money, but there is light now at the end of the tunnel, the CAGW fraud is finished and all that will remain will be the die hard cultists who one can only hope will piss off somewhere to drink some kool aid in order to catch a comet mothership.

    The world will say to itself ‘how the f*ck did we fall for such a blatant scam?’ And then promptly jump on board the very next scam to come along. Expect scum like Black to pop up next year claiming he was a sceptic all along, he never believed the CAGW propaganda, believe me he will try.


  16. Tom says:

    it’s time to set out a menu for the cleaning of the stables. No quarter for the likes of Crispin Tickell, Al Gore, Mike Mann, Mister Black and anybody else who pushed this fraud… 

    In UK common Law we have an offence of “Misconduct in Public Office” it’s time to use it properly – Chris Huhne should be amongst the first to be charged – pledging £2 billion he doesn’t have to a bunch of third world bureaucrats…  to pursuade them to deal with a problem that can’t be shown to exist.

    The battle is NOT over – the Climate Change CAGW thing is still alive and kicking and we’re going to have to prise their fingers off the door frames as we cast them out into the snow – as they aren’t going to do  a Captain Oates – that’s for certain.