Most excellent post here on Autonomous Mind questioning the BBCs print wing – The Guardian.

You won’t find this update, about the Guardian’s allegations about Milly Dowler’s voicemails being deleted by people working for the News of the World, on the BBC News website. The BBC, as the broadcast arm of the Guardian, has an editorial culture of omitting stories that paint the Guardian in a negative light and thus will act as if the story does not exist.

Make sure you read it all.

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  1. Martin says:

    Really saying what we’ve all known.

    Remember what the BBC’s prime directive is?

    “The continuation of the TV licence”

    The BBC would throw their own children off cliffs if it meant getting the licence fee forever.

    The BBC and the Guardian are working together to kill the Sky takeover, as I pointed out a while back, once the switch to digital is complete everyone will have access to Sky News (don’t know about Fox) on digital terrestrial. Sky can use freeview etc to push its own services.

    There is a legitimate question to ask which is “why should the BBC be considered the national broadcaster?”

    The BBC fear Sky, the Guardian fears that Murdoch could have used money to get into a price war with the Guardian, although as we know the Guardian is losing 100K a DAY and is only propped up by it’s tax avoiding parent company.

    As Kelvin Mackenzie pointed out on the paper review on Sky last night, every time the Guardian runs with the phone hacking story its circulation drops.

    I can’t believe that out there there are not journalists just waiting to drop the BBC and the Guardian in the shit?

    You don’t dump on fellow hacks. That dozy hag Amelia Hill still in my view has questions to ask about where she’s been getting Police info from, is the Guardian paying plods, offering services or other underhand stuff? Perhaps they’ve got something on a plod?

    Every time the BBC runs something about phone hacking my eyes just glaze over, it’s all he said, she said crap. How the Police really think they can make a case stand up in court is beyond me, especially with the Murdoch’s.

    I just hope someone somewhere is plotting against the BBC and the Guardian.

    Drugs and 12 year old rent boys would be a good start.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I just hope that messrs Murdoch senior and junior are plotting their revenge on the guardian and the bbc. I pray for them to be given the just desserts that are best served cold. And I hope it includes the evisceration of individuals and not just the enterprises.


  2. Martin says:

    Oh Jesus, just turned on Newsnight and it’s… hacking AGAIN!!!


  3. tincity says:

    Now here’s a thought… All public sector job vacancies will only be advertised via the relavant public sector websites.  Instant savings, a boost to internet cafes, libraries saved from closure, and the death of the Gruaniad.  What’s not to like??  


  4. Martin says:

    LOL Paxman and the BBC defending the Guardian. Clearly there is closing of ranks between the BBC and the Guardian.


    • Number 7 says:

      I just had the misfortune to watch it – Grauniad shouts down NOTW, Paxman keeps quiet.

      To quote a certain J Delingpole:-

      “Weapons Grade Bo**ocks”


  5. Martin says:

    LOL Now Paxman is giving Red Ed a blow job by giving Hilda Benn a chance to big up Red Ed.

    Has Alegra Stratton taken over Newsnight now? It’s been Guardian all the way tonight.


    • stevefb says:

      Did you see Red Ed’s pathetic performance at PM’s Questions?

      The Tory party should be begging the BBC to big-up Special Ed – he is, without doubt, the Conservative’s greatest asset.


      • Number 7 says:

        I was half listening to R4 PM this evening (driving ), the EDITED highlights of PMQs gave the message that Millipede floored Cameron.

        When I listened live I had the impression that DC not only floored Millipede but the entire Liebore benches (further supported by numerous commentators including some beeboids).

        Impartiality – it’s in our bones!


        • Geyza says:

          Unusually, toenals Robinson actually presented a truthful report on PMQs, stating that the tories are cheering their leader, the silence from the MPs on the opposite benches is because they are wondering whether they have the right leader.

          Perhaps, Robinson is going in for the kill on Miliband to try to spur labour into replacing him?


      • Cassandra King says:

        “special Ed” 😀

        Just love it, can I use it please?


  6. dave s says:

    It is fear . The Guardian is losing fortunes. The BBC is tax funded and questions are being asked. The pressure is building on both of them.
    Lacking real courage they are begining to strike out wildly.
    Neither organisation has a divine right to exist and they know it.


  7. John Anderson says:

    I am now 70 (today, just back from a local nightclub that seemed to be half-full of RoP youths lasciviously ogling the local white floosies)

    I have the luxury of sleeping in in the mornings.  So I am no longer eager for the morning news fix such as the Today programme.  I can now get BBC filtered-news re-filtered by people here,  for which much thanks.  My main interest is American news so I can plug into,,, and  Or if I am a bit slow – I will check out what David Preiser posts for us.

    My only regular consumption of BBC output is via BBC’s iPlayer.  Mainly of Radio 4 Extra – Radio 7 as was.  Even that is now adulterated by left-wing “comedy” crap,  but I can choose the remaining 80%.  I check back on iPlayer once a week for all the BBC TV output – and it is a good week if I find more than 2 or 3 programmes I really want to watch.  Lkewise for Radio 4.

    If I really feel a jag for someone huffing and puffing with outrage about instant current affairs,  all I need is Guardian CiF – or young Martin !


  8. Cassandra King says:

    ‘News’ you DO get on the BBC?

    Thought for the day on BBC toady show? A Scottish loon demonizing Canada for pulling out of the Kyoto agreement, huuuh? Oh yes the BBC have pulled out all the stops to bring you the weighty opinion of some loon from Iona representing pehaps a few dozen parishoners.

    F*cking Hellski with stilts on =-O . The BBC toady show invites a religious nut case to attack Canada with no right of reply for a NATION OF MILLIONS? And one with a democratically elected government.


    This is the degenerate BBC in action for all to see, God hates Canada right? Future generations of yet to be born children will curse Canada for pulling out of Kyoto will they?

    I repeat, WTF?

    The leader of a tiny religious sect gets a worldwide platform to attack Canada and Canada gets no right of reply to what amounts to a blood libel and the BBC believes that kind of degenerate behaviour is justifiable?

    Once again, WTF with bells on.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      I don’t keep up to date with Canadian current affairs, and know nothing about their politics, but my brother and his family live there, and it sounds like the economy’s booming where he lives. They’ve never had it so good.
      ‘Green’ policies = economic stagnation. 


      • cjhartnett says:

        Which is why this otherwise land of green ecoplatitudes and muticultultural foresight is now being monstered!
        God help Sweden if it “turns down”the invitation to join the Euro!


  9. Cassandra King says:

    News you DO get on the BBC part 2.

    Notice that only ONE side gets to put their view, notive that the BBC toady show only puts ONE side and interviews only David Kennedy of the CCC, no critics invited and no contrary opinion. Notice that the BBC report fails to include any proof other than the CCC lies and note again that the taxpayers alliance is excluded as is the global warming policy foundation that has proof the CCC is lying through its teeth. Just another example of BBC bias.

    Low-carbon technology ‘will not mean big bill rises’ <img src=”” alt=”An electric heater”/> The CCC says investing in low-carbon technology will add around £100 to bills in 2020 Continue reading the main story Related Stories Report warns on fuel-poor deathsRow over the cost of green powerMore people with energy bill debt

    Claims that the costs of wind farms and other low-carbon technology will lead to sharp rises in fuel bills are wrong, government advisers say.
    The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says increases in bills over the past few years have been largely due to higher wholesale gas costs.
    Members said their “best estimate” was that green policies would add £110 to bills per household in 2020.
    It emerged recently that an estimated 1.5m people are in fuel debt in the UK.
    The combined gas and electricity bill for typical households could go up from £1,060 in 2010 to £1,250 in 2020, according to analysis by the committee.
    But further energy efficiency measures – such as loft and wall cavity insulation – could see the projected 2020 bill fall to £1,085 per household, it said.
    CCC chief executive David Kennedy said the committee had analysed the impact of investing in technology including offshore and onshore wind, nuclear and carbon capture and storage.
    Mr Kennedy said the cost of this investment was “significantly” outweighed by the benefits – including a reduced reliance on imported fossil fuels.
    Looking back, the CCC said an analysis of the average dual fuel energy bills showed an increase of £455 over the six years 2004 to 2010.
    However, 80% of this rise was unrelated to low-carbon measures and the biggest contributor was rising gas prices, which added around £290 to bills.
    Mr Kennedy said that some people had claimed that energy bills were “through the roof at the moment” because of investment in green energy – but the committee’s analysis showed this “clearly” was not the case.
    A second claim that investment in low-carbon technology over the next decade would drive bills to “astronomical levels” was also untrue, he said.
    CCC chairman Lord Adair Turner said: “Over the next decade, we anticipate a rise of around £100 in the average bill as a result of investment in low-carbon power capacity, which will benefit the UK in the long run.”
    Fuel poverty
    The committee’s analysis comes against a background of increased concern about rising fuel costs.
    In November it was revealed that the number of people with energy debts had risen by a quarter for electricity and a fifth for gas.
    Campaign group Consumer Focus and charity Citizen’s Advice say energy prices increased by seven per cent last winter and warn that further rises of 14% this winter could push more people into debt.
    An independent report by Professor John Hills published in October found that 2,700 people died each year from problems linked to fuel poverty such as respiratory or cardiovascular disease.
    And government figures released over the summer suggested that more than a fifth of all households in the UK in 2009 were affected by fuel poverty – meaning they spend more than 10% of its income keeping warm.
    Professor Hills called for a new definition of fuel poverty, which focuses on people with low incomes driven into poverty by high fuel bills.


    • Cassandra King says:

      OK, so the CCC and the BBC claims that the major cause of household energy bills is because of the rise in the price of wholesale gas over the last six years?

      So here we have a graph of wholesale gas prices compared to retail price rises have a look at the evidence that the BBC is deliberately hiding from the public as it peddles the lies of the CCC.

      Now look at the graphs of wholesale gas prices and look again at the claims of the BBC and the CCC. The evidence shows clearly that the BBC and the CCC are in fact spreading lies, in fact over the last six years wholesale gas prices have not risen enough to add the claimed £290 to bills.

      The BBC are presenting a series of lies as fact, peddling a series of falsehoods with no chance of critics allowed to counter these faslehoods. This is the real BBC in action.


      • Cassandra King says:

        And just to top off the BBC website report the external link gives us the…wiat for it…CCC and thats yer lot comrade. No other views needed or required is there?

        Green taxes ARE killing people, green taxes ARE responsible for the vast majority of household bills if you include the grotesque profiteering by the energy companies and the crippling green levies.


    • Cassandra King says:


      The BBC toady show invites a response from the taxpayers alliance AFTER the fact and has instant rebuttal from both the toady and George Monbiot.

      Classic BBC in action, it allows the CCC to spew its lies and falsehoods with no right of reply and then later in the show invites the taxpayers alliance but with not one but two instant critics and Matthew Sinclair was interrupted so many times he could barely get a word in edgeways due the vocal assault by the toady and Moonbat.

      So there it is, another stitch up by the BBC to give the illusion of a right of reply that ends up like every other BBC toady assassination.


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Surely the Guardian/Observer have to go under very soon.
    Here’s the latest dead-tree sales figures:

    (Name of title, average sale, percentage change year on year, percentage change month on month) 

    Daily Mirror 1,103,405; -6.30; -1.32 
    Daily Record 278,498; -8.10; -4.98 
    Daily Star 643,490; -14.96; -2.31 
    The Sun 2,624,167; -9.45; -3.36 
    Daily Express 603,318; -5.69; -1.83 
    Daily Mail 2,001,643; -4.72; 0.16 
    The Daily Telegraph 594,644; -8.90; -1.53 
    Financial Times 337,239; -15.84; -2.27 
    The Herald 46,257; -12.29; 0.97 
    The Guardian 226,473; -16.30; -1.76 
    i 221,736; NA; 4.86 
    The Independent 127,873; -28.01; -4.18 
    The Scotsman 39,028; -8.87; 0.62 
    The Times 413,233; -11.38; -0.95 
    Racing Post 50,574; -6.03; 2.13

    National Sunday Popular 
    Daily Star Sunday 665,435; 100.70; -3.29 
    Sunday Mail 373,941; 2.25; -4.80 
    Sunday Mirror 1,760,141; 64.49; -0.76 
    The People 800,659; 59.29; -0.43 
    Sunday Express 658,331; 20.69; -3.08 
    Sunday Post 311,153; -3.56; -1.80 
    The Mail on Sunday 1,975,728; -0.48; -1.23 
    Independent on Sunday 133,108; -11.81; 1.65 
    The Observer 266,744; -15.40; -0.60 
    Scotland on Sunday 49,114; -11.59; 1.12 
    Sunday Herald 29,715; -28.34; 2.50 
    The Sunday Telegraph 465,389; -7.19; -1.38 
    The Sunday Times 967,615; -8.06; -0.04


    • London Calling says:

      Unfortunately for the commuter population of London it gets The Independent’s party line delivered to it “free” by oligarch owner of The Independent  (of reality) – 127,873 circulation – Lebedev’s appalling Metro and Evening Standard.
      Not even useful for bottom-wipes as the ink is as poisonous as the editorial line. Labour Labour Labour.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    Before Dez pops up, I’m sure the update about the messages being deleted automatically was on the BBC website at one point – I don’t have the time to look for a link right now but I recall seeing a reference to it on the main news page.  And it was mentioned on a few programmes.

    Strangely though, it was mentioned, discussed briefly and then all went quiet again.  Just as was the case when I first heard this suggestion made a few weeks ago on the PM programme.

    Put in the “too difficult” pile?  Normally it’s the sort of thing the BBC wouldn’t shut up about for days – if it was attacking the correct people.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Reading Autonomous Mind’s post more carefully, I think the update he refers to is T-Mobile confirming that messages would have been deleted after 72 hours. I don’t think I’ve heard that said on the BBC website, or indeed anywhere else.  I’ve only heard that it was likely or possible.

      I have to say I’m unclear as to how unequivocal T-Mobile have actually been on this point.  Does anyone have a link to the actual words used by T-Mobile?  It’s possible the Australia Telegraph is overstating the case.

      Where’s Murdoch in all this?  Preparing a cold dish of revenge I hope.


  12. Big Harry says:

    Word on the ether has always been a group of BBC and Guardian types got round a table and came up with a scheme to kill of Murdochs BSKYB bid, ressurection of the hacking story, via a likeminded comrade at the New York Times.  NYT printes “fresh” details, the Guardian and BBC can then import the taleback.  Another rumour doing some journalistic rounds for a few weeks now has been the one where said collection of Guardian and BBC reporters need to come up with a story to fatally wound Murdoch – finish him off for once and for all.  That story has been said to be the voicemail deletion story. Passed to another useful idiot, same paper of course, and passed off as truth.  The voicemail deletion tale was all just too neat and at perfect timing.  Maybe one day the lefts press, and the BBC’s media arm witll receive the same scrutiny as NI. I wont hold my breath.


  13. Geyza says:

    I know it is not fashionable here to praise the BBC at all, but…

    I cannot believe I am writing this but toenails Robinson has actually been taking notice of the barage of criticism of the BBC’s overtly pro EU coverage.

    he has changed his tune.  His reports on the 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock news were actually reality based for a change.  He attacked Miliband and recognised that Cameron was in a much stronger position than they had given him  credit for and on the six o’clock news finished with the following criticue of miliband at PMQs. I paraphrase:

    “Miliband’s aides say that substance is more important than jokes. Which is what they would say, when he is the but of them”

    He also noticed that we are perhaps not as isolated in the EU as the BBC had been reporting when he reported that other nations are now having second thoughts about their 26 nation intergovernmental deal.

    Credit where credit is due… I actually enjoyed a Robinson editorial yesterday.  I cannot remember the last time I did.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Governance in the UK is now like some wierd political version of ‘Mock the Week’.

      Policy appears guided by how the Dara-esque hybrid of two extremes, Gudio and Robinson/Peston/Mason/Flanders/Easton view the leaders’ efforts in the PMQ perfomance area.

      Miliband has nothing to say, and encapsulates that perfectly by his manner of delivery.

      Clegg has too much to say, then either doesn’t say it out loud, or turn up.

      Cameron has a bunch to say, on all things, to all people, and says it diffrently, and like a well-oiled machinel, most of the time.

      So I am now looking at the democracy of the least bad, with rigged commentators seeing what their blinkers allow.

      That the BBC is a shameless £4Bpa PR for the worst is a sidebar, but of concern.

      From PMQs to NoTW coverage to the EU, small, isolated island swallows of integrity do not a new media policy summer make.

      Just like the cherry vultures here, I am seeing critical blogs now seeded with ‘see, the BBC is addressing this objectively’ like a wittle gwerl pwomising not to be norty ever, ever again, with toes pigeoned and looking up like Poos… in Boots.

      The change is welcome, if it lasts. But it does not atone for previous decades, nor buy off caution on current and future returns to ‘the narrative’.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Geyza, although I haven’t heard Robinson’s latest, I agree that the BBC has taken notice of the backlash. I think they’ve had on a couple more supporters of Cameron this week, and certainly there’s less attack mode from Beeboids. Not a big change, but there’s definitely been an effect.

      They probably hate having to do it, and loathe the “Tory press” and certain bloggers more than ever now.  Probably feel like they’re being forced to pander to extremists just to please a few noisy critics.


      • cjhartnett says:

        Glad to hear that Nick Robinson is on the mend…maybe there`s a decent reporter in there waiting to come out.
        Until then…and I know it`s a bit old…but I heard lots on yesterdays Turdy Show about Lib Dems abstaining en bloc in regard of a Parliamentary motion supporting Cameron.
        By all impressions he was only loved by the DUP.
        Lots about all this, but the BBC did not tell me if he won his vote or not…the BBC did not tell me!
        I imagine he did..or else we`d now be hearing about nothing else surely!