Wonder if you heard Sarah Montague interview Tony Blair this morning here? I was struck by her clear assertion that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” and that Hamas is a legitimate government that we must do business with. It’s an interesting time of the year when the BBC Illuminati seem more bold in declaring their bias.

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  1. hippiepooter says:

    I note that M/s Montague wasn’t overly keen to ask Mr Blair what conclusions can be drawn by the failure of Hamas and the PLO to hold scheduled elections to those that brought them to power in 2006. It’s all one way traffic of western self-flagellation and legitimisation of genocidal terrorists.

    The obvious question any objective reporter would ask is how can Israel possibly consider the PLO legitimate partners for peace, let alone Hamas, when both promote anti-semitic hatred and celebrate the worst forms of terrorist evil the world has ever seen.

    One might also ask whether the respective results of the ballot box in Israel and the Palestinian Territories show that the Jewish side favours democracy and peace and the Arab side terror and tyranny. Should we not side with the side that favours democracy and peace or can our nation’s soul be bought for the price of oil?


    • Chris says:

      Has it been 5 years since Hamas got elected already?

      Anyway, I agree that Hamas is the government of the Gaza strip.  Why, however, regardless of their legitimacy, must we do business with them?


      • hippiepooter says:

        I remember when he far right under Jorg Haider got elected in Austria all the talk was about not doing business with them.  I guess it’s only ok to be a genocidal anti-semite if you’re not white.


  2. George R says:

    INBBC, inc Ms MONTAGUE, etc. all support the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.  
    Of course, Ms Montague knows little about the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and avoids reference to critiques, such as those of:  
    ‘Jihadwatch’ on MB:-  
    ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report’  
    Barry RUBIN, e.g.  
    “J’Accuse: The New York Times Promotes Muslim Brotherhood Lies, Covering Up For Nazi Collaborators”  
    b.) his book:  
    “The Muslim Brotherhood: The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement “  


  3. Span Ows says:

    Interview with a vampire…


  4. dave s says:

    I cannot find anything by the BBC on the burning of the library in Egypt( the Institute of Egypt). A priceless collection of books destroyed. Isuppose it is what might be in them.
    Does not compute Beeboids does it?
    So better not mention it in case some of us get the idea that the Arab spring is turning into something else .
    But never mind we at the BBC will do our best to suppress inconvenient facts or turn them into non facts.
    Now after me
    “We at the BBC are fully in accord with the legitimate desires of the people of Egypt and all oppressed nations( those we oppressed only mind you) to fully express their democratic right to do what ever they want, whenever and to whoever( us included)  and if we sound like fellow travelling useful idiots from the last century then that is exactly what we are so there! “