Are these two paragraphs related?

First the lead …

“British police are to investigate claims that UK secret services helped in the rendition of a man to Libya.”

And then…

The Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service said MI5 and MI6 officers would not be charged over separate torture collusion claims

Is the BBC disappointed that our secret services have been proven INNOCENT of the crimes that some fevered imaginations construct? No, that could not be right. Could it?

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10 Responses to ALWAYS IN THE WRONG

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Suppose there`s no chance of any enquiry into how Ross was offered the salary he got-and how Russell Brand managed to get onto the payroll.
    No thought about looking into Attenborough and his polar bears, how the Queen was meant to appear to be huffy: or a true independent enquiry into Balen being hushed up.
    I imagine how the likes of Birt and Patten got their jobs is beyond the detective work of the cut and pasters at Panorama…or how pensions are compromised if you don`t toe the EU line.
    And do all cBBCers past and present have an unblemished record in regard of drugs and sexual offences?
    Just musing aloud-and wouldn`t it be nice to commission myself for a few years just so I might dig up a few truffles for some 24 hour bit.
    You know-just to get a reaction.
    If no-one is Twittering me, or is cross with me…I might not be fully alive!
    All the time in the world to mooch about in aimless controversies that no-one will stop…because I`m unaccountble to anyone but Justin upstairs!


  2. Jeremy Clarke says:

    I can’t sense any disappointment in either of those sentences, David. In both cases, they seem to be fairly bald statements of fact.  
    I dare say there are a few self-loathers and Stoppers in BBCland who will be disappointed. I won’t name any names, though.


    • Span Ows says:

      simple Jeremy, the news today was that there is insufficient evidence that the UK services are guilty of collusion in torture. However, cases of aididng rendition are to be investigated. I’d suggest that the headline and the writing in the article are presented in such a way as to put the worst possible light on the issue. now “bald statement of fact” and “just reporting the facts” is what the BBC should do, you may say, fine, yet the BBC only  choose to do it when it fits their agenda. What about an interview with a minister “of the government at the time”…which they do every day when it suits them?


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So they were cleared, but we still need to get to the bottom of this? Which is it?


  4. Martin says:

    Something wrong with this BBC report, I can’t find out which Government was in power when all this was going on, the Conservative party name makes an appearence though in a negative way.


  5. grangebank says:

    Is there INsufficient evidence that Binyan Mohammed is a terroist so far , or NO evidence that he is a terroist ?

    (And how does he know that questions put to him when in Morrocco were supplied by MI6 ? Why dont the BBC ask that ? I mean , if you were rounded up as the usual suspect ,  how would you know an intelligence question  given  by another  authority if  you were a normal Joe public tourist ? )


  6. RCE says:

    What with the US Marines video and the possibilty of prosecuting MI6 agents it’s been a great day for Beeboids!

    (And they won’t let something like a ‘lack of evidence’ spoil it).


  7. Cassandra King says:

    Nowadays the accusation is all that is required, the favoured ‘victim’ a proven liar and fantasist called Binyam Mohamed, a foreign terrorist who cheated his way into the UK and then left to fight with our enemies. He claimed UK complicity in his supposed torture, his unfounded allegations are still unproven and never will be yet he is given VIP treatment housed and handed compensation for supposed treatment.

    This known liar was flown by private jet to the UK, he is not a British citzen, had no right to call himself that, had no links other than he once cheated his way in and yet with thousands of real British citizens now languishing in foreign jails around the world this terrorist can receive VIP special treatment for invented crimes that the UK was somehow involved in his supposed torture at the hands of foreign governments.

    And yet he is still here, very wealthy, very comfortable living off the taxpayers he so despises and as a reward for making up a story of British collusion in his supposed torture. Now taking his account of torture, does it seem likely that modern torturers would use a scalpal on his genitals? Where is the evidence apart from the testimony of a known cheat and liar? And yet he is still here living the life of Reilly.

    As and when the real truth emerges about this lying terrorist and his made up accusations will he be made to repay this lavish compensation and will he be kicked out of the UK? This is the modern UK, the UK had no involvement in his supposed mistreatment at the hands of foreigners, the UK has no legal obligations to this liar and yet he will not be removed and will continue to live it up at our expense. And its all paid for by us, oh yes Binyam Mohamed has been a real money tree for a few ambulance chasing spivs and the taxpayer gets to pay up.

    The truth is that Binyam Mohamed was a poster boy for the campaign to close gitmo, he was chosen and coached and promoted by the anti war coalition and their spiv human rights ambulance chasers, he was a favoured victim and a convenient political vehicle which this grotesque alliance used to promote the closure of gitmo. In a fair world this would not have happened, in a just society this lying terrorist would be rotting in some flea infested islamic cesspit, we do not live in a fair world or just society.