Question Time LiveBlog 12th January 2012

Welcome back to the Biased-BBC Question Time Live-Chat! We resume after the Christmas break with a classic line-up of typical BBC fodder.

Tonight Question Time comes from London.

David Dimbleby is joined by Secretary of State for Transport Justine Greening, Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander, Deputy First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, Minister for Pompous Smugness Paddy Ashdown and editor and broadcaster Kelvin MacKenzie.

This week sees your usual regular Moderators line-up of David Vance and David Mosque. TheEye is back permanently as of tonight and is looking forward to getting back into the fray.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off. You know where to be. And how much alcohol to bring.

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17 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 12th January 2012

  1. Maturecheese says:

    It’s from Tower Hamlets apparently so is a certain female MP going to come under scrutiny only to be absolved of course.  I’m sure the BBC will keep to its agenda and that will that put to bed.  I will definately be getting the Bushmills out.


  2. BBCwaste says:

    Greening is now the Transpor Secretary ASE.

    It doesn’t mean the panel is going to be any less dire though. Wee Dougie and the Sturgeon are painful.  What is it with Scottish politicians and fish?


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Thanks BBCwaste, appreciated and corrected.

      I started on the absinthe a little bit early today! 


  3. ian says:

    Not a very representative panel for a half-foreign city like London, is it? They’re all hideous whites.


  4. Merlin says:

    When Dimbleby quoted “The Mail is Britain’s worst enemy’ did everyone note the raptuous applause from the audience? One lilly lovered liberal was clapping so hard I thought her hands were going to implode! It’s official then, we have corroborative evidence of the BBC’s left wing handpicked audience.  


    • Graham Evans says:

      At least Mackenzie had the fortitude to put Dimblebore right about the circulation figure of 2M plus! Treacherous INBBC scum!


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    When Dimbleby quoted “The Mail is Britain’s worst enemy’ 

    Is there a rough time for that? If on iPlayer worth a capture.

    What with Mr. Mason informing us that the UK ‘threw its toys out the pram’ over the EU/ro, I’d like to pop that one over to my new ‘get it about right’ chums and ask if he was speaking for the BBC, the UK public, or in a personal capacity. If as a BBC employee on a BBC progarmme. It’s hard to tell the difference these days, but I am sure can be explained. Context, probably.


  6. Wayne Xenocrates says:

    Michael Gove (Education Secretary) did very well this morning in battle with the ‘can you see my knickers?’ Susanna Reid and the ‘I’m so beautiful’ Charlie State.  The discussion was about sacking bad teachers, which currently takes at least a year apparently.  Mr Gove wants to reduce that to one term.


    After aggressive and stupid questioning particularly by darling Charlie, although lovely knees Susanna did try to get her two-penneth in, Michael Gove turned it round on them by asking, with some force ‘would you be satisfied if your children came home after a term with less ability’?  Pretty Charlie promptly replied ‘I think we’ll leave it there’.  Ah didums poor Charlie.   It’s wonderful when a puffed up bully gets beaten.  Made my day.


  7. Geyza says:

    When there are approximately 610,000 teachers in the UK, how many of those are going to be dodgy or useless?  Considering that there are only 650 MPs and a sizeable percentage of those are dodgy and/or useless, then there will be a lot of piss-poor teachers out there. How many have been sacked over the last 10 years? A small handfull?

    Why do the left wing care more about protecting terrible teachers than educating children to a decent standard?


    • john says:

      Left-wingers do care about educating children – their own.
      Take fatty Abbott as an example and where most of the Labour shadow front bench were educated.
      That’s right ! private fee paying schools.
      Therefore champagne socialists defend useless teachers whilst never actually experiencing them.
      Does the name of a world class broadcaster with similar attitudes come to mind ?


    • Merlin says:

      I am a maths teacher by trade and agree that there are useless teachers in the system who need rooting out, but I get a little tired of Britain’s left wing governments blaming everything on teachers and schools when in fact it is the result of decades of left wing liberal theories such as removing all discipline, equal rights for children in the classroom, inclusion for all bullshit and childline Ester Ranson crap which has made teaching completely impossible for the most part. Mate, I grant you if you go in to most schools in the UK, you will be shocked at the lack of boundaries and appalling behaviour; now,  the politicians will blame the schools and teachers but the reality is, if you can’t discipline an unruly mouthy little brat with a clip round the ear, learning will never take place, it’s simply not possible. But of course this admission from the PC lefty brigade would amount to excepting that they are to blame.

      Of course I don’t want to stigmatise the many excellent children who are well behaved and want to learn but if you are in a class with 30 kids and 7 or 8 are being little shits, then there is simply nothing teacers or schools can do about it, so my advice to Gove is STOP BLAMING SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS AND BLAME LEFT WING CULTURE AND SOCIETY FOR DUMBING DOWN EXAMS, REMOVING DISCIPLINE AND PROMOTING SINGLE PARENTHOOD!


      • Millie Tant says:

        I hear you! It’s true about the lack of boundaries and appalling behaviour and certainly teachers can’t do the job of teaching unless they are allowed by society to be authority figures with the right to impose discipline and their will on the class.


  8. cjhartnett says:

    The teachers that will be sacked will include the awkward squad who haven`t rolled over enough for New Labour when the current crop of “lead facilitators(headteachers in old money) were slithering up the lap dancing pole of “inclusion”,passion”,” excellence” etc.
    The State ciphers who peddle sex ed, global warming etc will be doing all the judging…so Goves ludicrous efforts will fail.
    Teachers can be crap-but do no harm compared to crap MPs, lawyers,Beeboids…let alone pilots, sea captains and surgeons, bus drivers-who deal in life and death at times!
    Education is finished in its current form…and we have the likes of Crosland and Callaghan ,Williams to blame at source-and don`t start me on Thatcher, Baker etc!
    Still-gets the useless Trots and time-servers at the NUT all giddy…so no bad thing in that one way alone.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Teachers can be crap-but do no harm..’

      All is relative, and you do place a context, but sorry, no.

      As the drip-drip of unprofessional, zero integrity BBC ‘news’ output has made mockery of broadcast information and education, so one bad teacher left in place can destroy the lives of every year’s worth of kids they are inflcited upon. 

      That is serious, and extensive harm over generations. Paid and pensioned.

      Take the point on who will likely get shafted though. Already mentioned in another thread my kids’ ex-secondary. Head Teacher is an OFCOM potser boy and there was never a box he didn’t tick.

      My ISP has a part timer used to work there. Turns out he used to be a teacher at that school. There was a rumble in the corridors and he ‘separated’ the ‘children’ (6′ teenage males). The head hung him out to dry.