Well then, it’s been a busy morning on the BBC pushing the old “Institutional Racism” narrative. I do hope Diane Abbott was listening. It seems that whether we like it or not, the Met just can’t stop themselves from stopping and searching disproportionately large amounts of black youth.
As Lord Adebowale puts it, “this is poor customer service”. Just one point. Wonder why NO ONE on the BBC mentioned this little detail?  Still, never let the facts get in the way of the narrative, right?.

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20 Responses to IS IT COS I IS A CRIMINAL?

  1. Roland Deschain says:

    In all the sanctimonious waffle I heard on the Today programme this morning, not once was anyone invited on to explain why there might be good reasons why more black people were searched.

    But be careful with the “No-one on the BBC”, David.  Mr Gregory will be along shortly to show that someone, somewhere did point it out, however obscurely.  I must just have been listening at the wrong time.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      explain why there might be good reasons’

      I do believe there is a unique aspect to the Charter that expressly precludes the inclusion of same, or any who run the risk of spilling same.

      Good caution on the ‘no one…’, too.


  2. Natsman says:

    I think the world is going limp.  You can’t stop black people, you can’t do a Clarkson and say what you think, you can’t drive a car or heat your home without worrying whether or not you’re causing poor, confused flowers to bloom early, and you can’t piss on dead terrorists.  No backbone any more, everyone must be “nice” to each other and wear rictus grins, when, deep down, we’re seething, and would happily let loose with a machine gun…

    … it’s only a matter of time before the pent up frustration explodes to the surface, and someone does.


    • Barry says:

      And all the time, the country is not getting “nicer”. Far from it.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      ROBERT BROWN; As for blacks, ever seen these gangs up close? They tend to be semi-illiterate, overly aggressive, demand ‘respect’ from everyone, treat women as whores and so on. Stop and search? It would be stop and shoot in my world, useless sub-humans. All products of socialism.


  3. Barry says:

    When this issue arose on a previous occasion, one of many, it was “proved” that the Met were racist because the number of blacks stopped and searched was out of proportion to their percentage of the local population.

    Ignoring the issue of who was to blame for most street crime, the accusation of bias seemed reasonable until it was pointed out, some time later, that the “local population” test was the wrong one. If, instead, you only took into consideration people actually available to be stopped and searched (ie: out on the street), the figures were proportionate.

    Spoils a good story though, doesn’t it?


    • davejan says:

      what about the proportion of crimes involving blacks was this taken into account and if not lets make sure the police do.
      Whats the point in stopping people if they are not proportionally likely to be in a group of suspects.
      Look at this this way 36 crimes were commited by a person with red hair,the police stop every red headed person in the area,uproar the red heads say why stop us what about people who have dark hair. why should the police stop dark haired people its the red headed person who did the crime.
      Until certain groups get rid of their hate of the police, the police are dammed what ever they do.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    When Today brough together a Met monkey and a Haringey “Stop and Search Encounter Counter; I think we all knew what the two pals would be telling us.
    And so it came to pass-you better warn us that you`re looking for drugs mate before you frisk us-and if you find a knife instead, you`re in trouble!
    Plod seemed “on baord” with that one-so little Evans Albert was ringing that -yes indeed, all those rioters last year were fed up with getting their inhalers confiscated and the Lucozade chucked down the sink at the custody suite!
    Are BeebLand issuing passports yet?…I for one would love to join them all there instead of risking Walthamstow High St after hours!


  5. Scoobywho says:

    I find it hard to believe in this day an age, when we are frighteded to say boo in public for fear of offending a minority group that any copper who stops someone, doesn’t have very good reason to do so for fear of jepordising their gold plated pensions.

    If you skip forward in the interview to 6’19” – the interviewee accuses the police of having very poor ‘customer relationships’ with the people it is stopping and searching. When the FECK did suspects become customers!!!! Surely that’s a very slippery slope.
    How on earth is a copper who is concerned someone is carrying a dangerous weapon that could be used to kill him supposed to address someone….

    “excuse me… I say old chap, would you mind awefully if I checked your pockets for dangerous weapons ? It’s not me you know, it’s those beastly Daily Mail readers who make us do this…”

    Hmmm. Well for anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed with liberal thought and who needs an antidote to political correctness, here’s a man vilified by beeboids as a racist, making fun of the MET for being institutionally racist long before the gang of humourless comedians that they currently sponsor started to do so… (warning some people may be offended blah blah – but personally I don’t give a s**t)


  6. Demon1001 says:

    Critics say the figures merely show the continuing prevalence of racism in the Metropolitan Police.

    Because there is  far greater percentage of crimes committed by members of the “black community”, pro rata, you would expect that they are questioned more often.  But no, the figures apparently only prove the police are racist – it would be unbelievable if it wasn’t so typical of the left.

    What the left should be doing is helping the police, after all the vast majority of the victims are from the black community too.  If the left really did care for “ethnic minorities” as they claim – then helping the police to apprehend the criminals would be a great way of achieving something positive for these “communities”.


  7. RCE says:


    Rioters = protestors = customers

    It is truly insane.


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Apart from Ken Livingstone, this is all they talk about on the London regional news. 


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Obviously the Met has a prejudice against humans as well. It seems that the vast majority of stop-and-searches are done against humans, when there are plenty of other species around London. Some may say that it’s only a natural result of the police taking these actions in areas where the majority of inhabitants are homo sapiens, but I think there’s a larger issue.



  10. RGH says:

    IN the real world, you know, the one most people live in, the fact that the ‘black’ community is disproportionatly subject to higher levels of crime by members of the ‘black’ community, suggests that the police by acting so vigourously is actually protecting the ‘black’ community the great majority of whom are decent, hardworking citizens) from criminals who happen to be ‘black’.

    But not on Planet PC Activist.


  11. Maturecheese says:

    Speaking of Abbot, A poster on the Telegraph recons he complained to the Police over her tweet.  Now they are always saying if there is a complaint they must investigate it, like the Nott Forest chanting to Leicester fans for instance.  Are they going to investigate Diane Abbots comment I wonder?  I won’t hold my breath.


  12. ian says:

    Jamaica Observer

    “Crime-wise, we are in a class of our own! “


  13. jeff says:

    Had the police been out stopping and searching in Oxford Street on Boxing Day there’s a reasonable chance they could have prevented the murder of a young black man.
    A murder in broad daylight in the busiest street in Britain would have been utterly unthinkable a few years ago.
    I fear that my once beautiful country is going to the dogs and to a very large extent the black “community” and their numerous liberal apologists are to blame.


  14. grangebank says:

    In the early years the Back population was sober , well dressed and quie trouble free , despite more racism applied against them .
    Then the liberal/left started airing greivances for them , and the forerunners of the multiculturist industry wanted understanding of diversity and seperateness .
    Throw in drugs , BBC handwringing and court compensation culture and now we reap what they`ve sown .