Question Time LiveBlog 19th January 2012

Tonight Question Time comes from Shrewsbury.

David Dimbleby is joined by Conservative Party co-ChairmanBaroness Warsi, Shadow Education spokesweasel Stephen Twigg, enviro-loon Caroline Lucas, mad-as-a-box-of-frogs Germaine Greer and lone ray of hope for common sense Charles Moore

Your Moderators line-up consists of David Vance, David Mosque and TheEye.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off and we’ll be staying open for This Week too. See you here later!

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8 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 19th January 2012

  1. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Hmmm Baroness Warsi   :* :* :* :* :* :* :*

    She may be a dopey mare but I’ll say one thing for her on QT she is more than happy to stick it to the audience and pretrendy-lefties nationwide.

    Unlike the usual drones whose every answer is based on ‘what do I have to say to most suck up to the audience?’.

    Caroline Flint – yes that’s you i’m talking about (inter alia)


  2. cjhartnett says:

    I`ll content myself with iPlayer and only putting it up when I see Charles Moore or Andrew Neil talikng for those miserable few hours ahead of us.
    Hats off to anyone who watches!


  3. Wayne Xenocrates says:

    Sorry but I can’t watch left wing propaganda programs where Conservative Sensibilists are thrown to the lions.  (Sensibilists? – if Shakespeare can invent words then so can I)   It upsets my digestion and I then overdo the Rennies.   However, I do wish all those you that have a strong stomach a wonderful evening.  Just don’t be surprised if your blood pressure goes up and you then have severe medical issues to address.

    By the way how many accidents or people being attacked were there in Dulverton last night when the Anti-British Broadcasting Co turned out all the lights (due to light pollution don’t you know?) This so the town astronomer could then watch stars.  Except he couldn’t because it was very cloudy night.  I don’t think we will be told by the A-BBC.  Another example of responsible behaviour by our Pay Up and Do As You Are Told corpse oops, corporation.


  4. TomR says:

    I’m amazed that a self-confessed paedophile like Greer finds any work.


  5. As I See It says:

    Topical debate on news and current affairs? First question has to be –  ‘on a scale of one to ten, how rubbish is Ed Miliband?’ I’ll bet that doesn’t come up.


  6. Jonathan S says:

    i wonder if the lady at the back with the red blouse will be in the audience tonight?


  7. Bill Quango MP says:

    Lucas and greer. This program is going to last much longer than normal. They both enjoy speaking long after they’ve finished.


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Didn`t watch this really-as soon as I saw the self-satisfied look of the appalling Lucas, I quickly scooted over to Newsnight.
    There we had the smug and appalling Tristram Hunt hoping that we`ll all come around to Hobsbawns Marxist views sometime soon.
    Presumably the BBC hope that we may yet require Egon Krenz or Erich Honecker to deal with the bankers…so are beginning the mood music to soften us up.
    Let them try!
    Then I saw Andrew Neill being all bitchy over Dianne Abbott, and then this morning heard Humphrys asking Lisa Jardine(another BBC historian, like Hunt) about-what else-IVF!
    Both of them befuddled, clueless arts graduates trying to sound as if they know anything about “science”…climate change is in safe hands then!
    Neiil/Abbott…Jardine/Humphrys…bitchfest incompetences and hot airy platitudes…no wonder they worry about that ship spouting crap over the tannoy…amateurs ,compared to the BBC!