Question Time LiveBlog 26th January 2012

Tonight Question Time comes from Plymouth.

David Dimbleby is joined by Conservative MP Liz Truss, Lib-Dem Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne, Labour’s David Lammy, ex Socialist Workers Party member Mark Steel and Mail columnist Melanie Phillips.

A note to all contributors: humour is good, sarcasm is fine, biting wit is even better but direct threats of violence and disgusting language are not acceptable. We will not add such comments. Have fun – but be good now…

Your Moderators line-up consists of David Vance, David Mosque and TheEye.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off and we’ll be staying open for This Week too. See you here later!

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17 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 26th January 2012

  1. Reed says:

    Missed the last couple of weeks – has it been getting a bit heated? O:-)


  2. Alfie Pacino says:

    I bet the words Double Dip are used in the first ten minutes


    • ap-w says:

      It might also be worth running a sweepstake on the time lapse between Mark Steel opening his mouth for the first time and saying the word “bankers”.


  3. London Calling says:

    With only two official Lefties in play, the Chair will want to weigh in to ensure “balance” The audience will be so stacked to the left it will up-end all the benches when they sit down.


    • Reed says:

      LC, I think you’ve stumbled upon the BBC’s version of balance in QT audiences – weight : just one Eric Pickles on the right will equal things out. “I think we got it about right”.


    • Demon1001 says:

      @London Calling – Including Dimbleby there are four lefties.  Just because the Lib Dems are currently allied to the nominally-right of centre Conservative Party does not make them right as well.  This is the usual balance of 4 left and 2 right (and even one of them looks dodgy according to her link above).


      • ian says:

        Yes, with Liz Truss a Cameron’s C’s (cuties) A lister – no doubt a reward for having been president of Oxford University’s LibDem Society – that leaves only little Schmelanie to represent the right. I hope she has claimed compensation in advance from Obersturmbahnfuhrer Dimbleby and his panel of socialist gauleiters.


      • London Calling says:

        I can’t add up! I have an Arts degree! Grate British Educashun…


    • Llew says:

      For 3 weeks in a row the panel has been, excluding DD, lefties 3 vs 2 righties.

      Is there a sweepstake for number of weeks the BBC can go before redressing the balance and putting 3 rightwingers on the panel?

      Knowing the BBC, when that happens, they will have 3 lefties on as well… to ensure balance you see!


  4. Nick Chambers says:

    I read Steel’s book ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful.’ It was crap. Everytime he says Thatcher, I’m going to have a swig of vodka. 


  5. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Mark Steel and Mark Thomas: found on every Radio 4 panel show…political views interchangeable…over-exposed, over-rated and all over the Beeb…both arse-clenchingly irritating Swuppie gobshites.

    Nary a cigarette paper between them in terms of oh-so-prolier-than-thou self-importantism but Steel has the more annoying face, so he wins.

    Good luck with QT. It’s a pile of bobbins.


  6. Nota Sheep says:

    Will David Dimbleby mention David ’13 points’ Lammy’s most famous TV appearance? My money says no… About as likely as Mark Steel not saying “Thatcher”.


  7. Merlin says:

    Hi folks didn’t stay up to watch all of the show so can only comment on the first half, as it were. I will make this comment:  the BBC select their panel members very carefully, with the more powerful speakers leaning to the far left. However, it  seesm that the BBC pick and choose their audience members even more carefully.  


  8. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Mark steel. What a shocker.BBC so openlyleft wing. Who will replace the DG when he goes soon.