The BBC really is the last bastion of defence for bloated Public Sector finances. Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

‘Public sector workers will be “dramatically” better off in retirement and receive significantly higher wages than those in the private sector.’ 

Not so, suggests the BBC. 
Fascinating example of BBC deliberately down playing good news for the public sector employees and choosing words very carefully to give the facts but in a way that almost reverses their true meaning.

Regarding the IFS’ latest report on pension reforms….

For the BBC the reforms reduce pensions and increase working life for all…..

‘The government’s latest public sector pension changes will make “little or no difference” to their long-term cost, an economic think-tank has said. However, it points out that the earlier decision to shift the inflation link for pension increases has substantially reduced costs and expectations.Unions point out that, overall, public workers must pay more and work longer. The report said that lower earners in the public sector were better protected that higher earners.’

Contrast that with the Telegraph’s report in which it reveals public sector workers will not only get higher pensions than now but also get over 8% higher pay than their equivalents in the private sector...and that it is only higher paid workers in the public sector who will see a reduction in pensions…..

‘Public sector workers will be “dramatically” better off in retirement and receive significantly higher wages than those in the private sector despite government attempts to scale back the generosity of their pay and pensions, ministers have been warned. The institute’s findings will call into question the widespread disruption caused by trade union protests over the treatment of public sector workers. “In general, lower earners in the public sector will actually get a more generous pension as a result of the recently announced reforms. That is, they will be able to retire at age 65 with a higher annual pension than they would receive under current arrangements. Conversely, higher earners are likely to lose out.” ‘

Of course this is the BBC in which a gloating Evan Davis tried to claim that RBS boss, Stephen Hester, refused his bonus because of Labour plans to have a Common’s vote on the subject…..where was his proof of that decision making?….more likely it was Hester’s wife who made him refuse it! Let’s also not forget that Hester (who is overpaid like all these people) received over £4 million in 2008 and £6 million in 2009…..wasn’t that when Labour was running things?…how soon they forget!

‘Mr Hester’s huge potential bonuses come on top of a total pay package of £35.54million since joining the bank in 2008. Brought in to turn the ailing bank around after a £45billion taxpayer bailout, Mr Hester was handed £4.99million in restricted shares, forgoing pay and bonuses. The next year, 2009, his pay package was worth £6.9million, and in 2010 that rose to £8.16million.’

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  1. john says:

    This is marvellous news, well for Public Sector workers at least.
    Next we will be hearing a clamour for an increase in the TV tax.
    And why ? Because the duled fools aspire to enjoy the high life like their comrades in the Universe’s biggest black hole – The NHS.
    And why ? Because the duled fools at the BBC talk shit.
    So as I say, marvellous news (for some) but not as marvellous for others (that’s right – the ones who pay for it from the Private Sector).
    I think the BBC got this shit just about wrong !


  2. Martin says:

    My understanding was Hester was phoned by George Osborne and asked ‘not to take his bonus’

    Why would Hester take any notice of a bug eyed weirdo?


  3. wild says:

    BBC = The epitome of our corrupt establishment. They would tell you the Moon was made of cheese (and those who deny it are evil) if they got free cheese with their crackers.

    How much longer do we have to put with these freeloading bastards? 

    The BBC are about as hostile to a free society (and this includes democracy) as you can get this side of Stalinism.

    écrasez l’infâme

    You get more balance on North Korean TV.

    Destroy the whole institution. Take away their pensions. Reduce their buildings to rubble.

    Would you employ Paxman to shine shoes? Useless greedy shit. The whole lot of them. Useless greedy shits.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Hester loses his bonus. Goodwin loses his knighthood(although he`ll remain Sir Fred to me!)
    Hester replaced Goodwin as head of RBS, so there is a connection between these two stories.
    Both were hired and fired by Brown/Darling /Mandelson…what a troika eh?
    Fred has them to thank for his knighthood and his severance package-as well as that famous pension of his.
    Now we`re in the area of public sector troughers who pimped off the poor, and who still cling to Lordships and fat, fat pensions…any chance of the BBC looking into these public sector parasites for us…and add Prescott, Paxman, Tusa, Byford, Thompson and all the other fat cat public sector tapeworms that leech off us every day?
    At first they came for Fred….one day we`ll be defenestrating the likes of Evan Davis and Srah Montague “insh`allah”


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    any chance of the BBC looking into these public sector parasites for us’

    Nope, and no other either.

    Just watched a LibDem peer on SKY being a typical media bandwagon pol: ‘er.. one right doesn’t apply to anything wrong that I happen to hold dear.. moving on’.

    And we also have oner Mr. Darling feeling it is tawdry, and asking what about other bankers… but not, it seems, other honours awardees from other areas… such as, oo, politics.

    Our glorious, hypocritical, tribal, ratings-obsessed media are of course lapping it all up.

    And, yet again, the symbolism is all, yet the money stays put.

    No questions will be asked.

    Also, on the Newsnight blog, it has been noticed that Mr. Paxman has suddenly gone all forgetful again when a pol from the BBC home team makes dodgy claims on Scotland and is allowed a pass.

    Louise Mensch must be wondering what made her special enough for our Jezza to shake off the Alzheimers briefly to bring the show to a halt to ensure ‘accuracy’, or at least a BBC restricted version of it.