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  1. Span Ows says:

    Great isn’t it. No I word, no M word. I have to admit that the BBC did actually mention terrorist and terroist activities this time.

    just noticed in analysis sidebar the M word “The men from Stoke got as far as pondering the logistical problems of religiously observant Muslims planting bombs in pub toilets.” Let’s see if it is there later!


  2. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I pretty much despise all media for lack of professional integrity. Be it for ratings, so any stir is worth it, no matter the light lost in heat, but especially when it is complemented by a hefty dose of tribal aganda on top.

    SKY is too often prone to the former, but the BBC has cornered the market in both.

    And it extends from who is invited on (or not), what questions are asked (or not) and how the result is editted for top of the hour sampling.

    Just watched Adam Boulton ‘interview’ (though frankly that’s a stretch) Mr. Darling, and witnessed an epic meltdown in credibility on top of the tatters the facts of his time in office have already laid bare.

    But like the US lady the other day (Ms. Peroni, in thanks to a kind poster), SKY had the buffoon up against a person who a) knew their stuff and better, b) was having none of his waffle, and lies, and was not even going to toelrate Mr. Boulton trying to wangle a ‘critics are saying’ distraction to save the ex-Chanceller’s blushes.

    I don’t have to pay for SKY, but do. If they at least allow on competent counter opinion I’ll cut them some slack on their still woeful ‘polite’ lobby access-conscious standard of journalism.

    What I have less patience for is their trying to find any ‘balance’ possible for Mr. Miliband’s latest car crash PMQs, and using his ‘millionaire cabinet’ jibe without any hint that this also is not a great position of strength either for his crumbling opposition stance.

    Can’t say Mr. Cameron is often to my tastes (or innocent either), but his use, and reuse and non-use of accusations of hypocrisy in Parliament over the interventions of the poison dwarf was long overdue, and welcome.

    Speaking of hypocrisy, it will be interesting to see how such as Newsnight handle this one.

    Mason and Penny going through their respective, and possibly joint holiday snaps on air as today in Parliament maybe too tricky even for their edit suite to smooth out?

    This country needs an opposition of stature to stand up to a less than stellar government to help improve the standing of the UK at home and abroad.

    The national broadcaster using my money to protect and/or shore up the lamest ducks’ collection of incompetents as they might be more to the BBC’s tastes in office, is not really cutting it.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Blimey, just popped for a sarny and Mr. Boulton tests my resolve in his chairing the next ‘debate’ over the Falkalnds.

      Some bonkers Argentinian ‘academic’ (why does that term send a shudder down the spinez these days.. are they all tribal fools divorced from reality?) vs. a local pol.

      Mr. Boulton spent most of the time cutting off the poor Falklander to interject his wise words of opinion, and when the acadmic spent all the time talking over a reasoned reply… not a peep.

      Do Mr. Boulton and Mr. Paxman share coaches?


      • Barry says:

        “Some bonkers Argentinian ‘academic'”

        Was this the smug, bearded academic that Simon Weston demolished a couple of weeks ago?


        • My Site (click to edit) says:

          If it was, I’d love a YouTube. Mr. Weston was sublime this morning.

          This guy was bearded, slouched in the seat and talked like soem 30’s English major after a few too many ports.

          If he has spent his life in study of this topic, I’d love to know who funded him, as they deserve to be told they are due a refund.

          I expect to seem him alone with Emily, Jeremy or Gavin tonight… ‘to put the case for the Malvinas’.


      • Alfie Pacino says:

        That ‘Academic’ was a real smug and nasty piece of work…


  3. As I See It says:

    The BBC assiduously avoid the use of the I and the M words in their reporting of such stories.

    I would love to see the secret memo that enforces this rule.

    Or, is it the fact that Beeb journalists are so thoroughly unionised that the NUJ censors our national broadcaster?

    Or, is a shared groupthink so stong at the Beeb that no written words of instruction are needed?

    Any which way the licence payers are being deceived day in day out.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I thought this was all supposed to go away once the Imperialist Crusader troops left and we ended Bush’s illegal war which inspired this kind of thing? Isn’t that what the BBC told us? We’re talking to the Taliban, pulling troops out every day with more to come over this year and next. Are we supposed to believe that Mohammedans will no longer be “inspired by Al Qaeda” once the very last white soldier leaves and wipes the dust from his feet?


  5. Ray says:

    Hmmm. Apparently these random… errr… ‘men’… were suddenly, unexpectedly and for no reason whatsoever ‘inspired’ by something called “al-Qaeda”. I dont know who or what al-Qaeda is? There is no explanation in the article. Are they a heavy metal band? Punk, perhaps? I wonder what it was about them that ‘inspired’ them to plan to kill innocent people? Maybe there was something in the background or private lives of these men that could explain their behaviour? Something they had in common perhaps? Apart from the hilarious beards, obvioulsy.


  6. George R says:

    Compare and contrast headlines for : a.)INBBC,  b.)’Daily Mail’:-  
    “Four men admit London Stock Exchange bomb plot.”  
    “Four radical Muslims planned launching a ‘Mumbai-style’ attack on London, targeting the Stock Exchange, Boris Johnson and the U.S Embassy.”  
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2094799/Four-radical-Muslims-planned-blow-London-Stock-Exchange-discussed-launching-Mumbai-style-attack.html#ixzz1l8ltFlgE


  7. Merlin says:

    The BBC always put the concerns of radical Muslim scum like those arrested first. They always put immigrants first. They’ve disgracefully failed to report on Muslim paedo gangs (they care more about fithy Asian paedos than they do our children), they’ve largely ignored Muslim hate schools which are allowed to teach terror and hatred, they turn a blind eye to Muslim thugs intimidating non-Muslims in areas such as East London where Muslim colonisation is at an all time high. What make me laugh is when you get left wing gay and animal rights activists militantly attacking politicians and scientists respectively BUT not so much as a whisper about anti-gay Muslim Nazis or Halal meat slaughter. LEFT WING COWARDS ARE DESTROYING THE FABRIC OF OUR COUNTRY which used to be our strength and enabled us to build the Empire (whether it was a good or bad thing is neither here nor there) This cancer that is radical Islam needs to be rooted out before they do something that threatens the existence of the world (Iran/Pakistan-Nuclear Bomb etc etc!) 


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I know why the BBC left out the Mohammedan angle here. The men were really driven to terrorism by poverty. Oh, right, that BBC Narrative got scrapped after reality forced their hand.


  9. Gary Quick says:

    Frankly incredible that the words “moslem” and “islam” aren’t mentioned once. Reminds me of the bBC’s coverage of the young men in Bradford grooming young white girls for sex.. No mention of ethnicity in any bBC report, but it was widely reported everywhere else (even in the Guardian)  that the men were all moslems and the girls were all white. How much longer can the bBC get away this? And because of the license fee, we all have to pay a tax to see this kind of bias..


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Read that the defence for the scum that plotted all this was that “no, they didn`t want to kill us…merely plant a bomb to terorise us all”.
    Where do we get these lawyers from?…and is there any chance of us swapping them for normal human beings being held hostage somewhere dangerous?
    The dear old BBC-utterly predictable now aren`t they?…what a parody of a news broadcaster!
    Hospital radio for Guardian fops…
    All together now!
    “Ebony and Ivory….live together in …”
    Did Sir Paul and Stevie sing this in vain…have a heart won`t you, Anjem Choudhury?


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC News Channel is mentioning Islam in their reporting today. Apparently one of the issues these men were discussing was how to go about planting bombs in toilets when Islam forbade them from going into pubs. Excellent religious priorities there.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      There’s a sequel to Four Lions right there.

      From now on, if I have to frequent any urban armpit, I will ensure I am only in dens of iniquity for safety’s sake as the followers of the rleigion of peace annihilate trendy coffee bars and their trendy inhabitants.

      Guessing that might mean a bit of friendly fire collateral, but there you go.


  12. Ronald Todd says:

    Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own land, never more than when watching the BBC news.


  13. Nota Sheep says:

    BBC Radio 4 news managed to report the story without mentioning any motive let alone the words Islam or Muslim.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      World Service’s World Briefing, 23.00:  
      Neither the news bulletin nor BBBC’s Twitter favourite Matt Prodger’s report mentioned Muslim or Islamist.  
      It’s actually quite funny. The refusal to mention the religious affiliation of the protagonists is rather like actors’ superstitious fear of referring to The Scottish Play by name.


  14. ian says:

    Zionist dogs have almost taken over the entire MSM, since only the BBC avoids mentioning moslems. This terror plot was obviously the work of Christian fundamentalists, going by their faces, beards and foreign-sounding names. I had one of those Quakers in the back of the cab once…..


  15. London Calling says:

    Described as “British Nationals” by the BBC – quick to point out these are “our own people” not Muslims of Pakistani origin as they might appear to some people.    
    They are “from” Stoke on Trent, “from” Tower Hamlets and “from Newham” good British places. Blimey me old china, they are cheeky cockerneys, I’ll be bound.    
    Did any of them hold down a job while they were plotting to blow up the Stock Exchange, or were they using money claimed in benefits to finance terrorism? I think we should be told.    
    But clearly not by our national Broadcaster busy trying to promote social cohesion and terrified of standing up for Britain against Muslim terrorists.    
    The image file on the BBC is titled “Stock Exchange Suspects…” I knew it! They are Bankers!


  16. George R says:

    And INBBC on the PHILIPPINES:  
    “Philippine military ‘kills three wanted militants’ ”  
    INBBC’s Ms McGEOWN has obviously been politically well conditioned by the BBC-NUJ’s ‘Madrassa of Journalism’ to censor out the words ‘Islamic jihad’ and ‘Muslim’.  
    For INBBC
    “Wikileaks: Saudi-funded Jihad in Philippines as serious as Afghanistan”  


  17. Radio2LunchTimeLoather says:

    Amazing… Jeremy Vine (spit…) just described this as “an Islamist plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange”. Perhaps he didn’t get the email. http://lunchtimeloather.blogspot.com/


  18. Radio2LunchTimeLoather says:

    And on Vine’s web page (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01b8z0d): BOMB PLOT – Islamists who plotted to blow up the stock exchange have pleaded guilty and will get a much shorter sentence. They could be out in 6 years. But if the intention was to kill hundreds of people, we speak to someone who says the sentence should be similar to if the bomb really had gone off


  19. George R says:

    Has INBBC decided to censor the German connection to Islamic jihad plot in UK too?

    German Misunderstanders of Islam plead guilty to smuggling jihad bomb instructions into Britain