Let’s be clear. This is a blog concerning itself with BBC bias. It is also a blog that is entirely self funding and which does not advertise or clutter the space. So, in a blatant instance of opportunism – I bring you news of the perfect Kindle or IPAD download – my little canter through the uplands and valleys of the appeasement process here in Northern Ireland! For a trifling £2.63, you can enjoy  the thrills and spills of what happens when terrorism is indulged and then rewarded – all in the name of peace. And now back to the main feature….
Unionism Decayed: 1997 - 2007

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3 Responses to A COMMERCIAL BREAK….

  1. Jeremy Clarke says:


    (Sorry, someone had to comment)

    Good luck with this, David.


  2. David Vance says:


    I was struck by the silence so thanks for breaking it. Writers do not live in vacuums and those who read what I produce here could perhaps understand my background a little. My next project is more in line with the content of this blog, I am more in line with me,