Question Time LiveBlog 9th February 2012

Tonight Question Time comes from London.

David Dimbleby is joined by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, Alastair Campbell, Shirley Williams (apparently not dead yet, it seems), Alan Partridge Steve Coogan and journalist Ann Leslie.

Just an observation – only one elected person on the whole panel? Really?

As with last week, please remember that humour is good, sarcasm is fine, biting wit is even better but direct threats of violence and disgusting language are not acceptable. We will not add such comments. Have fun – but be good now…

Your Moderators line-up consists of David Vance, David Mosque, TheEye and, hopefully, John Ward.

It’s a 10:30pm kick off and we’ll be staying open for This Week too. See you here later!

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37 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 9th February 2012

  1. RCE says:

    That has to be the crappest line-up for a long while.

    Utter garbage.


  2. John Horne Tooke says:



  3. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Oh, my.

    I’m afraid I’ll miss it as I shall have a nasty headache.


  4. Geyza says:

    Coogan? Really? I cannot stand his brand of champagne socialism and his holier than thou condescension.


    • Reed says:

      Me neither. I’m sure the press has indulged in some pretty unpleasant and unacceptable practices in the last decade, but I don’t think this once drug addled, big headed, self-absorbed, preening narcissist is the man to lecture us on new standards of moral conduct.  
      Champagne Socialist?…..From his Wiki page  
      Coogan states that he is a socialist who enjoys paying taxes  
      Coogan reportedly has a wealth of £5 million and supports the Labour Party  
      A well noted car enthusiast, he has had a succession of Ferraris


      • Buggy says:

        The ‘Champagne Socialist’ thing came up with Coogan a couple of weeks ago, and he defended himself along the lines that he should no more be criticised for it than a Tory should be for eschewing wine in favour of beer.

        Oh boy. And Campbell, too: wonder what possible topic they’re looking to re-heat tonight ?

        Plus Hammond (Mr H2S) and Shirley Williams, the Torquamada of education back yet again.



  5. George R says:

    Is it ‘QT’, or BBC-NUJ with its chums talking Leveson inquiry, part 58?


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’ve missed the last few shows because I’ve been busy, but seem to have picked a bad time to revisit. I assume this one is supposed be evidence that QT panels aren’t slanted to the Left because there’s no official Labour politician on hand to balance out Hammond.


    • Llew says:

      I think its 3 lefties vs 2 from the right. Just like every week really. I am still waiting for a panel where the righties outnumber the lefties.


  7. Merlin says:

    You can bet that the Islamic extremist supporting BBC won’t be discussing this story as it doesn’t fit in with their little happy rose tinted multicultural Marxist agenda.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      “…the second such brutal attack within days.”

      Imagine if the roles were reversed – it would be mentioned not only in QT but headline news for weeks

      Can someone at the BBC tell me I am wrong?


  8. Reed says:

    Hurrah for Anne Leslie, the rest….meh.


  9. Leha II says:

    I wont be watching tonight, I just remembered Im taking my eyes out with a pickle fork instead


  10. DJ says:

    We need a sweepstake on how long until the first Levenson question.

    I say 1  minute 45 seconds.


    • Merlin says:

      What are the odds that the topics tonight will orbit around Syria, John Terry, Crappelo and/or banker’s bonuses.  Bet that fat repulsive slug Abu Qua… oh I can’t even be bothered trying to spell his name, will not be mentioned at all –  the BBC are too shit scared of offending Muslims.


  11. Alfie Pacino says:

    On the day when heavy sentences are given out terrorism willl be avoided as a topic.


  12. cjhartnett says:

    What a “bag o`shite”.
    Remember when Partridge was comedy and not the template for a BBC staffer?
    Will turn it down until Anne Leslie comes on-a bit old now, but at least she`s seen enough to have something worth saying.
    Great to see Heather Mc Cartney rehabilitated by the BBC as a “victim of nasty Rupert”-not the one-legged gold digger that fooled the great Sir Paul, as the BBC were wont to portray her as until recently.
    Hope Coogan reflects on the transience of fleeting fame with Heather in mind…and imagine “victim” Campbell next to him might be able to use a few fresh tenners c/o the taxpayer and via Leveson.


    • ian says:

      “one legged gold-digger” should be followed by “and ex-whore”


    • Alfie Pacino says:

      Alan Partridge was truly onform tonight CJ, defending the rights of Al Q -I was reminded of Sunday bloody Sunday – the day off when chores such as washing the car get in the way. Funnily enough – tonight Coogan was in favour of a free press hacking phones for the greater good, so long as it wasn’t his messages to Courtney Love’s back passage or vice versa – I lose track of the vice versas in this case. STill he trousered enough cash from NI to siud smug on QT. THree cheers for Sir Steve Coogan (not).


      • cjhartnett says:

        Looked at the “survey results” on the live blog feed above-every bit as trustworthy(even more so even?) than anything that the BBC give us by way of “results that show…”
        For Coogan to be even LESS popular than Campbell only shows how the might have fallen….a moral tale for our times.
        Looked to me that he`d been at the old French smelling salts, whereas Anne had been given a couple of larger units in the green room beforehand, so as to render her useless!
        What`s it all about?… 


  13. John Horne Tooke says:

    So why did Hammond turn up?

    The “conservatives” are not very consistent.


  14. john says:

    BBC QT 09022012 @ 22.35
    Punctual as ever, aired by the BBC @ 22.38

    As it is snowing here in York and with nothing better to do, I tuned in.
    I don’t do the live thing alot of you enjoy, but would like to share my experience non the less.
    I will use the John’s Aldi Whiskey consumtion scale to reflect what I resorted to whilst the questions were answered. Henceforth JAW.

    1) Deportation.
    The comedian (Coogan) who clearly has a dark side, defended, with out interuption, Abu Quitenotrightinthehead’s human rights.
    JAW – 5 fl oz

    2) Syria.
    The comedian (Coogan) who clearly has a dark side, suggested that Military action was needed, then he suggested it wasn’t.
    JAW – 3 fl oz

    3) Nobody does comedy like English Football.
    The Blockhead of Burnley was the only one who knew what he was talking about.
    The comedian (Coogan) who clearly has a dark side, wasn’t quite sure which of the two Manchester clubs he supported. So, as you do, he said Norwich.
    JAW – 4 fl oz

    4) Inevitably – The Basket Case that is the NHS.
    Campbell confirmed that the NHS is sole property of the Labour Party. Thinking that anything is wrong with it will result you been taken outside into the £20 an hour car-park and shot.
    JAW – 8 fl oz : I now need another bottle !

    So what do I think about Question Time experience ?

    Well it’s about time they delt with a few questions I’d like to raise.
    So here are a just a few on the NHS for starters :
    a) Unison witter on about a Nurse’s basic wage. But that’s not true, far from it. Tell me about the REAL take-home pay, the reality of the weekly cash in the bank and not some glib lowest denomenator you can find.
    b) Would the NHS have a problem with a Buyer coming in from say Tesco or Aldi to oversee the procurement of pharmaceuticals, or anything else for that matter ?
    c) Hattie Jacques – My god – if only – if only !


  15. Merlin says:

    Think about this people. A dangerous extremist with well known anti-Western views who espouses the destruction of any civilisation and culture that doesn’t ‘submit’ to islam has just escaped deportation and will soon be able to walk these streets in his silly looking grandad nighty. What does the infaintile, deluded and unrepresentative left wing BBC QT do ? They defend Abu Turdbrain’s human rights and instead stir up onscreen childish hatred for its main media rivel, the Daily Mail (the second largest paper in the UK and the most popular online newspaper forum in the UK)
    The constant DM bashing last night was a new low for the left wing BBC and their handpicked West London liberal android audience. This program was a blatant attack on the paper for its excellent reporting on the BBC’s liberal paralysis on any issue that is remotely related to Islam. I think as an ‘impartial’ media corporation to allow this lynch mob mentality on a national program is quite frankly disgraceful and completely at odds with what the majority of people outside West London, the posh parts of Devon and Edinburgh think. The most evidently left wing QT I have ever seen, and I had to switch off when Shammy Chakribhati emerged with the usual anti-British garabage within a few seconds of This Week starting. I despair, I really do.


    • cjhartnett says:

      If dear old Ann Leslie had not been spiked in the Green Room beforehand, she might have gone on to finish her point about the BBC finding two beneficiaries from Leveson, who acxtually are Labour Party donors, mentally unhinged, recovering druggies who live or write the life of hard porn!
      In other words, 40% of their guests were Leveson Lollards who we`ve just given loads of money to.
      Fine random sampling by the Beeb as ever…and who dug Jimmy Savile up ?…Shirley Williams did more damage to  more children with her education ideas than JS could ever have done


  16. Number 7 says:

    I had to switch off as soon as Coogan started mouthing off,  before the TV got the Keith Moon treatment.


  17. Deborah says:

    Having once been to a BBC meeting where I questioned the BBCers on something I was met with universal cry of “you must have read that in the Daily Mail and the Daily Mail hates us”.

    Well last night it really seemed to be the BBC’s get the Daily Mail night.  Whilst easy to find the Daily Mail circulation figures (a tad over 2 million) it is harder on a slow computer (must be the snow) to find weekly viewing figures for Question Time.  Wiki crows about the BNP edition but claims a weekly average about the same as the DM circulation but of course anyone can ‘amend’ them.


  18. cjhartnett says:

    Would anyone put a complaint in with the BBC for me?
    I heard only a few minutes of this Godawful show, and the number of plugs for the Daily Mail was outrageous!
    I could only buy it today when they had shamelessly placed the product so often and so “passionately”.
    I mean-If the likes of Coogan and Campbell don`t like it…and those who buy it stay so cowed in the audience…then I`ve GOT to but a copy or two today!
    Hope Dacre appreciates the free adverts…if NOT reading the Mail turns you into a bipolar bagpiper or a high humbug that looks like Lawrence Llewelllyn Bowen…then I`ve GOT to buy it!


  19. voiceforchildren says:

    This should enlighten people of the BBC’s “journalism”


  20. cjhartnett says:

    Alistair Campbell, Steve Coogan, John Prescott, Keith Vaz, Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot, Billy Bragg, Harriet Harman, Evan Harris. AC Grayling, Shirley Williams
    Melanie Phillips, Peter Hitchens, Douglas Murray, John Bolton, Trevor Kavanagh, Stephen Pollard, John Malkovitch, Ann Coulter, Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan, Dominic Raab.

    Two teams above allow me to set my Index…and, by my reckoning the swamp gas Fog Index was high even for the BBC last night(60% toxicity, which ought to have triggered an alert of some kind!)


    • Reed says:

      John Malkovich!?!? Really! I never knew.

      So…a quick google turns up so much…like this

      Malkovich was also asked about a spat with the British journalist Robert Fisk. Nearly ten years ago during an appearance at the Cambridge Union Society, Malkovich was asked who he’d most like to “fight to the death.”

      His response: Fisk and former British Member of Parliament George Galloway, though Malkovich admitted: “I’d rather just shoot them.”

      Malkovich explained the remark was a joke, but responded to outrage from Fisk: “I hate somebody who is supposed to be a Middle Eastern expert who thinks Jesus was born in Jerusalem. I hate what I consider his vile anti-Semitism. This being said, I apologize to both Fisk and Galloway; they seem like good men but if they make such a heinous mistake again, I will not hesitate to murder them brutally by way of the gallows.”
      =-O 🙂
      There’s also a long list of ‘righties’.


      • cjhartnettThanks Reed.Not all of them came up, but great to says:

        Thanks Reed!
        A good list-couldn`t get them all up, but I`ve now got to overcome a lifetimes scorn and like Adam Sandler.
        If Paul McCartney stopped the songs, and kept throwing chips at David Blaine; then I`d love him all the more!


  21. stephenthackeray1978 says:

    My my my, isnt that Steve Coogan a thoroughly nasty piece of work ?

    Expect to see A LOT more of him on The BBC in the future, I think they should have mentioned / discussed the Daily Mail more, I was having troubling working out whether they they liked the Daily Mail or not, dear oh dear, one of the most biased episodes I’ve seen in a while, I dont watch it anymore, I’d rather bang my head against a brick wall.

    Phillip Hammond might as well walk in to the studio wearing a dunce hate with the words “Yes, I’m ashamed to be a Tory” written on it, is there a more apologetic so called “Conservative” than him ?

    No wonder the BBC book him so much.

    Unbelievably biased programme


  22. Nick Chambers says:

    Like many, I turned off as soon as Coogan started referring to Abu Qatada as a pantomime villain. Perhaps Coogan would like to have him in the next series of The Trip? They could even set it in Jordan: what hilarity they could have together. I can’t wait to see Qatada’s impression of Michael Caine.


    • Andrew says:

      Wonder what Coogan and his ilk will do when the very people he defends have popped us all off and the only ones left are their apologists who will be next.


  23. Alan Trout says:

    It was strange to see the paper  my 80 years old mother reads ,the Daily mail,  slagged off by everyone from a longhaired “socialist”  “comedian”, to a disgraced  labour party spin-doctor.  Mandelson  even advocated state control of the press and made it clear he wanted to ban the Daily Dail.

    That the Daily Mail upsets so many members of the  establishment makes it seem subversive, no wonder it is Britain second most popular paper. Today, for the first time in my life, I bought a copy .


  24. cjhartnett says:

    I agree entirely.
    Your mum-like the vast majority of decent people in this country-only get sneered at and ridiculed by the likes of Coogan, Fry, Campbell and Brand etc…and the liberal elite despise the little people who won`t be talked out of common sense and the evidence of their own eyes and experience.
    Thankfully, our local library now has to get the Mail instead of the Guardian after a small campaign.
    The Mail is by no means perfect-but it banged up Stephen Lawrences killers to some extent, which Coogan and his like don`t seem to mention.


  25. stephenthackeray1978 says:

    I bought the Daily Mail today especially after being told not to at least a dozen times by the state broadcaster last night.
    I will be buying it tomorrow morning as well.
    As much as they hate it, Hell will freeze over before the Guardian & the Independent have even a tenth of the readership of The Daily Mail.
    I’m sure there will have to be some kind of response in the paper tomorrow, maybe even the editorial, that was blatant even by The BBC’s standards, actually it was verging on the deranged, infact it was the complete polar opposite of “Impartial” in the literal sense of the word.