B-BBC contributor Alan notes; 

“The BBC are stillingtrying to spin immigration figures and downplay the extent of immigration tothis country despite Mark Thompson’s admission that they had not covered thesubject properly in years past. The Telegraph reports the figures from government based on the yearly periodJune to June….June 2010 they were 235,000, by June 2011 they were250,000….so definitely a rise when comparing years.

The BBC has decided to take a different starting point, September 2010…butstill finishes in June 2011. September, the total net immigration would havebeen 255,000 for the year sept 2009 to sept 2010. As the total for June 2011was 250,000 the BBC have claimed this means that essentially immigration issteady and has not risen.

You could interpret it as it actually is….that immigration rose in Sept 2010and has continued at that high level ever since. This is of course the exact opposite trick they play with temperatures whenreporting climate change….here they ignore the plateau of 14 or so years thattemperatures have remained unchanged and claim there is a trend of risingtemperature despite this levelling off. Using the same analogy as the BBC for temperature you would have to sayimmigration is showing a rising trend. (and net migration is a figure which hides a lot…because 500,000 nativeBritish might emigrate, 500,000 foreigners immigrate here and the net figurewould be zero….but in effect you would have a much larger immigrantpopulation percentage wise in the UK slipping under the radar.)”

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  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I feel that Cameron, with his current policies, is definitely going the right way about getting ‘net migration’ down to the tens of thousands, as promised.
    He’s making life so difficult for the law-abiding, tax-paying, native population, that hundreds of thousands will want to flee Britain each year, thus giving him the nicely massaged figure that he requires!     


  2. Nota Sheep says:

    I wonder how much of the water shortage is due to the increased population in the South-East of England? If the last Labour government had not deliberately increased immigration to the detriment of the job prospects of existing Britons would we also not have a water shortage? 


    • Graham Evans says:

      And it’s not just water is it. The relentless pressure on housing (especially social housing), education, health services, social services, police time, and the cost of MSM constantly working to cover up the problems!


  3. dave s says:

    Net immigration is irrelevant . If we are gradually replacing the native British population  by immigrants( largely third world) then we need to know how many native British have left since 1997.This figure will give us the true extent of population replacement
    The liberal delusion again. The country is made by it’s people not by liberal dreams . For centuries it was amost 100%  Anglo Saxon/Celtic/Nordic. Now it is not and on present trends will cease to be Britain (and in particular) England within the lifetimes of our grandchildren. It will be something else.


    • John Anderson says:

      dave s

      As a broad guess I’d say 1 million or more Brits emigrated in the past 10 years or so.  

      Of those – I’d guess up to half a million were from London.

      Meanwhile maybe a million indigenous Brits moved out of inner London.

      Over the same period,  a million to 2 million foreigners came into London, and much of the birthrate over that period was from incomers.

      The NET position is that the population of London increased somewhat.  The ACTUAL position,  as you say,  has been a radical change in the composition of the population, especially in inner suburbs but increasingly in outer London.   Anyone with eyes can see this.  But statistics obscure it – and the BBC then obscures it even further.

      Serious schisms are opening up within “British” society.  Excessive immigration has made assimilation much harder,  and put huge strains on public services as well as the welfare budget.  But for year after year,  the BBC line has been that any discussion of such fundamental social change is “racist”.


      • John Anderson says:

        I should have said – anyone with eyes AND EARS can see and hear how much the composition of the London population has changed.   Try riding any bus or train,  walk around any shopping centre or street.

        More to the point – look at the pupil mix in London schools.

        And what applies to London applies to many other urban areas in Britain.   This week’s TV programme on Luton showed a fairly bright and – I think – fairminded young woman baffled by the changes in her town and deeply concerned about the schisms that have developed in the years she had been abroad or away.  That’s the first time I can ever recall the BBC letting a young indigenous Brit have some proper airtime.


        • dave s says:

          London is probably on the way to becoming a city state largely isolated culturally and ethnically from the shires. Nothing can stop this now. Unintended consequences of left wing dogma. What the result of this will be is best not even thought about.
          The shires of the West,  areas of the North East and North West and parts of East Anglia, Sussex and Hampshire will start to turn away from London. It is people that make countries and cultures not ivory tower academics and politicians.
          I repeat the old truth . No settled people has voluntarily given up their land anywhere ever.
          That we, the English, may do so voluntarily is possible. It would be a first. Really if you are a young man it is time to go.


          • rightofcentre says:

            I live in West Yorkshire, and a recent population survey done by my own employers found that the population in our Met Area was 86% White/British. So up here in the `shires it`s a similar picture, just that the total numbers are smaller. It isn`t hard to guess which part of the Minorities are not trying to intergrate, and are causing friction, heck even the BBC are forced to report it from time to time.


  4. Andrew says:

    Another point so often left out these calculations is the net effect of the contribution / demand to the welfare state system. What is not shared is how many immigrating into the UK go straight onto the welfare rolls of one form or another.  Counter to that we do not see what the loss of those emigrating to other countries is to the exchequer.

    In other words it has monetary aspects to it as well.  If we have a decline in contributors the pot is getting smaller.  If you add to that an increase in those who place a demand on the system you are heading in an ever decreasing circle, one compounded by a government who only seem to address the dwindling public purse through taxation.

    But of course we’re now wandering into Cloward-Piven strategy.


    • John Anderson says:

      For decades the British economy benefitted form increasing activity rates – the proportion of the population in employment rather than eg staying at home.  In areas such as Tower Hamlets – slap bang next to the City of London ! – there is now huge unemployment and an appalling decline in actoivity rates especially among women.   Which is combined with poor health standards,  rubbish educational standards – and lots of hostility by the newcomers to the host country.   If Somalia is a “failed state”,  Tower Hamlets is now a “basket-case” borough that is costing us all a bloody mint.

      Great.  Thanks Blair,  thanks Brown,  thanks BBC for covering it all up.


  5. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    It must be something for Johnny Somalia disembarking from the boat (or more likely climbing out from the chassis of the lorry) and making his way to Tower Hamlets or Newham.

    “Wow, no rotting corpses on the streets, no shell-holes in the buildings, no ‘special security forces’ driving up and down the streets with heavy machine guns welded to their flat-bed trucks, and… indoor toilets.”

    Of course after about a week or so, particularly if they’ve just seen Emily Thornberry on QT, they realise what a sh*tehole they’ve ended up in and are straight off down the local al-shabab recruiting centre and thence to Heathrow.


  6. Pat says:

    An item on the BBC News last night visited Boston to assess the immigrant situation.  The only conclusion to be drawn from the piece was that the main problem was Polish shop keepers.   This was obviously the very worst example in Britain they could  (safely) come up with!


  7. jeff says:

    The last Labour government performed an astonishing conjuring trick on the British people. Before our very eyes the population of my once green and pleasant land has changed beyond all recognition. And they did it all whilst telling us that immigration was “under control.” Areas of London that were once familiar to me are now dark and dangerous third world ghettoes, rife with drugs, gangsters and guns. Sadly I have to say I don’t see very much improvement with old Etonion spiv Dave Cameron in charge of affairs. He just hasn’t got the balls!


  8. London Calling says:

    Making my way through Notting Hill the other afternoon I chanced to see the large number of buggy pushing Somali women picking up their many children from the local State School, and making their way back to the Council Estate opening into the Portobello Road. These are addresses almost no-one could afford, yet Somalis have amazingly been housed off the Portobello Road, Notting Hill, David Camerons constituency. WTF has been going on? I believe everyone on the planet should be free to live wherever they can afford to. Instead the working poor of Britain live in dumps, and pay taxes pissed away by Councils on muslim immigrants  housing, school places and NHS treatment in London’s most prime residential areas. No doubt the BBC has a University of Westminster study that says these women are “poor”


  9. ian says:

    Will the last real Briton to leave please set the timer.


    • JohnW says:

      So sick of Socialist Britain we bailed last year. Even Muslim Malaysia is better than being robbed blind by the taxman to fund illiterate Third World benefit scroungers. The weather’s certainly better and we aren’t being constantly denounced by left wing gobshites. Sadly, our kids will have to fight their way through the mess that the UK has become.


  10. grangebank says:

    Typical Asylum Seeker in the real world
    Bogus ,male , illegally entered the country , consorted with criminals to gain access , may have to work off his facillitors fee , keeps to nationals of his own kind , may indulge in criminal activities , finds it humorous to be here , is amazed by the benefits system , sees crooked lawyers to help make up distress story , will not be integrating.

    Typical Asylum Seeker featured by the BBC ,
    Fatima was nine when her parents brought her to the UK , and couldn`t speak a word of English . Now she`s fifteen , at the top of her class . She wants to continue education , go to university and train to be an eye surgeon to help others . Her father , who picks crops in east Anglia  and sees her every second weekend , and her mother , a cleaner at a childrens hospital , are saving every penny for her future . They hope that her brother , a leading neurosugeon in Kleptostanania will be allowed to join them if the British authorities drop objections to his paperwork anomalies .

    Plus dont forget that every immigrant adds £6 million to our economy , and only 13 000 came here anyway .


  11. George R says:

    While the British political ‘elite’ (inc BBC-NUJ), continues with its mass immigration and colonisation of Britain:


    (by Leo McKinstry).



    • Pat says:

      We can now change OUR to THE……


    • JohnW says:

      I note that “Have Your Say” is not allowed on that Express article. We often see the same censorship in the Telegraph whenever immigration is the topic.

      The BBC disease is obviously contagious.


    • Andrew says:

      There is a word for all this: treason.


  12. George R says:

    Today’s Britain: colonised by unstoppable mass immigration.

    “Slumdog Flyover: With lorries thundering past only feet away, squalid camp of the homeless, hopeless migrants whose dream of a new life went sour”

    By Paul Harris

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2106126/Bridge-Men-Heston-Squalid-camp-homeless-migrants-live-M4-flyover.html#ixzz1nOUKjZrA

    Of course, many such colonisers of Britain are arriving daily via the E.U.’s porous borders, such as those of Greece, as even BBC-NUJ has reported (in political sympathy with such illegal immigrants, of course).


  13. chris.e.martin says:

    The BBC HAS failed to report the significance of this issue for years and now it is too late.  Just think about it – Net immigration of 250,000 a year is 2.5 million a decade and in a century would be 25 milion.  We can now begin to see an end to England as it was known for centuries.  In my lifetime my home city has gone from a position where non-natives were rare to a situation where – it is widely predicted – more than 50% will be non-native.  We were always told that immigration was nothing to worry about and would be manageable in scale.  But if this sort of change has now been allowed in one lifetime think what the situation will be in three lifetimes – by the 22nd Century.  


    • Andrew says:

      Perhaps that was the whole idea: stifle any open debate on the subject (let’s say roughly from April 1968 and Powell’s Birmingham speech) and let the immigrants pour in. Give it long enough and even the most nationalist, isolationist and even racist Briton would have to admit that we are now multiracial/multicultural (even if they don’t like it). “A nation building its own funeral pyre”.


    • John Anderson says:

      and actual inward migration is still running at over 500,000 a year – with 300,000 leaving, many of them Brits getting out to countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.