As is often the case with the BBC, it’s remarkable the news they choose not to report. Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

“With many political and corporate interests vested in green technology and the continuance of the war against CO2 ‘polluters’ it seems they have been caught with their hands in the till.

The Sunday Times reports that KPMG, one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, completed a report that concluded windfarms and solar power were unnecessary and expensive means to meeting government CO2 emission targets….huge savings and strategic benefits would flow from nuclear and gas fired power stations. To quote the Times, the report would have ‘explosive consequences for the government’s energy policy’ and serious political damage.

KPMG were bombarded with emails and phone calls from companies and environmental groups demanding the report be ‘pulled’. The Report was duly ‘buried’. KPMG is one of the government’s main advisors on energy policy as well as making millions advising companies on renewable energy projects and helped shape the very policy its report called into question.

I wonder when the clamour will start from all those environmentalists who claim that ‘big oil’ was funding many of the sceptics… is a company which is benefiting from advising the government and then having the government fund projects that in turn KPMG benefits from.

Kind of smacks of Goldman Sachs betting on both sides before the financial crash.

I eagerly await Richard Black first of all actually drawing attention to the story and then seeing what line he takes firstly in defending KPMG and then defending wind and solar power….when the report says that nuclear and gas fired power stations make more sense.”

Sunday Times (paywall) ‘Blown Away’ by Danny Fortson:

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4 Responses to HOT POTATO

  1. Natsman says:

    Oh, he won’t do that – too much to lose personally, and too much egg on the faces of his employers and masters.


  2. Derek Buxton says:

    Since the report was funded by the taxpayer, it belongs to us not government or  their poodle.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    We know from Richard Black and other Warmist clergy that the expense is irrelevant to them. The cause is all, at any cost. But they know that the unwashed heathens care about cost, and so must repress it.

    Warmists and the environmentals are no more broad-shouldered, as Mark Thompson would never put it, than Mohmamedans.


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The numbers on windymills are not looking too good either; this time the cost of keeping them from keeling over on top of not turning as claimed.

    But, apparently, ‘the spinning from the BBC’s assorted sceince, tech and enviro correspondents could, if harnessed, generate enough to raise a flicker in a 40W light bulb in the West of Arran, if they all blew together, at a steady 30mph, for 24hrs’.