Huff and Puff

Forgive me for mentioning something non-BBC, but has anyone seen a more spectacular own goal than the Guardian’s unintentionally truthful advertising campaign?

“The Whole Picture” goes the slogan.

Everyone knows that the real Little Pigs were acting in self defence when they tricked the wolf into coming down the chimney and landing in the boiling water.

The ad boasts that the Guardian is ‘telling the whole story,’ when they’re so not.

They’ve twisted it, portraying the perpetrator as the innocent party, and blaming the victim!

Many a true word is spoken in jest.
I wonder when someone will point out that the message is not so much ‘we paint the Whole picture’; it’s much more ‘we paint the Wrong picture’?
Oh, I’ve just done done it, by the hairs on my chinny chin chin.

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15 Responses to Huff and Puff

  1. Natsman says:

    I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, but I STILL won’t be able to generate enough power from the turbines…

    Is the big, bad wolf Monbiot?


  2. As I See It says:

    That Guardian Little Pigs advert is pretty revealing of the newspaper’s mindset and target (small) audience.

    I could easily imagine the BBC coming up with something similar to showcase their output. It’s just that the BBC don’t need to because they have the telly tax. Stripped of the licence the Beeb would have to hone in on the same Guardianista market – or maybe alter the editorial line their news and current affairs take, so as to appeal to more mainstream viewpoints? I’m dreaming, I know.

    You have to admire the way the ad begins with the police SWAT team breaking in on the pigs. Grabs the Guardianista’s sympathy for the pigs right there doesn’t it? (The little pink ones I mean). Then takes them on a journey through conspiracy and double dealing to turn the natural order of the world upside down. Wolves still eat pigs don’t they? Or am I just living in the past?

    You have to admire the shot of the banner: The Banks Made The Pigs Do It. Nothing is ever anyone’s own responsibilty is it? There is probaly a longer cinema version where the piggy parents are to blame. Not the single sows of course. Just the traditional piggy families. Them and piggy Thatcher.

    Oh, and the parting shot is the idea so beloved of all armchair social revolutionaries  ‘riots spark reform debate!’

    Not quite Storm the Winter Palace but we know what they mean. 


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Only the Guardian could  create this narrative for itself….and its irony free pomposity is clear in this ad.
    After the EU and the Climate Change classics of advertising that bite themselves back on their fat arses…only to be expected that some smartarse subversive pitches them this advert.
    A bunch of Nathan Barleys who`ll fall for any line as long as its white and points at their Victim of the week…usually Islam.
    Maybe we should tell the mullahs that the Guardians pig has a minat=ret on it if you look carefully!..cut and paste if not.


  4. Cassandra King says:

    And meanwhile back at the ranch of broken dreams 😀

    China, that strategic partner that the West relied upon to deliver cheap manufactured goods from its factories has been restricting the supply of rare earth minerals, you know, the stuff that goes into windmills.

    Ooooh! Now who would have thought that China which supplies 90% of the worlds supply would want a higher price for its minerals? I mean its not like the West does the same thing does it? And China wouldnt be using strategies to make their own windmills far cheaper and giving them the advantage, now who would have thought that China would do such a thing?

    Its a problem because tens of billions have been pumped into supporting the windmill fraud and now this windmill fraud industry is going out of business, all that stimulus cash pissed up the wall for nothing, all those rare earth minerals utterly wasted on windmills and waiting for the inevitable scrap merchants breakers yards.


  5. Daniel Smith says:

    Wow! that’s an amazingly inept campaign ad but one that gives a great insight into the Guardianista mindset. One is only surprised that the narrative wasn’t that building the house was a provocation to the wolf, who anyway was forced to seek shelter due to poverty and that the pigs were not arrested at the end for producing offensive anti-wolf literature.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    The whole picture eh?

    The guardian gives us a picture only after the political airbrush they imported after the fall of their heroes the USSR has done its work.

    Yes the full picture, like the CAGW fraud? Or perhaps new labour cash for honours? Or maybe Israel and the ‘Palestinians’? Or even blatant hypocrisy of Ken Livingslime?

    Never give an ideological enemy an even break, never ever allow a right winger or a Jew to get away with anything, attack attack attack, and when no evidence exists then simply make it up or hack phones or dig through bins or make it up.

    If the grauniad gives you the whole picture I am pi =-O g


  7. Demon1001 says:

    If I was Dez I would accuse this site of being Wolfaphobic!


  8. Andrew says:

    Another scoop for the Guardian eh?  Just like on the Hackgate arrests I wonder how they managed to get the inside track on this police raid as well. 


  9. London Calling says:

    Why does the Guardian exist? To stop the whole Mickey-Marx house of contradictions from falling over. The whole world-view of the leftist undergraduate politics is fatally in conflict with reality and human nature, so it needs constant injections of left wing antibodies to prop it up. Thoughts of Chairman Russbridger and his coterie of hairshirt handwringers on tap, making up stories to feed the faithful. Take two Pilgers and one Fisk before lunch, never read the label.

    The Guardian’s view is always good for a laugh. Whatever the story, you know The Guardian, like Houdini, will always manage to escape reality by the closing paragraphs.

    None of this would matter at all, its a free country, or it was once. People are welcome to read the pseud comic with its predictable cast of villains – Thatcher, Bush, Palin, Berlusconi, Bankers, Big Oil, Israel, the Private Sector, an endless stream of pantomime villains.

    What I object to is the subsidy to The Guardian from the BBC through the Guardian Media Pages job ads, and the constant selection of Guardian journalists to appear as talking heads on its news programmes. I wouldn’t take the Guardian’s word for the time of day, day of week, or indeed which century we are in.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    I`ve watched it again and STILL don`t get it.
    I thought that an advert was meant to show the product in a good light…not merely trailing behind cyberworld in stitching up its convenient narrative…but only once its readers/bloggers tell it what to think and what to write.
    The wolf is boiled alive…but the pigs are victims of negative equity…which tells us that its the Church/Bankers and Thatcher that killed the wolf…it always ends at Thatcher and Barclays doesn`t it?
    Well at least we know that rumours of the Guardian having no money are treu…they must be loaded to kill their own brand and still triumph!


  11. DJ says:

    Avoiding the obvious fairy tales/gerbil worming analogies, where does this put our beloved state broadcaster and its obsession with seeking out super-secret right-wing extremists everywhere when their bessie mate broadsheet is giving smirking nods and winks to the 9/11 conspiracy nuts?  
    We need an official ruling from our betters at the BBC: is believing that 4000 Jews were warned to stay away from the Twin Towers that day more or less nutty than thinking that Inspector Knacker was ordered to soft-pedal investigations into Islamic rape gangs?


  12. Buggy says:

    It’s not a good time for wolves on the advert front: there’s also a serious outbreak of lupophobia in the latest of the endless series from Go Compare in which our toothy victim is abused by David Mitchell in a comedy moustache and is then tied up and thrown down a well by (them again) the bloody pigs, this time with help from various refugees from “Bambi”.

    Mr Wolf was only trying to help the pigs by encouraging tham to take out insurance so that, when he blows their house down, they can put in a claim and won’t be homeless. Pretty generous, I’d have thought. Quite what the other dumb chums think it’s got to do with them is a mystery: he’s not blowing THEIR homes down after all.

    In neither this ad, nor the Graun’s West Wing lefty fantasy level offering do we see MR WOLF’S house. So he’s possibly homeless.

    He travels on public transport, so is possibly too hard up to own a car.

    He has an inhaler and asthma.

    He is picked on by smug, chavvy pigs, who set a potentially lethal trap for him.

    Thus, in summary, we’ve a wolf who’s potentially a street person, poor, in ill-health and subject to violent, premeditated, inter-species prejudice from multiple assailants. And yet HE, according to the Graun, is NOT the victim of the piece, and is in fact some sort of proxy for the hated bankers and probably Mrs Fatcha into the bargain. Yeesh.

    Just as well they’ve AutoTrader and Auntie Beeb and her recruitment pages to pull their financial nuts out of the fire.


  13. dave s says:



  14. cjhartnett says:

    Let`s hope that the pigs didn`t commit a hate crime against Gaia-and had solar panels to provide the tepid water needed to give the wolf a gentle soak…not boiled as alleged.
    Or maybe the fact that they were using nasty fossil fuels was the VERY reason why Inspector Wolf from Environmental health blew it down in the first place….did it have the appropriate planning permission?
    Or were the pigs merely occupying the dwelling as eco-friedly squatters that head only recently left Dale Farm or St Pauls?…so many questions for Polly, George and Alan!
    Let`s hope their chums in the Twatosphere can provide them with their answers…lot of confusion up there is the beehive of collective niceness and virtue that we plebs still call the Gordian…


  15. Doubting Richard says:

    It is ridiculous at the end of the advert when they report, seemingly with approval, that protesters (and even one seemingly sympathetic policeman) are somehow blaming the banks for the pigs’ inability to pay off load=ns they took out. Somehow it is the banks fault that the pigs committed fraud and then murdered to cover it up.